The conspiracy theory –  Africa and the international politics

by Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi

The turn of events in Africa with regards to imperialist manifestation hurts, to say the least. While Gaddafi has been waging a loner war against the international mafia organization and their puritan two-faced dealings in Africa, he too forgot that posterity never sleeps, thus he too has eaten of the fat cake of posterity. There is a pull of event trying to drag or wreck havoc on most vibrant and outspoken African countries, starting from the Muslim north, ethno divided central Africa, down to the ethno-religious West and Southern African. East Africa is a little bit on the grid, and I am sure there is an ongoing plans by the International Economic Hitmen to siphon and ransack those countries.

How can a man who has been the Emperor of Libya for over 40 years, which is the quotient leaders summation of an entire generation, According to Adeola Aderounmu in one of our discourse said “What would it have cost him to have prepared Libyans for the future, say at worst 20 years ago?” Irrespective of the argument, the question didn’t for once come as a shocker, but the obvious.

Although Gaddafi would have shown his gratitude to Libya and Libyans over 20yrs ago, instead decided to fight a battle as alone, thereby leaving the Libyans in the dark. With regard to a highly sensitive security report, it was part of the strategist, the antagonist used in pushing their point home, thus spurring the Libyan opposition to wage a fierce revolution against Gaddafi. It is true that Gaddafi knew a lot, and will be ready to open his mouth to spout classified secrets which are as old as civilization itself. ‘He had so much time on his hand but he decided to make himself a messiah, But he is not’ said Adeola.

Chinua Achebe in his book, Things Fall Apart, “….when things fall apart, the centre cannot hold…”, as sad events has taken a hold in North Africa, starting from Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Libya, which is of recent, Things have now fallen apart in Libya. We are saw how the international ‘eye’ begin to prostitute like whores in matters which the AU could handle; but since the international community do not trust Gaddafi as per his commitment towards Uniting Africa, using the AU as a tool to achieving solidarity and a virile Africa Union.

Gadhafi will not get a well-deserved exit, that we known. But should we then prefer the bigger evil with their sponsored propaganda than the less evil? An Intelligent report also revealed that, Gaddafi was on the verge of making history with his “King of Kings” Psychosis when he was nabbed by the International “Economic Hitmen”. It will not be on his terms after all, it will end up being the people’s desires. But do these people know the underlying economic politics behind the crisis in Libya, do they think it’s as part of Gaddafi trying to perpetuate him and his acolyte in office are all what the international media really conveys to the viewing global laboratory (Africa) and specimens (African)?

Gadhafi may also well be the victim of the usual international conspiracy, as reiterated above. Even though we may not have solid proofs as to this regard, in my article on the ‘Africa Intelligentsia’ I opined that history still inundate certain probabilities, such as these white supremacist of the West, and the NWO, which includes Asia and their Middle-East Jihadist Butchers. The international politics and abracadabra is too dirty for any moral nation, and just as It’s a crazy world totally. You’ll never find a resting place for the blame game, yet the blame continues!

You can’t find it even in Ivory Coast where one man is claiming victory and he’s backed by the crazy international community, while the other is backed by Pan-Africanism. The sum total of all this foolishness and the common madness of men is that their fellow beings are killing one another in the name of loyalties. Experience will tell you that it is all a game of chess by our foes, who have made Africa and Africans their laboratory and specimen in their advance level science conspiracy game perpetuated by the Imperialist international community.

Even though the International cadre of actors in this inhuman experimentation on several occasions had debunked this conspiracy games, it is a fact. From the Book “Web of Deceit: Britain’s real role in the world” by – Mark Curtis. Curtis went further to explained in his overall experience called this conspiracy theory “POLYARCHY.” thus:

“Polyarchy – A system in which a small group actually rules and mass participation is confined to choosing leaders in elections managed by competing elites. Those who win in elections become largely insulated from the public so that they can ‘effectively govern’. Between elections, those who control the state are largely free from serious accountability to the public.
Polyarchy has been described as a form of ‘consensual domination’ where (competing) elites control the state while popular forces and civil society groups are subject to the hegemony of the elite. In contrast to polyarchy stands ‘popular democracy’, where public participation is much greater and civil society groups are able to use the state to promote their interests. Here, mobilisation within civil society would be the principal way in which political power is exercised.”

It’s sad because if not for madness and stupidity the two Ivorian presidents should meet face to face, discuss the way forward for their fellow citizens, give each other warm embrace, one step down for the other and the other ensure that as the president he ensures such justice that will promote peace and prosperity in Ivory Coast. The greatest service will be to avoid the type of mistakes that led to the present predicament and to ensure that now and in the future that Ivory Coast can solve her problems without the bias intervention of the useless international community.

