Telephone interview with Godwin Oyibo, Math professor, Exponent of God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem, GAGUT

by Bob MajiriOghene Etemiku

You are no longer in the news. Why?

I have not been in the news within the last couple of years because humanity has not yet understood why God sent GAGUT. God revealed GAGUT (GOD Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem) to usher in a new age called the Age of Intelligence for humanity. That Age of Intelligence is characterised and governed by the knowledge of the truth, which is the language of the Almighty GOD. The Intelligence Age therefore is an ideal age, and anything that has been done by humanity so far can be done better through GAGUT, which is an ultimate knowledge for humanity. We have discovered that we can even pound pounded yam better than we are pounding it right now using GAGUT.

God has blessed humanity with the gift of longevity or even possibility of immortality through GAGUT. God also has revolutionised the global human education from 118 elements basis, to 1 element basis through GAGUT. God has also revealed Godself to humanity through GAGUT and thereby revolutionising all religions. In other words all aspects of human existence are covered by GAGUT. GAGUT is the ultimate knowledge or intelligence. This is because intelligence by Webster’s Dictionary is defined as an act of understanding, so the one that understands the most is the most intelligent. GAGUT is an understanding of everything, and therefore not only the highest intelligence but an ultimate intelligence on the human level. GAGUT elegantly presents that understanding of everything through a simple formula, Gij,j=0 which says that God does not change or that God or anything else is conserved within a transformation process over space and time. God the author of GAGUT revealed GAGUT as an extraordinary love to humanity through the African race. So if humanity were aware that GAGUT is about God, human existence and intelligence, all journalists and media experts would be presenting news about GAGUT daily. We are hoping that an understanding of these facts about GAGUT would rectify the apparent disappearance of GAGUT in the news and that all media particularly the African World Media would begin vigorously covering GAGUT news daily.

Tell us the efforts you are making to ensure that the GAGUT document finds its way into Nigerian libraries and universities.

God has called the African race to global leadership through GAGUT, by ordaining the African race the most intelligent race and human being respectively in a new era we call the GAGUT ‘Age of Intelligence’. God had earlier called Europeans to global leadership through the Universal Gravitational Law of Sir Isaac Newton. God also called the Jewish people to global leadership through Relativity Theory of Albert Einstein. GAGUT Age of Intelligence begins with the revolutionising of the global educational systems from the 118 elements basis, to a 1 element basis through the GAGUT Global Education Revolution Program, GGERP. GGERP requests every human being, particularly every African or black person to go to their boards of education, their political Leaders, local schools (from elementary to the university levels) to demand a change from 118 elements basis science, to the 1 element basis science. We are calling on all presidents of all Countries, prime ministers, royalties, etc` the Senates, congresses, parliaments, governing bodies, etc, presidents of their board of education and presidents of all universities and colleges, as well as all of the state governors, city mayors, secretaries or ministers of education, of all countries globally as well as the United Nations and citizens around the world to legislate GGERP into their systems. GGERP would make science 118 times easier to study and would allow us to learn 118 times as much as we are learning right now. In other words GAGUT would make human beings 118 times more intelligent than they were before GAGUT. We are requesting your cooperation in effecting this change globally, by propagating the program to all of humanity, by encouraging all boards of education in the African world and in the rest of the world to implement this change and to encourage all the governments in the world to legislate this educational revolution. The positive impact of this global educational revolution on humanity is expected to be bigger than that of the atomic bomb. This global educational revolution has been ordered by God, through GAGUT in a secret code expressed by Gij,j=0, through which God revealed that only 1 element is the basis for science, not 118 elements. This means Nigeria together with all the other countries in the world would need GAGUT books for class instructions as well as references in the libraries just like what Fabian Osuji wanted before he left office.

Could you shed a little more light on your nomination for the Nobel Prize?

GAGUT, which is the greatest discovery in human history is the best prize because of its uniqueness. GAGUT also qualifies for other prizes. Seven professors in the mathematical sciences have nominated me for the Nobel Prize in Physics and sixteen professors of the highest calibre have nominated me for the Presidential Medal of Science award. I am totally grateful to God for the blessing of being nominated. The letters for these nominations are to be found on the GAGUT website

However the politics that comes with GAGUT has prevented me from winning any of those prizes so far. That politics stems from the presumption that Africans worldwide were not expected to be candidates for the discoverer of the Unified Field Theory. God however shocked the world when God made the discoverer of the Unified Field Theory an African. The Nigerian Senate, on behalf of the African world, reacted to that politics, by calling on the President of Nigeria to liaise with the other African Union Heads of Governments to immediately institute the African International Prize for Science and Technology, and to make Godwin Oyibo the first recipient in a Nigerian Senate motion number 151 that was passed unanimously. Unfortunately, the then Nigerian President did not put into action that Senate motion. It is critical and the minimum that a Nigerian President can do to recognise GAGUT in light of GAGUT being the most significant discovery in history. We are hoping, like the National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, and the current Nigerian President would be enacting that Senate Motion number 151, to honor God and preserve the legacy of the African Race. It should be recalled that a Nigerian president provided a significant amount of funding needed to publicise the work of Professor Wole Soyinka to help him win the Noble Prize in Literature. Similar level of funding is also required from the current Nigerian President, which would help to publicise GAGUT if GAGUT was to get a chance of winning the Nobel Prize. Germans have recently shown their interest in seeing that GAGUT wins a Nobel Prize along with the works of scientific luminaries like the following: Samuel Edwards, the Cavendish Professor of Physics from Cambridge University in England, Paul Steinhart, the Albert Einstein Professor of Science from Princeton University, Jeffrey Goldstone, the Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics, Emeritus from MIT, Betrand Halperin, the Hollis Professor of Mathematics at Harvard University, Dmitri Diakonov, from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Eli Yablonovitch, the extraordinary Professor of Applied Physics from Harvard University, Rupert Perrin, the Inventor of the First Pregnancy test. Finally efforts of some African citizens and some distinguished Nigerian Senators have to be commended highly because they established an African International Foundation through which they awarded GAGUT an African International Prize for Science and Technology with money value that is higher than that of the Nobel Prize. Although the prize money is being raised currently and needs funding from the Nigerian Presidency, the pronouncing of the award together with the Nigerian Senate motion number 151, have significantly impacted the world very positively.

