The Danger Of An Organized United States Of Africa

by Odimegwu Onwumere

True, all snakes are in the bush but there is the python that owns the bush, the king of the bush. My Papa once told me that his own Papa told him that any market that its foundation was laid with the liver of a tortoise trades treacherously, treacherously, treacherously! And it is easy to give monkey water with a cup but not easy to retrieve the cup.

From what is going on in most countries of Africa – wars, political instability, social instability, and economic instability, any sane person ought ask why. From the inception of the world Africa has not known peace as a result of one or the other intimidation by the self-acclaimed know-all people who have held Africa spellbound for decades.

Africans, especially the Black Africans were/are intimidated in their continent and in the Diaspora. And because of this, it behoves any Black African who has not sold his/her mentality to slavery or to the neo-colonialism to ask, why me? Why am I regarded as a product of evil? This question should crop-up because of the shameful paint the apple- colour-people have painted the black man with. The people who speak from the nose created an indelible mark where a Black African is tagged a product of bestiality.

Like in the South Africa, Zimbabwe where these nose-speakers settled, in Egypt, the Arabs on our continent, invaded Egypt in 640AD. They Arabized Egypt and exhibited colour discrimination, a fact that explained that in Sudan, Mauritania and also Egypt, Arabs mounted ethnic cleansing and grabbed land from Black Africans – where both populations live together under one State. Imagine!

Grabbing lands and this ethnic cleansing of the Black African, the inculcation of Islam as a-must reverence religion is rife. This would explain the fate of Black Africans in a United States of Africa if the proposal should hold in July at Accra, Ghana. We have to think wise.

Whatever we do today, we must bear in mind that posterity is the best Judge. Gadhafi’s Lebensraum statement at Arabs League meeting in Jordan in 2001: “The third of the Arab community living outside Africa should move in with the two-third on the continent and join the African Union ‘which is the only space we have”, Professor Chinweizu notes.

“Col. Mouammar Gadhafi of Libya, at the Arab League, 2001 should be taken seriously as a clue to his intentions and what he and his Arabs will set about doing to Black Africa once they have us in their United States of Africa”, warns Professor Chinweizu. What do we need a USAfrica for? if countries in the continent of Africa have been unable to manage their interim crisis, like in Nigeria, where the Muslims have not allowed the Christians to drink and rest their cup.

Professor Chinweizu opines: “There is a vital need to think through the Black African interest, and negotiate in detail to secure its requirements, before agreeing to this proposal. After it is signed, the Arabs will, predictably, treat any second thoughts and objections to the details as treason without any pre-agreed quid pro quo, and got nothing after the Arabs had exploited African support.

“Because we are convinced that this USAfrica is a cover for Arab expansionism in Black Africa, we urge every Black African president in the AU to vote against it at Accra in July. At the very least, they should vote to postpone any decision on it for five years so that a vigorous debate can be carried out by the people, so they can knowledgeably and democratically mandate their presidents on what to do about it. We could take lesson from the EU process where key stages of the unification have been preceded by plebiscites in each member country.

“The dangers of Arab colonialism are evident in Mauritania and Sudan, and should be studied and heeded. Gadhafi’s arguments about the potential economic benefits of USAfrica are invalid. Continental size is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for becoming an economic power. If it was, Britain, Japan, Germany, France, let alone Switzerland and most of the European countries would be economic midgets, and the Asian tigers too; on the other hand, Antarctica and Australia, as continents, would be economic giants. Gadhafi must believe that he is addressing an audience of economic blockheads!”

Black Africans must say no to this agenda because the Arabs see us as dumbs, who can easily be duped. And if they succeed in this USAfrica, we have been duped yet again.

Buttressing his point, Professor Chinweizu quotes thus: “Ibn Khaldun sees the blacks as “characterized by levity and excitability and great emotionalism” and (says) that “they are everywhere described as stupid”.

Al_Dimashqi had the following to say: “The equator is inhabited by communities of blacks who may be numbered among the savage beasts. Their complexion and hair are burnt and they are physically and morally abnormal. Their brains almost boil from the sun’s heat”.

Ibn al_Faqih al_Hamadhani follows the same line of reasoning. To him…the zanj (black Africans)…are “overdone until they are burned so that the child comes out between black, murky, malodorous, stinking, and crinkly haired, with uneven limbs, deficient minds and depraved passions…”

Ibn Khaldun (d.1406CE) added that blacks are “only humans who are closer to dumb animals that to rational beings…. Africans are by their very nature slaves.”

“All African women are prostitutes, and the whole race of African men are abeed (slave) stock. Your people are like rats plaguing the earth” – Osama Bin Laden to the Sudanese-American novelist Kola Boof in Morocco in 1996.

If the Black Africa could be described like that, as stated above, their fate is not ascertained to be harmonious with the Arabs in a USAfrica. “It is only a madman can chase a man with a gun”. A word is enough for the wise, as they say.

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Mark Wood - Founder, USA for USAfrica January 28, 2008 - 8:19 pm

African Delegates Agree to Form “United States of Africa”

USA for USAfrica: The Coalition for African Unification…

Africa Must Unite – When Will Africa Unite? In 2012…

Our Mandate: The formation of a United States of Africa must immediately be brought into public debate worldwide and among Africans themselves.

Africa’s leaders and the African Union MUST NOT BE AFRAID to unite as one nation and declare themselves a United States of Africa.

Mark Wood – Founder, USA for USAfrica


The Green Valley Reporter


Anonymous June 20, 2007 - 2:01 pm

Most African countries are post-colonial plantation demarcations and until folks get that through their head, nothing will ever change… Nigeria is a fake country that was made up by the colonial masters. Why some folks think that folks in Africa who hate each other can live together still fail to look at European history or any other history for that matter boggles the mind…

julius June 18, 2007 - 1:30 pm

This is probably the first time I'm hearing about USAfrica, it is indeed very preposterous, unwanted and ill-conceived. I certainly don't want any arab lording it over me in Nigeria. The one and only way I will support USAfrica is if the sole headship belongs to only Nigeria and Nigerians, otherwise NO USAFRICA!. Meanwhile, if all these sayings by arabs are true, then it is really sad no wonder the blacks in Sudan are being killed, raped and maimed daily. How long O Lord are we blacks continue to be subject to this extensive discrimination, how long O'Lord……


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