One of the greatest achievements of the international community is the spread of both disharmony and war. Africa is easy target because of the greed and senselessness of the rulers there. It pains and hurts to come from a continent where foolishness and evil reign over good. It’s disheartening that a lot of things in Africa are decided by people outside of the continent.

One would wish that the changes sweeping through the North of Africa will continue to prosper the people. Yes, prosper. North Africa is prosperous and the leaders have not been totally foolish like other parts of Africa especially Western Africa. Take Nigeria for example and see foolishness of the rulers. Nigeria generates less than 3 000MW of Energy. For a nation of 150m that is probably the most absurd thing on earth. In addition over 15 million dollars have been spent on that project since 1999 with no apparent progress because some people like Gen Obasanjo and his cronies stole the money.

If they didn’t steal the money then Nigeria should be experiencing over supply of power by now but right now Nigeria is covered by total darkness. So Africa really pains me. My heart bleeds daily. Add these wars to diseases, ignorance, illiteracy and the loads of problems in Africa, and then you ask, will Africa ever be at peace? Will Africa ever be free from foreign inference in all her politics and economy in the name of ‘International Comity agreement or pact’? These are some of the underlying questions one need to ask the UN and their Five ‘Marauders’ who continue to feed the global audience with half truths, conspiracies and fabrications.

There are too many problems in Africa and they won’t be solved until Africans wake up and live up to the challenges of the present century. What will trigger this awakening in Africa and make it a general conscious thought along the line of Common Good? When we know the answer, we will get on the right track. And with the prospect of Africa’s emerging youth force, the theory of the game is about to change. The answers of the old laws cannot remain in a comatose, it must indeed through a network of virile youth network remain dynamic

. Unfortunately, majority of our brother and sister youths and comrades in North Africa are already being brainwashed and misguided; their principle of revolution is already being compromised.

In the application of history, commonsense has already unveil to us the journey so far, the International Marauder’s almighty formula – “The International political Abracadabra” and the unholy stimulation of the aids given to Africa and its constituent states, which did Africa more harm than good. We must wake up from out slumber while it is not yet dawn, only in such moment will the enemy strike. There is a war on the reclaim of Africa, and we must not allow ourselves, our nations and continent to remain lab-rats in this International controlled experiments championed by the UN.

The “Five Marauders” has before now uncovered a strong material evidence of the structures and formations of the AU led by Mummar Gaddafi through their Ankansic (Telepathy), and are bent at ensuring that Africa and Africans do not emancipate from its present quagmire. Before now, many African leaders were stooges to the financial and connective mercies of the Five Marauders; but trust me, the very day they warned off knowing that the milk was truly sour, they were starved. Some quickly returned, while others challenge their Godfathers why the milk was sour; a full grown man still sucking milking is a complete fool. Afterall we are not Israelite boys that are warn in their 4yrs of age, we are Africans – a people who’s culture predates humanity and civilization.

Scattered in the nooks and crannies of Africa states lies “Economic Hit Men” from the West, Asia and their Arabia jihadist and racist. For those of us who can add few puzzles through cytological synthesis are either called weirdo or tag us as freaks, but hello there, the big bang will happen soon that will serve as a shocker to us all; we may either be living then or will be dead, as they who are fostering this unholy, inhuman and dastardly act against Africa do not care whether Africans live or die, in as much as they are continuously tapping her resources and making huge profits by sponsoring internal crisis, and securing several properties, how is this their concern? No wonder Mugabe was so violent with the West and drove them out of Mozambique. But Foolish Nigeria Government, accept them through their errand stooge Saraki of Ilorin. Before this time, we already know their undercover operations to fuel ethnic and religious divides in Nigeria, and the oil war in Niger Delta.

Whether there is war, hunger, disease or death? Some of these conglomerates in their progeny still comes in the form of deceptive ‘Aid’ from their sister company called the “Investigative Assassin” all to further enslave us. We have forgotten in a rush the adage that ‘ there is never a free lunch’, this quotes was culled from the behavioural excesses of some of the greatest imperialist ever known to mankind, and we use this quote every day.

Whilst in the intelligence community, more strategies are being designed each day to train “muses” and send them to the field. You may want to ask where is this ‘Field’, read this sentence careful; the ‘field’ herein connotes, and which is an economic code-name representing “Africa”, and any other place portioned out by the Pioneers of the New World Order (NWO), which is an offshoot the 11 illuminati families and their collaboration with of the Big-five and their acolytes ready to lunch “The Final Arsenal” on innocent African lives for their experiments, while they continue to empower and feed those sell-out African leaders and elites with hot coffees of death, only to spike their lives in a minute when they are done making use of them.

