The 66th United Nations General Assembly: wars without end; worries without end

Those (these include States and individuals), who live by the sword will perish by the sword. It is given to man to understand that those, who manufacture the weapons of war, orchestrate wars, order wars to be fought, fight wars,” will not eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God”.

This is because they are carrying out the END-TIME agenda of the anti-christ, who has planned through wars, same-sex marriages, hip hop culture, the spread of evil thoughts, evil acts, debauchery, mayhem and wars, to lower the divinity and dignity of man, whose corrupted souls, he can easily manipulate in order to establish a reign of terror on earth, using his spiritual and human agents, who are masquerading as world leaders.

Men with the Spirit of God do not revel in crisis promotion. Men with misplaced consciences do. Under the shibboleth of running state entities, they become imbued with the spirit of Oethculos, which invigorated Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan, Alexander ” the Great”, and all military officers, who have ever killed or been killed in wars.

A distinct picture of their hallucination can be glimpsed in the occult world of Conan Doyle.
The agents of the anti-christ, regard wars as great adventures and are prepared to look any phantom straight in the eye. Their lives are accompanied by “a number of signs and portents, including brilliant spirit lights and songs of invisible birds”.

The 66th UN General Assembly, as I predicted in an earlier article entitled, ” The United Nations and Contemporary World Society,” discussed wars in various regions of the world, economic and financial problems in Europe and America, the hunger crisis in Somalia, the Palestinian request for membership of the United Nations, etc.

Nigeria urged nations to combat terrorism. David Cameron of Britain spoke at length on Libya, but said little about British politics and its economic challenges.

France and Britain seem to focus their attention on Libya, apparently neglecting the serious financial melt-down in the Euro zone. Europe, in its own interest, ought to think out strategies to beat back the gale of financial contagion overwhelming the Euro zone financial system.

The Germans have shown clearly in six different elections that they are not satisfied with Chancellor Merkel’s stance in carrying the burden of the financially threatened states in the Euro Zone.

The King of Bahrain discussed reforms in his country, which hopefully will return Bahrain to peace and order. The President of Turkey said that the United Nations has not risen up to its responsibility in handling the Somali hunger crisis. He remarked that the UN should not be seen as pandering to the interests of a few nations. The Ivory Coast President Wattara spoke about efforts to rebuild his war-torn country.

The President of Iran spoke stridently about the gooey eyed values of Western imperialism.
The Curatorium of BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, meeting in Fugar, Adachi Kingdom, Edo State, at the New Covenant House, undertook a dispassionate assessment of the rumblings at the 66th UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

There was a consensus that the practice of walking out when some State Presidents rise to speak is indecorous, discourteous and undiplomatic. What can be said that cannot be adequately responded to? Walking away from the UN Hall suggests that the truth is hard to accept.

A retired African diplomat, who was attending our meeting for the first time said that the Libyan invasion by NATO and the French intervention in Ivory Coast were preludes to what is to come next. He said that AU members will be over-powered and condemned, if Kaddafi is driven away.
That Africom will re-colonize the continent, in collaboration with the corrupted African ruling class, who have been their agents for a long time. He argued that the talk of saving Libyans was risible and that Cameron’s claim that Libyans liberated themselves was untenable. He warned that if the candle went out in Libya, other vocal African leaders will be subverted.

I pointed out that Africans have come of age and would fight to maintain their territorial integrity and political independence.

Unknown to unenlightened mankind, wars on earth are a continuation of the war that took place in Heaven in which the Luciferian hierarchy was dethroned and driven out of the paradise of God. They came down to Earth. Ever since the spawn of satan has engulfed mankind.

In Revelation 12:7-9, the Bible says, “And war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought with the dragon and the dragon and his angels fought.

They did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in heaven any longer. So, the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old called the devil and satan, who deceives the whole world, he was cast to the earth and his angels were cast out with him.”

The Apostle John said, and then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven. Now salvation and strength and the Kingdom of our God and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accuses them before our God day and night has been cast down.

And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives to the death. Therefore, rejoice O heavens and you, who dwell in them! WOE TO THE INHABITANTS OF THE EARTH AND THE SEA! FOR THE DEVIL HAS COME DOWN TO YOU, HAVING GREAT WRATH BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT HIS DAYS ARE SHORT.( Revelation 12: 11-12)

When the devil could not overcome the woman with the child as a result of higher spiritual protection, “he went off to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the Commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ”. (Revelation 12:17).

