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The Civil Service, Jonathan and the Ministers-a Paradigm of True Development

Indeed in recent times the politics of the world has changed. A black man became President in America; the conservatives showed labour the way out of Downing Street and a man from the south-south became the President of the most populous black nation in the world. It can be called somewhat dynamic; it can be seen as miraculous. Miracles happen, but do we act in such a way that the miracles don’t turn into curses in a matter of time.

Goodluck Jonathan was greeted with increased vigour from anarchists in the northern part of the country, the violence led to the death of many and destruction of lives and properties. Let’s say that was a sacrifice, afterwards we still move on with our daily routines expecting things to change! Well it can be said that be can’t develop beyond our capacity but we have elected someone who would make up for many deficiencies we have had overtime, he would be doing this with a group of people called Ministers. These people would be responsible for execution broad and limited government programmes. Debates have emanated and pursued to rigorous ends about how the composition of the cabinet should be made. President Jonathan has made a case for his erstwhile ministers in that it is difficult for a country to pursue programmes effectively if it keeps changing ministers.Briiliant! Mr President, that’s good because since independence we have had one minister running the foreign affairs ministry for an average of two years. How does a country pursue its foreign policy? so Jonathan asked.

My argument is this, Mr President and the ministers the only ones responsible for implementation? They are the arrowheads, agreed.However, I am making a case for director-Generals of ministries and Permanent secretaries of government parastatals.I think this people are more influential and key to the development of this country. We should cast our net to this area and get an x-ray machine to address the fractured areas. The civil service needs reforms and people heading them must be viewed closely. The media should also try to be more insightful in setting agenda because I was wondering why everyone felt it’s just Jonathan and a handful of appointees that can work the miracle. The civil service has 60percent of the role to play. Go to government institutions and verify peoples attitude to work, some are just waiting for pension and allowances. Most don’t even develop capacity again because government business is not their fathers business. I think the civil service should be run like private sectors where you get what you deserve.

It is very painful that not only politicians are responsible for our shortcomings. While we complain about them we should look at the poor attitude to work by some of us in the civil service and our communities. The civil service has a major role to play indeed. They know the weakness, they alone. The ministers are just political fulfilments in our setting.

Let’s ask ourselves when we got something important seamlessly from a government parastatal or whether the quality of service in government parastatals is delivered with utmost professionalism. Do we think the developed countries didn’t know what they where up to by reducing government functions in areas critical to their national existence.

The truth is simple for true development, reduction in bureaucratic bottlenecks and adequate service delivery to be available the Civil Service must be drastically reformed!

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