The Anti-Viral Therapy And The Nigerian Edifice

by Lakunle Jaiyesimi

Just about the time Nigerians were becoming acquainted with Computer applications, only a few would have lost sleep over the troubles of viruses.

However, somewhere along the line until tomorrow, almost everyone who owns a Computer, as well as onlookers and a bunch of other technology-sleepwalkers (permit me to say) have come to weave a culture of mouthing VIRUSES, ANTI-VIRUSES, FIREWALLS, and all sorts of SECURITY and SECURITY-BREACHING details.

Some I.T. jargons that never ceased to amuse me are The File…Corrupted, so-so-so Virus…Detected, Move to Chest, Heal, Delete and all-what-nots.

It is much more…in fact, amazing how the concept of a Nigerian nation, so beautifully created and nurtured, by conscientious nationalists (not that one overlooks the ambiguity of the concept that is Nigeria) is taking a plunge (maybe so since time immemorial, anyway) to the level of a Computer corrupted by a myriad of deadly, no-mercy, die-hard viruses of UNKNOWN origin.

With regards to a Computer being corrupted by Viruses, an active observer – even a passive onlooker- notices the similitude of a Corrupted Computer and a Corrupted Nigeria! Sorry to be so frivolous pointing out the very obvious…. But at least, let’s conclude here with an assuring warning that ‘what’s sauce for the goose MUST ALSO BE sauce for the gander!’

That is to say (as elders of the Yoruba tribe would say, in translating their proverbs) “What fate awaits a Corrupted Computer can reasonably be applied to Nigeria.” It’s not an opinion, but the result of an unbiased observation.

To both, the following applies:

– Discard and Replace affected components
– Use Anti-Viral Therapy to deal with the Viruses
– Discard and Replace whole unit

The first option seems good enough, as it focuses on corrupted elements of the
Nigerian nationalism. Their replacement guarantees a sanitized nation, but usually only for a short time, before the whole effect creeps back due to contagion. Hence, not a reliable option!

The second option promises a better resolution with the use of Anti-Viral packages, such as the EFCC, ICPC, the Judiciary and the Legislature, and a host of other native vigilante groups spread around the country. When the anti-virus is installed and commissioned for operation, it goes to work – scanning the whole country for corruption and the details of the corrupting elements.

It detects possible viruses, and demands justice:
‘‘MOVEing’ the corrupt elements TO CHEST’ means incarcerating them in prisons all over the land but, knowing the die-hard nature of viruses that remain within the system, one should fear their resurgence sooner or later, in person or by proxy. This may be dangerous!

‘HEALing’ in the context of Nigeria means rehabilitating the corrupt elements. Such includes the recent AMNESTY PROGRAMME FOR EX-MILITANTS, INSTITUTION OF VOCATIONAL STUDIES FOR MISCREANTS, PROSTITUTES, AREA-BOYS (as they are popularly called) and such other ironies.
It appears to my mind that the viruses have taken over, rehabilitating the anti-virus! For, how on earth will one conclude in isolation of many other strange facts that only the ex-militants, Area-Boys and colleagues require rehabilitation, whereas those viruses think themselves the Judge and Jury, while plundering the resources of their host (Nigeria) and eating away at her heart.
Who cares really, as long as they are not detected and are clever enough to cover their tracks and turn the table around, blaming the victims for their own victimization? What a laughable twist.

‘DELETEing’ means complete elimination from the system. As much as this sounds reassuring, one should not lose sight of the latent and undetectable taint in the generational inheritors of corruption. It will rise again, soon enough, as has always happened in the history of our dear country.

The Third option replaces the entire unit with a new one or with smaller nation states. This replacement, though has its costs, promises a hitch-free experience, an experience without viruses, without corruption and a programmable future. A future that may not really be disconnected from the past, but whose sanity can be controlled.

This option to Nigeria calls for the renewal of spirit, physical content and identity. This replacement must be the outcome of a deliberately orchestrated tabled dialogue, which is tagged with sovereignty. The outcome must be akin to splattering cards on the ground, and recollecting them into an ordered arrangement, no matter whose ox is gored.

A Sovereign National Conference (SNC) remains a sine qua non, where all differing factions are allowed to come together and determine the best option to apply to getting Nigeria rid of her corrupting elements and viruses. The steps to follow:
? Admitting that there is a problem
? Agreeing to rid the country of the problem
? Deciding on the best alternative

The best alternative, if one were to be a Distinguished Representative to the SNC,
would be to cause all factions to collectively ask the question everyone has hitherto evaded, “MUST THIS INCONGRUOUS ASSEMBLAGE PERSIST?” It is only reasonable that if all the parts agree to keep up the assemblage, nothing can stand in the way of the united nation.

However, there is a very high possibility that some parts will prefer to live together while knowledgeably passionate about divorcing themselves from the nationality of other parts. That’s what I call MUTUALLY CONSENTED SECESSION.

Every tribe in the country, every state and every geopolitical zone has a right to choose how best to ensure the integrity of her territory, the welfare and security of her people and the certainty of a prosperous future. The rights persist, in spite of neglect, infringements and victimization, to choose to remain as a part of a united whole or slink away with other units to form separate legal national entities.


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4 comments September 14, 2010 - 4:04 pm

This reads like an unpatriotic dissolution of d forced-marriage.But it’s the silent intentions of several millions of disconsolate citizens who are disoriented with d failed nation called Nigeria.Rather, i think we should be more patriotic towards a pragmatically viable sovereignity than a gradually disintegrating one,which is what we are approaching in actuality.

Ajibade Seun September 13, 2010 - 1:06 pm

Good piece lakunle is a king in national analysis/dialysis

Bankole 'Toba Victor August 17, 2010 - 2:58 am

My dear Elnukal, congrats on your well thought piece. Like a pharmacist that you are, you have not only “diagnosed” what the problem is but also “prescribed” possible remedies. In your options, however, you seem to have forgotten that a computer is really not a single entity but a system which, as in the biologists’ opinion, comprises several “interelated organs”. Nigeria is indeed an experiment, but of manageable proportion. To engage in a more dangerous experiment of secession is like, I think, moving from the era of the atomic bomb (a product of scientific experiment) which destroys in millions to that of nuclear bomb (another product of scientists) which ‘d potentially destroy in billions and over.

Ejovi Ovwufeti August 16, 2010 - 5:41 pm

I think it’s an excellent read. It’s a good prescription for a serious Nigeria


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