We, the Sons and Daughters of the Triune God have been the target of the devil and those political , spiritual and human agents, who serve satan, advertently or inadvertently, knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or unwilling.

Unknown to these people, the devil gives them “his power, his throne and great authority” (Revelation 13:2)

So, my friend, when you see the humble politician of yester-years turn into a tyrant, who orders people to fight wars, orchestrate crisis and wars, manufacture weapons of war, order the destruction of human beings, who he did not and cannot create, be eternally convinced, do not doubt at all that the forces of evil are at the service of the Luciferian hierarchy!

They did not intend to be so used, but when your mindless ambition to be President is monitored by the forces of negativism, they will confer on you the immutable and sacrosanct omniscience,strategic and financial wherewithal to achieve your “noble and spectacular victory”.

This membership of world “leadership” is fraught with soul destruction. The destruction of the innocent Sons and Daughters of the Triune God, through wars, political struggles that involve devilishly working out strategies to discredit or destroy opponents, in rabid animalism, become their pre-occupation.

The press raises the victory banner high, by drawing the conquering politician’s merits in readable verses.

For the number of years the political leader is able to maneuver and stay in power, he is greeted everywhere with flattering attention. The journalists will always cut pet names for those politicians, who alleviate their poverty, with stuffed envelopes.

Assured of favourable press coverage, the impunity of the politician can then go a thousand leagues. Protected by the police, the army, the security agencies and legislative props, the impunity acquires vapours and levitates into despotism.

The French literary giant Alexander Dumas, a friend of Tsar Alexander 11 had prevailed on the tsar to effect subtle changes in Russia or face a revolt to no avail.

In failed republics, leaders, hanker for more time, which acute performance would have delivered to them on

a platter of gold. Where they meet with resistance, they are driven by arrogance and self-delusion to seek to impose their puny agenda on a suffering populace, who then throw caution to the winds to assert their power.

In Nigeria, this has happened a number of times. In some cases, the nation was saved by the people’s outspokenness. Trust my people, this is a nation of peaceful people, but you don’t mess with the people’s resilience in challenging the devil’s scheme to enslave them.

When you see revivals and mid-night prayer meetings, know that the call on the Almighty God to witness is in full swing. This is how we have overcome satanic intrigues to cause Nigeria’s disintegration.

In spite of orchestrated foreign designs, stratagems and plots to destabilize Nigeria, we shall keep bouncing back, each time those damned forces and their associate’s try.
They speak a peculiar grammar and surprisingly, there are foolish journalists, who are taken in by their bombast. With this indoctrinated mind-set, they simply regurgitate the propaganda in the imperialist press, swallowing spurned stories, hook, line and sinker.

Some of our journalists are mimicking, fair-weather, purchasable libertines, who do not understand the pejorative content and ideological propaganda in foreign media reports. This is partly due to poor education, poor exposure and years of brain-washing from foreign press tickers.

Listen to CNN. BBC and read dispatches from Reuters and you will find a neat reproduction in the Nigerian press!

Both the foreign writers and their Nigerian partners, who compile the Doomsday Book as to when Nigeria will disintegrate, are damned souls.
They will be exhausted by constant failure. We are a sophisticated people. We cannot be easily duped because they have foisted upon us, people, who try to play accordions through the power of psychokinesis.

The spirit mediums mislead political opportunists, who, lacking in relevant knowledge of statecraft consult, human and spirit mediums for advice and their way forward. The use of hypnotism has opened new frontiers to quacks, which deceive the political neophyte and desecrates his soul through séances and other occult practices. H.G Wells has stories to tell those, who believe in occult practices.
Bereft of relevant knowledge in the field of statecraft, the contemporary world political turf is occupied by “leaders” in their forties and fifties, who were not yet born when the great wars of the twentieth century were fought.

As a result, they are not in a position to draw from experience and frame the synthesis of what the contemporary reality demands.
The use of war as an instrument of national policy is diametrically in violation of the Brian-Kellogg Pact of 1928. The acceptance of the pact as a rational suggestion guided the then international society, until Japan, Germany and Italy destabilized Europe and the world from 1939-1945.

In the last two decades, the Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation Amongst States in Accordance with the Charter of the United Nations of 24 October, 1970, has been observed more in the breach because of power political and geo-political considerations.

The Penepolesian wars, the Hundred Years war, the Seven Years war in Europe, the First and Second Wars and the great misery they caused, permitted hopes that mankind would have been better educated about the futility of wars.

