The Antecedence and Aftermath of Change

by Tunde Ali

The history of the American blacks is synonymous with the history of the Israelites. For four hundred years the Israelites encountered and internalized the wrath and yoke of the Egyptians. They suffered grave injustice of man to man, and eventually assimilated the culture of oppression, until the Lord called, and said to Moses that “I have heard the cry of my people, and I am ready to deliver them from the Egyptian oppression” (Exodus 3:7). This unique call of Moses ushered in, the much desired changes in the life of the erstwhile captive Israelites. It was neither a change in the plater of gold nor a change devoid sacrifice ! It was a transition into liberty with the commitment of all and the trust of few in the God of Israel whom most have not known before this time.

According to Bob Marley in one of his lyrics, “there will not be peace in the world until man injustice to man is terminated, and inferior is finally and permanently excommunicated”. The peak of the injustice in America (especially between black and white)led to the emancipation of the Civil Rights Movements”, the peak of which was witnessed in the early 1960s and championed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. among others. Dr. King Jr., an eloquent speaker, a prolific writer and reverend gentleman (like Moses of the Israelites) stood to the challenges of their time and confronted the government (the replica of Moses confrontation of King Pharaoh), demanded equality and justice, taking premise from the founding fathers statements as written in the America Declaration of Independence that: “…all men are born equal… .’’as well as numerous Biblical proclamations that supports “Love, Equity, and Justice”.

The route to liberty encompasses numerous sacrifices of unimaginable proportions; Oliver Tambo – a front line South African Liberation Fighter once said “…the tree of liberty must be watered by the blood of the patriot…”, in the same token the Black Americans and their sympathetic whites and other people of colors paid randsomelly to annihilate the satanic polity that make the white race superior and the black race inferior.

Today, if the dead were to be alive, and the living activists were to reflect on the journey of building an egalitarian society, there is no doubt in my mind that they will in unison offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the Lord who fought their battle. They will also, I believe congratulates themselves for the remarkable achievements which their resilience has produced. They will send a signal and words of encouragements to both the on-going and the in-coming generations that the battles continues until ‘we as a people get to the promised land together’. What this mean is that it sound a warning that the election of the first African American to the oval office and perhaps the most powerful and the most prestigious office on the face of the earth should not down play the heroic and influential role of the Civil Rights Movements and other allied progressive organizations including the church which has always provides the spiritual support to keep the dream alive and relevant.

The present gain is the product of the painful sacrifices made by the leaders of yesteryears, therefore, Mr. President and other leaders, elected or selected, spiritual or temporal at all levels of government should see their positions in history as an opportunity to take the inherited battle against injustice and socio-economic dis-equilibrium into the next level, thereby creating a society devoid state of nature and anarchy, but that which promotes human dignity and sustains equity, justice and world peace.

The new president (Barrack H. Obama) was voted into power by the change driven Americans, he should therefore leave no stone on touch to bring the desired changes that has for so long eluded the average Americans. Let President Obama’s campaign slogan “CHANGES” transform to POLICIES.

* Policy that will ensure universal and or affordable health for all,

* policy that will provide adequate funding for education, improved all social, political and economic infrastructures,

* policy that will reduce unemployment, reduce poverty, improve provision of social supports and amenities,

* policy that will checkmate the excesses of the Wall Street and restore confidence of the Main Street in our economic structures,

* policy that will put a stop to all pre-emptive strikes and wars, but realign the Americans friends to focus on collective ambition to liquidate global terrorism,

* policy that will redefine and reshape American foreign policy among committee of nations,

* policy that will be environmental friendly yet reduced American dependence on foreign oil,

* policy that will usher in a new energy culture,

* policy that will spell and promote the spirit of inclusiveness, integration and united American.

These are truly the areas of concerns of the founding fathers, and an expectations of the present American generations. Changes that will transition America to the state of El Do-ra-do, where there will be no “have-nots” in the midst of plenty. A country shinning back into its old glory where all can lives happily and fully internalize human potentials. Any change that does not address the aforementioned trivializes the labor of our past heroes.

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Tunbi March 21, 2009 - 4:23 pm

This is a good article that is meant to prevent miopic interpretation of President Obama’s victory. It is also a reminder to the president to follow through on his campaign promises by transforming his change agenda to policies that will improve the quality of human life.


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