What is your relationship with other Nigerian intellectuals like Philip Emeagwali? What is his response to your theory?

Iya Abubakar, a legendary Mathematician with a Ph. D in Mathematics from CambridgeUniversity, and a Nigerian Senator has declared GAGUT as “perfectly correct” and “a big breakthrough”. Alex Animalu, a legendary Physicist from CambridgeUniversity, has also reviewed GAGUT, and has come to the conclusion that “we are therefore led to the conclusion that Oyibo’s GAGUT has a sound mathematical and physical basis and is a viable framework for a Grand Unified Field Theory of Everything”. However, there has not been any contact with Phillip Emeagwali to know if he is familiar with GAGUT or not.

What do you think can be done to make the ordinary Nigerian know about GAGUT?

The Nigerian journalists and media experts all need to propagate GAGUT daily to help every Nigerian to become aware of GAGUT. Nigerians and other Africans worldwide should use the GAGUT concept of Each One, Teach Ten to propagate GAGUT all throughout the African World. Journalists and all of the Media experts in the African World particularly Nigeria should begin propagating the GAGUT Global Education Revolution Program (GGERP) right away in order to mobilise and organise all Africans worldwide and other citizens of the world to participate in the GGERP. Nigerians and other world citizens need to demand that any of their leaders, political or otherwise is aware and willing to provide funding to GAGUT before such politicians are elected or selected into all public offices. All African and other citizens need to demand their governments to allocate one percent of their countries annual budgets to GAGUT. We are hoping that such efforts would go a long way to bring to humanity the awareness of GAGUT.

Do you have any plans to promote the study of Math in Nigeria through GAGUT?

God revealed GAGUT in a mathematically elegant equation Gij,j=0 which is the only correct equation. GAGUT’s elegance is going to make studying mathematics much easier as can easily be seen in the GGERP. We are beginning the promotion of mathematics, the sciences, and indeed all knowledge with the GGERP. We are therefore once again requesting your cooperation as journalists and media experts to help us in propagating that promotion of GGERP through significant and aggressive news coverage of GGERP.

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Essien B. E. January 6, 2020 - 1:03 pm

It is normal for people to argue in support of an idea or against an idea. Being a mystically inclined person right from early childhood when I could exterorize or extend my conciousness out of my body and also had other esoteric experiences, I quickly understood what Professor Gabriel Oyibo meant by his theorem. Rosicrucians and mystics of all ages who have had direct first-hand experience of God talk about the “all-pervading essence” so Prof. Oyibo’s statement has been well-known among mystics even in initiatory pyramids of Ancient Egypt. God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnibeneficient. All is one: One is all. As for hydrogen being the only element, is this not a physical scientific fact that can be proven through experimemtation? One thing that makes Prof. Oyibo to face attacks is for him to blow the trumpet of his achievements whereas he should have let his works speak for itself but if his findings will someday impact on mankind’s ever progressive forward march to development and cicilization, even through other people improving on his findings, only time wil tell; remember Edward Jenner and vaccination, remember the guy who experimented on rocket solid fuel who was attacked and criticised only to be vindicated forty years later with the moon landing…search the history of science, more often than not, ” the rejected stone become the pillar stone…”

Leonard March 2, 2010 - 2:54 am

Rambling article. I believe the guy that wrote this articles do not even know Newton’s laws of motion. He cannot even string a mathematical or physical paragragh into place. The equation Gij=0 tells us nothing. Of course, I can say Zij =0, this is mathematically correct. The problem comes with explaining what components of Zij =0. If you ask me, I will say that Oyibo is elevating 419 to the realms of mathematics, but in trying to confuse the world, he is instead confusing himself, his supporters and bringing the whole black race to ridicule.

kola alabi May 26, 2009 - 8:21 pm

Good work!

I have been working on a concept that could make computers to be absolute for the past 6 years which could as well be relevant to other scientific problems.

Pls is there any place or group of professionals in nigeria that can test prove hypothesis in form of, and in the area of artificial intelligent AI having a mathematical analysis using an antecedent logic clause.

If there are,can you kindly direct me to any? I would be glad if you could help me.

mohammed May 6, 2009 - 3:12 am

This is beautiful presentation.


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