Teacher, I see you

by Dele A. Sonubi

When the Nigerian notorious robber Oyenusi was going to be executed on the bar beach, as his last wish, he asked for his mother. When his mother was brought to him, he asked her to move closer to him, then he bit hard on her ears. He said that was for not teaching him the right things.

But what do we do to teachers who taught us well…?

Today I celebrate you my teachers. I hug you dearly. I thank you most profoundly and I will always sing songs in your praises.

When the great AfroBeat Maestro Fela Anikulapo Kuti made reference to the adjective and said, “Teacher don’t teach me nonsense” he was unmistakably affirming the power of the teacher to teach something (howbeit nonsense) and the undeniable influences that teachers weigh. It is undeniable that there is no man born of blood, no living being on earth that does not depend on different types of teachers till that being takes the last state of its description which is death. Even in death the Yoruba teachers continues to teach the lifeless corpses that “má jò’kùnrùn, má je’kòló, ohun tí wón je lórun ni o bá’won je

For some living beings teachers are

  1. Mothers (who train them how to catch prey and remain strong) (animals)
  2. Parents (including grannies and extended families) (as primary stage of socialization)
  3. Communities (secondary and broad stage of socialization)
  4. Hired hands called Professional TEACHERS (selfless, praise-less, honor-less and help-less yet magnificently priceless!!!).

Teachers form the category of trainers who do the most important jobs of bringing up a child to be decent, noble, formerly educated, brilliant, vocation ready and ready to become a man or woman

As we celebrate teachers’ day today, I look back at those formatters who prepared me for what I am today. My mind takes me back to primary school days, to those Ghanaian teachers who were totally visible in every angle of our school doing one thing or the other for me… for us. My primary school teachers were multi-talented; they taught, coached, trained, monitored and mentored us so efficiently and selflessly yet not expecting commensurate rewards. They were there in the same magnificence and efficiencies also in my secondary school. They did such excellent jobs that our lecturers at the university were mere appendages to the works done by my primary and secondary school teachers.

My nameless teachers, what can I give you today on teachers’ day that is commensurate to your dedication and belligerence? If I give you whittles or gifts, they will perish. If I see you and give you money, it will dishonor the magnitude of the work you did on me because money cannot buy or pay for your competences, your dedications, your mentorship guides and kind words which were wise and reforming. You taught me well and well you taught me. I accept that I cannot reward you sufficiently for the selfless work you did on me. It is true your reward is in heavens, but know and believe that I celebrate you, I remember you, I honor you and my Chi prays for you. Today Teacher, I see you!


Happy Teacher’s Day

  1. Tai and Mrs Sheila Solarin
  2. Mrs Ogunniyi
  3. Appiaje
  4. Mr Kobina
  5. Kolawole
  6. Madam Houessinon
  7. Mr bayo
  8. Dupe Iwahin
  9. Mr Adjogan
  10. Lateef Sule
  11. Adeniyi Valentine Oshikoya

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