The Assange Affair 2

I wish to add another footnote to the ASSANGE AFFAIR, on which I commented briefly in an earlier dispatch. In a statement on 19th August, 2012, Mr Assange delivered a statement narrating his side of events. He adroitly managed to stir up emotions, in a profound way.

I was surprised and amazed, when his lawyer said that he would take the case to the International Court of Justice, at the Hague.

The ICJ may not entertain a case concerning an individual because a person is not a subject of international law. The Assange case can only be filed on behalf of Assange by the Government of Australia, if they so wish.

May I propose a compromise, which I think could lead to a settlement. Assange must exhaust the British judicial process. Perhaps, he may wish to apply for and obtain a QUIA TIMET injunction from the British courts of appropriate jurisdiction, showing cause or causes why he fears (QUIA TIMET).

Should his appeal succeed, he could then be given safe conduct out of Britain, if the court so rule. The involvement of so many Latin American governments may have the tendency of pushing the bilateral dispute into diplomatic and political upset of the international system.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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