For those who refuse to eat the poisoned cake and drink the cyanide infested coffee are either castigated through highly mechanized propagandas or through assassination by proxy or otherwise. For those who later realize the diabolic nature of these several ‘tooth-for-life’ bait of the master-chess players, who were former stooges; those who refuses to bend to their old rules are either condemned before their people by inciting revolution against them; or they just hire a misguided assassins to ‘finish’ them.

The rules of the game continues, we are dealing with a highly evolved International criminals. These are not mere criminals, as in personified in nature; this is a criminality of the deadliest nature perpetuated by countries and nation states of the West (Europe and America), middle east Arabia and some vampiric butchers from Asia in conjunction with their sister conglomerates Middle East in their worldwide network of Advanced Slavery.

Nigeria is about to hold her Presidential election, in the months of April 2011. The International are watching, indeed we all know the double standard perpetuated by the global offices of deception, with Britain and US as grand patrons. It will surprise Africans and Nigerians in particular that Nigeria is a centre where all sort of experiments are conduct, where all sort of theories are tested; it is actually a funny world! The national debate is another experiments to ensure their compliance with the so called International modus operandi of Democracy of spotting leaders with agenda and clear cut perspectives as against their puppets, having two distinct thoughts in their mind; if they will offload their support from their puppets or continue to feed them with poisonous milk until they die slowly.

Whilst they do otherwise, the leaders without their support hardly succeed as they are in charge of all tools of an organized society, cell-phones, cable networks, banks, business, commercial activities, etc, they exploit every avenues to frustrate those in their death-books, or checkers’ list.

While the Nigerian Presidential debate may be a litmus test for the Western, Asian and Middle-Eastern abracadabra, more than 150 million Nigerians are still blind to the realities of this clandestine operations being conducted in Nigeria’s soil. The bomb lasts, religious crisis, Militancy, political fraud, sacred-cows, the blue-bloods, etc are not mere coincidence.

This same experiment will be replicated in other nations of Africa; examples are scattered all over north African countries and their misguided revolutions going on there. The covert message has been sent already, so it doesn’t matter anymore the underlying factors. One can then imagine how a little crisis of Bread-seller being humiliated will lead to widespread revolt, how a minor assaults, which is high secularized in the west could be inflated by paid propagandist overnight; that is where the African people are not adding the ‘Dots’ here. And looking into the historical and political antecedence of these countries, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and now Libya, one will wonder what is happening.

Down home, there is widespread corruption and political lunacy by government officials, inhumanity caused by government and its agents such as violations of the UN human right ethics is not being centered on, police brutality, militarization of the Niger Delta, etc. Yet they are quick to mirror the innocence of meaninglessness of issues on national agenda, while they become brutal when such issues in prism refract back to where the manifestation emanates from.

All hell is let loose only when the preparatory sign-post lost favour in their sight will they, through their nitwit mechanized half-truth and fabricated propaganda boldly and selfishly recounts the hidden misgivings of fraud, grafts and misconducts. Now who is at their mercy, the people, or the leaders who have lost favour? I say none, as their deceptive half truth is detrimental to our unity as a people; why is does it always become sour, and we become emotional in their none reactions to our local issues as they are our father and mother, when they really do not care about peace and development in Nigeria as a microcosm; if they care as they claim would have discourage swizz bank from accepting stolen or unaccounted m

onies from Nigerian leaders; perhaps shielding the financial inactions of those in their good books.

They order us already like slaves; go to their high commissions here in Nigeria, the US and Britain taking the lead, and see the height of inhumanity against us in our own soil. What about their representative – Multinational oil and blue chip giants? Perhaps a quick visit should be paid to various host oil bearing communities in Delta, Ondo, Edo, Rivers and Bayelsa respectively; the people here are being treated in the worst demean form like animals. They breath poisonous gas, their rivers polluted and their means of livelihood destroyed. What more do we see, we see our government becoming boy-boy to them only to use the divide and rule tactics to force the hand of government to lunch a full military operations on innocent people; what more can we infer to this senseless and deceptive aids to us, or monitory our democracies when they have done nothing than fuel violence and internal terrorism by the government against its people and local guerrillas who get their guns and WMDs from these two-faced butchers?

Unfortunately these money-cursed leaders are digging their mass grave already. Woe to them should they lack the favours from their associates in doom, that very day their secrets; how they starched money in swizz banks will be brought to bear, to what end, hypothetically speaking, these are co-hypocrites and conspirators. Hello, are we missing something here? Didn’t these spotted-eyes not seen these financial misappropriations and other matters before now? Why did they have to wait until when the mysteries was leaked? This is what is not making sense here, and the earlier we start thinking fast the better for us, so we won’t be taken for a ride by these half-breeds, or whatever medium they may be operating from; whether in my father’s backyard; whether covertly or overtly, I really don’t care, and I am also sure, hundreds if not thousands of Africans already knows this facts; I believe they also don’t care either.