This has not been the case. This failure of governments and states to stop wars and “live in peace like good neighbours”, has proven intractable because of my earlier thesis that the wars on earth since the great dragon and his angels were cast out of heaven and came down to our earth are the hand-work of the Luciferian hierarchy, who use their spiritual and human agents on planet EARTH, to destroy the human race.

In judging who lives and who must die, the Luciferians remain in the low depths of mind, while pontificating Hitlerism treatises and the Romanesque declarations “that Carthage must be destroyed”, in our times.

Wars without end is the satanic legacy of those, who got involved in slavery, colonialism, imperialism and other forms of ritualistic democracies that have fallen apart.

Under the crumbled edifices of fragile human thought, eye-witnesses ponder the dissolution of states, where idolatry economic Mormonism have long prevailed.
In such climes, only weapons business thrives.

Laws of war have been feeble attempts “to mitigate the horrors of war by considerations of humanity and chivalry.”
States resort to war if they fail to achieve a peaceful resolution of a festering crisis. The British Manual of Military Law states rather ingeniously, that ‘ There is, firstly ,the principle that a belligerent is justified in applying any amount and any kind of force, which is necessary for the purpose of war: that is the complete submission of the enemy at the earliest possible moment, with the least possible expenditure of men and money”

This curious philosophical postulations must have informed the brutalities associated with British colonial wars, in which colonial resistances were “crushed.”

Later, more humane human thought vetoed the inhuman instructions in the British Military Manual. From 1948 to date, numerous Conventions, treaties and Declarations by the United Nations, and member-states of the United Nations have ratified both multilateral and bilateral international Agreements on the limitations of the use of brutal force.

Some of the principles enshrined in some international treaties were influenced by the peace treatises of Hugo Grotius and a coterie of famous International Laws of the Dutch school.
The Hague Conventions of 1907 have regulated the extremities of those war-mongering states in the world, although the leopard can hardly change its skin.

The efforts of the United Nations International Law Commission and other writers on the subject have rendered traditional war theories, anachronistic and immoral.
The UN Charter insists that all nations should resolve their differences using peaceful means in such a manner not to endanger international peace and security. Is this the case today?

Although Article 51 of the UN Charter allows the use of force in self-defence, foreign intervention in domestic politics obscures our ability to distinguish between aggression and the need for self-defence.
When one ruminates over the recent wars in North Africa and the Middle East, it is hard for any one party to claim to be right or to have won. The winners are located elsewhere, far from the theatre of wars and destruction.

In his famous novel, War and Peace, which was first published in 1865-9 and which I have read both in Russian and English, Leo Tolstoy stated that” the success and failure of historic events depend, not on the will and genius of individual leaders, but on the conformity of those leaders to elemental truths expressed in those events.”

Constance Garnett’s translation of Leo Tolstoy’s novel, War and Peace laid bare the insurgency, which one finds in the translations of Russian literature by Western translators.
The translation of “Das Kapital”, by Karl Marx, a classical study of Capitalism, which I also read in German, when read in the English language is laced with obscurantism.

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989, threw up Boris Yeltsin, and then young V. Putin and equally young Medevev. As enlightened jurists, they have shown how understanding they are that Bolshevism and imperialism have become anachronistic. This has permitted hopes that the nuclear show-down, which hung upon the world for over forty years is under control.

The goings-on in the 66th Session of the United Nations Organisation, signify consensus in the matters arising from the crisis in the Middle East and North Africa. However, it is becoming increasingly hard to reconcile Israel and t

he Palestinians. The Declaration of Independence by Palestine, which was what Israel did in 1948, may create a new dynamics in the long-standing Middle East question.
The world must re-affirm its renunciation of wars.
Finally, I would like to use this opportunity to vehemently protest the planned celebration of a totally ignorant assertion that in 2014, Nigeria would be 100 years old.
The miseducation of our people through British colonial literature and the propagations of the Oxbridge elite, who were trained in British institutions have firmly etched some misconceptions about our true history in our national psyche.
Some students of colonial history still hold that Mungo Park “discovered” the River Niger, even though he was guided on his fatal adventure by the people, who he met in Lokoja.
At independence in 1957, the former Gold Coast, with the tainted aphorism of the Slave Coast was changed to Ghana. Zimbabwe, Mali, Zambia, Azania, Ba Congo, Namibia, Shonghai, etc, were African Kingdoms, which existed as long ago as Britain, France and Germany.
The gooey eyed colonialists brutally invaded these African Kingdoms and altered their cultures, identities and languages.

