A Quick Precautionary Note To Buharists And Buharideens!

by Yahaya Balogun
Atiku Abubakar

Watchers and political strategists of unfolding global political events will not underestimate Atiku’s candidacy in Nigeria. Buhari and Buharists shouldn’t thread that road too, or be complacent to see Atiku’s clear handwriting on the wall.

Hungry men and women in Nigeria will definitely be impatient, because some plebeians are aggrieved with President Buhari for being slow in meeting their personal expectations. These understandably impacted and impatient plebeians may inadvertently listen to angry man who is ready to dole out cash in hard currencies. Atiku camp may do this convincingly to appease the vulnerable, angry and hungry masses in Nigeria.

This is being seen from the purview of polarization of the political environment in the country. The general discontent and disconnect of people from the reality of the past will encumber President Buhari’s efforts to sail smoothly. Though, Buhari may not have easy path to electoral victory in 2019 as being touted by some of us avowed Buharists, but Buhari will still win the presidency but not to some unrealistic expectations.

In reality, my stung and stunning experience of the 2016 presidential election in the United States is a sore and typical reference with cautionary note to political pundits in Buhari’s camp. Brexit in the United Kingdom is another example of evolving global nuance. You cannot underestimate the incredible power of ignorance with the use of affluence, influence and money. This is a season of electoral miscalculations and polls that have dodged all political permutations and expectations everywhere. We must be cautiously optimistic in our expectations of Buhari’s smooth victory in 2019.

Buharists or Buharideens, or whatever names we call ourselves or they call us, we must be careful not to be complacent and get ensconced in the cocky part of our cocoons. Polls upon polls; permutations upon permutations, predictions upon predictions have failed us in the past. The world is getting torpedoed in the realms of the election realities! The Buharists shouldn’t sit in the cockpit of illusion or complacency; or relax on the bench or on a pseudo victorious fence to expect smooth sail to victory in the forthcoming general election. It’s a dire warning from the experienced political watchers and analysts like this writer who cannot be taken aback again in the realm of global granduer or politics. It is imperative to note that Africa is still bedeviled with political idiosyncrasies and prostitution. Even, in the advanced democracy now, rhetorical nuances, political opportunism and prostitution
are tools being used to advance a political agenda.

Instructively, the Diaspora Nigerians and other pundits in Nigeria know what “Yes, we can” did in 2008 to Barack Obama; the “we will build the walls” and “make America great again” or the Sh**thole have to done to our collective political consciousness. It’s a hard fact of reality! Rhetorics are political tools to win the plebiscite to your own side! Political higihaga and hifalutin political correctness don’t win elections anymore in our emerging world. You must play politics according to the dictates of the new normal. When your opponents go low, you must first of all study their rhetorical campaigns to determine whether to go low or go high. Never get fixated on the high-side alone, because in reality, the world is at its lowest ebb in the department of correctness and morality. You have to determine what best suited the situation you find yourself! No apology to our current Potus! He is a master craft in the use of rhetorical nuances to sway the unrepentant audiences. Victory is contingent upon the use of the nuances of the new normal!

Nauseatingly, African history is repetitious and easily predictable. Africans nay Nigerians are living yesterday for today, instead of looking forward to tomorrow from today! That’s the reality we have found ourselves! Alhaji Atiku is a political pugilist and strategist. If Buhari can cry to victory penultimate 2015 presidential election, who told you the recent cry of articulated Atiku cannot carry him to victory in 2019? The Buharists must watch Atiku’s campaign closely in the coming months.

Sanctimoniously or predictably, I must not forget to inject in this piece that, Baba Iyabo will be dancing to the celebration of his judgment days if he ventures to endorse articulated and bruised Atiku to win the 2019 presidential election. It will be a political suicide for Baba Iyabo to endorse Atiku. I believe Mr. Tortoise is politically sagacious and smart enough to see the famished road ahead. Lastly Buharists and all the stakeholders of a utopian and corrupt-free Nigeria mustn’t fool around to expect smooth political expeditions to the promised land in 2019. Buhari and Buharideens must stay awake and work hard to see that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is defeated at the polls in 2019.


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