To some Nigerians, the Presidential debate may have been an eye opener on many issues for further clarification, and obvious enquiries by truth seekers, home and abroad. We are all aware that Shakarau of ANPP won the Debate clearly, and in square terms too. Nigerians were aware that he was able to address some very salient issues concerning Nigeria, especially those greys economics issues which has been of major exploitation by the ‘International Group of Companies’ and their national paid-spy companies, which is now turned into billionaire companies overnight.

Above all, this same Shakarau was able to address the peace paradigm in Kano, and linked several indexes that has helped fuelled crisis in Nigeria, major bang in this was his opinion on international collaborations; even though he wasn’t specific, I am aware he’s trying to hide his head from being cut off almost immediately too.

On the benchmark score aggregate, I will rate him 40% for the clear cut theoretical framework, while I go further to score him 35% on his implementation of these agenda during his tenure as Governor of Kano state.

The other aspirants only succeeded in making a fool of themselves in the presence of Nigerians and the world on how best they were going to reconstruct the corruption, marginalized and impoverished battered Nigeria, with such character as General Buhari of CPC, and most unfortunate was Mallam Nuhu Ribadu of the ACN who in the light of his generational indexes failed to make clear his goals and agenda to rebuild Nigeria, instead dwelled stupidly by complaining bitterly on the problems confronting Nigeria as a nation without providing suitable solutions, or should I now say he attempted none at all.

Grossly put, they both scored very low with 10% and 15% respectively, compared to the amiable knowledge and experience demonstrated by Shakarau. This is the man of the 21st century, thus the big “BUT” comes into play. Will he be President come April polls by his efforts to inform Nigerians of the solutions that are in his meal-bow?

Gen. Buhari by indication is clear belong to the analogue political era, hence has refused to see the light beaming in the scorching sun of the 21st century.

Unfortunately too, while Mr. President prepares, we all know how un-open mindedness will characterize his reading and defence of his agendas, with the Chimamada Achike interview saga and the Debate Odeshe. What we intend to see will be an inaugural speech instead of a debate; well may be he will do better this time around. With this fretting that has characterized his administration, commonsense will show that he is being surround by vultures.

We have come of age from the debris of astounding treachery of all times than the predecessors before him – Mr. President, even OBJ has scored higher in this regard; perhaps this would serve as a leeway for OBJ to perpetuate his decoy further in draining the coffers of this nation’s excess crude Account dry by proxy, and with his “PDP BOT” asymmetric. If by design OBJ started an Excess Crude Account meant for the future. As at today, less than one billion dollars is remaining in the account which once had about 34 billion dollars. Whatever happened to over 33billion in less than 3yrs is luck, or like a friend asked, has that future, which the money was meant for arrived? Definitely, it may be true or false.

If, Japan as a result of a tripod disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear problems have near 10% electricity cut off, while Nigeria by design has 80% without electricity. Yet the clamour is on every lips that Mr. President has done well, that I cannot tell, but I leave this to the itching eyes of the Nigerian populations, and indeed rest it with their conscience.

The great divide has come, and the only way we can show truth in its full experiment is to render to the people justice, equity, peace, unity, development and democracy, both in the chronicles of choice and options. To this end if we must choose choice over option, then the only choice we have is to show via the polls that, hence with PDP everything is possible; that with the peoples’ power if we can muster it, nothing is impossible, not that we have all the time and choices.

The symmetry of voting is synonymous with the “PDP Umbrella”, which actually represent the will of the ‘People, for the people and by the people’. We should remember that under the rule of the ‘umbrella’ nothing has really worked for 12 years now, in doing so Nigerians remain victims of the ‘Stockholm syndrome’. If the Nigerian citizenry must stand up to the realities of the 21st century democracy, then we must wake up and see things clearly, and decide who to vote for. As for me, I will cast my votes with regard to my conscience, and I pray Nigerians can muster the courage to do likewise.

While the campaign promises has been very deceptive, we should also be aware that majority of these candidates has been sponsored, their sponsors are the chess-masters who can twist their joker at any point in time and at Will. The West and the East are the chess-masters, and least we know, none of these chess players has the interest of our national or continent’s unity at heart. Only if we can practice what we are once known for, peace, unity and development, then we are close to the doors of solutions.

We must use the old laws to offset the present agenda; the old laws doesn’t mean we should become analogue overnight, but that we should conjure the incarnations of what made the old new, and remain anew at all times.

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Ajijo Beatrice March 30, 2011 - 11:10 am

This article is very good. What we need in Africa is unity to fight neo-colonialism and leaders who are patriotic and wont sell Africas birthright to feather their nests. we need revolutionary leaders.


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