Nigeria is much more than 100 years old! The truth is that colonialism, an inhuman political and economic system, resulted in loss of Sovereignty by African kingdoms, through occupation, colonial rule, slaves’ acquisitions, exploitation of the human and economic resources of African empires and states.

After listening to President Mahmoud Abbas and President Benjamin Netanyahu and the way they put their cases before the 66th United Nations General Assembly,in New York on 24th September, 2011, I was in a position to understand how Jewish history and the history of Palestine have created the present intractable complications and problems for the two sons of Abraham. May Abraham’s blessings be upon them! AMEN.

The Kingdom of Songhai had many nations, empires, fiefdoms within its geographical enclave.
Those, who are eager to award contracts, preparatory to celebrating the hundred years of Nigeria’s forceful amalgamation, should be asked the following questions.

Which coastal states existed between (c.1500-1800) that bore the brunt of the Atlantic slave trade? Please ask the people of Badagry when the area suffered from the Atlantic slave trade. Was it in 1914? Was the Fulani Empire established in 1914 or between (1804-30), the loss of sovereignty in the Niger Delta and in Yoruba land occurred between 1865-85) not in 1914! The arbitrary rule of Nigeria by the Royal Niger Company happened between 1885-1900. The military occupation of Northern Emirate kingdoms occurred between 1900-06 and the arbitrary amalgamation of Nigeria took place between 1906-18. So, what is the joy about?

Misinformation about Africa was the life’s work of Edgerton, a Professor of Colonial History at Oxford University. His distinguished credentials were based on the dexterity, with which he associated the African, with every vice and not a single virtue.

Africans were savages, who needed to be christianised and civilianized, thus justifying colonial rule.. He was later disproved by a British historian, Basil Davidson in his book entitled, Africa in History.
Basil Davidson wrote that it might be romantic to depict Africans in the mind-set of Professor Edgerton, but that those, who had looked at the evidence would disagree with the Oxford Professor of Colonial History.

Basil Davidson wrote that the King of Benin maintained diplomatic relations with Portugal, having sent an Ambassador to Lisbon in 1493. That the King of Kanem Bornu exchanged gifts with the Othman Sultan of Istanbul in the 12th Century.

My maternal father, Akpeotoi Adukwu, was in the Consular service of the King of Benin. He carried the diplomatic courier documents to the Benin Kingdom from the Adachi Kingdom and other Chiefs from Afemai fiefdoms around 1890. He eloquently narrated how the “long-nosed, white people sacked the Benin Kingdom in 1893, looting Bini art works from the King’s palace and how they trooped to the Holy Church of Arosa to ask God to destroy the wicked white men”

Nigeria re-gained its sovereignty from 1954-1960. We did not become a sovereign state in 1960, but we re-gained our sovereign status , after a heated anti-colonial campaign by Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Sardaunna of Sokoto, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Muokwugo Okoye, Dr Michael Okpara, Ikenna Nzimiro, Esko Toyo, Samuel Akintola, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, Alhaji Yesuf Maitama Sule, Mbazuluike Amechi and other numerous nationalists.

They were knowledgeable, honest and patriotic. The will be hurt to see contract-awarders celebrate a date that should be condemned as the day The Lugardian seed of total darkness was sown in Nigeria. When will our morning come?

One of Chief M.K.O Abiola’s sins was when he spear-headed the quest for reparations for colonial injustices from some colonial powers and which Alhaji Shehu Shagari presented at the UNO in 1982.
What were Kwame Nkrumah’s sins? What of Sekou Toure, Didan Kimathi, Murtala Mohammed, Augustinho Neto, Steve Biko, Felix Yameogo, Anwar Sadat, Thomas Sankara, Nelson Mandela etc ?
I have had regular academic dialogue with European academics of noble birth and disposition on many issues in world history. They have strongly held the views that the truth about their ugly, historical events stings the consciences of some states that perpetrated those historical atrocities. As a result, they tend to go after vocal African leaders, while extolling weak leaders.

Some of the intellectuals in the West are fond of predicting the disintegration of African states. For Campbell and his group of irreverent visionaries, sooth-sayers and seers and a handful of locally brain-washed agents, have been harassing our nation with false prophesy about its disintegration.
This advanced party of the anti-christ is a very unlikely contingency and will not have credible intuition. Let us celebrate EXCELLENCE in governance! Then, the difference will be clear.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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