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The Development of International Human Rights Law since 1948

The Development of International Human Rights Law since 1948: AZATA/NEPU Party in Strasbourg, France.

I have gladly accepted the invitation of the Strasbourg Conference on International Law and Human Rights because since I spoke here in 1989, there has been a decline in respect for human rights world-wide.
Each time I visit France, I make it a duty to visit Comedie Francais, the national theatre of France, which was built in 1680.
In 1803, it was relocated near the Palaise Royal, “where it presents a primarily classical repertory”. I have watched Balzac’s “ La Comedie Humaine( the human comedy), which series by Honore d’Balzac, sets my mind thinking about French contribution to universal humanism.

Balzac indelibly prints in our minds that “Anywhere you see wealth, there is always an element of crime”, especially amongst politicians.( mine).
I will proceed to address the topical issues on human rights.
In my book, ‘Human Rights in International Law” (1991) , I pointed out that the First and Second Wars were brutally fought. They resulted in a lot of human sufferings, misery and social dislocation.
The statistics of the dead, the wounded and the displaced are gruesome. Over fifty years after the Second World War, the scars of the war can still be felt and can still be seen among amputees, broken families, divided frontiers, estranged people and ruins of war.

The graffiti on the Berlin Wall as seen from West Berlin carried political messages on the issues of human rights.
The economic costs of the Second World War, wiped out the material conditions for the enjoyment of human rights, until the Marshall Plan helped to restore the economy of Western European States.
The Soviet Union carried the economic burden of assisting East European states like Poland and Ukraine.

East European states, which were devastated by the Second World War, had no capital, no trained manpower, there was no infrastructures, no trade relations with the West and so, had to rely on the harsh system of socialization and reliance on the Soviet Union for survival
As a result, human rights suffered under a harsh system of governance that invariably led to the deprivation of human rights as was practiced in Western Europe.

In both Eastern and Western Europe, the counterproductive COLD WAR, fanned by ideological extremists, war-mongers and arms dealers, fuelled the war psychosis that resulted in the deaths of millions, the senseless channeling of needed resources into the Devil’s enterprise of mutual assured destruction.
The human rights of world citizens were violated inexorably, while the high profile idiots lived and still live long after serving the Luciferian hierarchy on Earth.

!n 1948, international lawyers and diplomats, held several human rights’ conferences and adopted far-reaching human rights declarations and Conventions.
For example, Universal Declaration on Human Rights, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights, Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees, Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings and Against Taking of Hostages, the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations(1961) and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (1963) etc

All these international regulatory laws were made to ensure that states observed international law.
In the last twenty years, the UN was headed by non-Europeans, which rendered them manipulable and ductile. The application of international legal rules to analyze international conflicts suffered inexorably,as power political considerations held oppressive sway.
The well-known norms of jus cogens like the right of nations to self-determination and the respect for the territorial and political independence of states were routinely ignored.

At BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, our studies showed that 68% of Foreign Ministers were not International Lawyers. Their postulations on international politics have not anchored their discourses on international law as evinced in diplomatic culture and practice..Any Foreign Minister, who is not an International lawyer is going through life half blind and half deaf because of the intricacies of international law. Even municipal laws can hardly cope.
This was why non-international lawyers use political arguments instead of international legal arguments, to the detriment of the discourse.
This had resulted in blatant violations of the rights of individuals and states. This trend must be reversed.

In terms of respect for human rights, political and civil rights are respected in capitalist states, while economic, social and cultural rights are better observed in socialist states.
I have lived and studied in both systems.
Human Rights in the Ukraine
The right of self-determination is a human right which is usually determined through a referendum.
Imposition of sanctions against a state punishes the people more than the authorities

A clear example is Iran.

The East European states are holding pro-Russian rallies in support of Russia. They seem to have better knowledge of the facts.
A curious and bizarre gay rights movement, encouraged by major nations has raised eye-brows, but has been vigorously resisted by African and other states, which has weakened the moral fiber of Euro-American states.
The disagreement brought up the issue of slush funds, which some African leaders receive in order to kowtow to policies unsuitable to the development of their people. This is why they remain obscure players in international affairs. What a huge shame! Minions are dwarfs and will remain so.

In Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, in a hurried eagerness to usher in the “Arab Spring” and by some magical conjuration turn Arab states to embrace Western democracy by revolution, engineered serious disregard for international law. Deaths and misery have been recorded.

In the last ten years, the notion of “ONE WORLD, ONE TRUTH” was canvassed, with great energy and scholarship. However, like every theory, which is anchored on deep hatred, denigration of opposing views, where the real gems of the truth lies, has always been laid to ridicule. This order continues to fail.
Closet philosophizing by high profile bureaucrats and recycled opinion of faded scholars seem to be the problem, because they were and are still paid and recognized to repeat the age-old refrain of anti-communism and anti-capitalism, depending on the guru one listens to.

In discussions on global issues, the “Third World Nations”,now called the “Emerging Market Nations”, who have now graduated from “Developing Nations” are rarely consulted but their opinion do not matter.
Euro-American intellectual arrogance is the bane of world crises. As one watches their ideological movement of ideas, one wonders at the origin of the combustion that liberates so much misinformation that is formidably disseminated by very articulate propagandists like Fareed Zachariah, a 1993 Phd, who insists on “GETTING” the ignorant people of the world to absorb his postulations and Christine Amanpour, who only interviews the powerful, without ever hearing from small people,who do not matter.
She is probably not concerned about issues of the human rights of small people but the geo-politics of leaders.

Through repeated chorusing their views are reproduced in the press of other nations as “TRUTH.”What an achievement!
Contemporary international legal problems of significance, have revolved in the main, around violations of human rights in Iraq, Libya( a failed state?) Syria, Yemen, Egypt and other Arab scorched earth states.
The other global issue that refuses to go away is related to racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia. The maltreatment of God’s own people is the karma, being suffered by racist enclaves around the world. How dare you denigrate God’s people?

There is no climate change!! God is visiting his anger on racist nations, who engage in unholy practices that offend against God’s laws and his people.
The Ocean will soon be ordered to cover the earth, if debaucheries against God’s laws continue to be disobeyed.

Where is MH370? All powerful leaders, mystics, stigmatics, psychics, prophets, paranormals have failed to find MH370.
This shows me that the power of hatred, arrogance, posing, ebullient and hard talk by world leaders is hot air.
Colonialism, imperialism, stoking the embers of wars that violate humanitarian laws have not advanced the course of the human race.
The respect for human rights is the fundamental purpose of the United Nations and international Law. In dismantling apartheid, the International Law Commission, played a major role.

In the 1975, in the UN Declaration Against All Forms of Racial Discrimination, it was state as follows:
1) Any doctrine on race differentiation or superiority is seriously wrong, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous and there is no legal or moral justification for racial discrimination, xenophobia, in theory and practice.
2) All forms of racial discrimination are roundly condemnable. More so, government policies based on the prejudice of race superiority or racial hatred, besides constituting a violation of fundamental human rights, tend to jeopardize friendly relations amongst nations and peoples, as well as international peace and security.
3) Racial discrimination harms not only those, who are victims but the ugly, wicked souls. Who practice it.
4) The building of a new world society that should thrive on tolerance should have no place for racial segregation.
5) I am the Founder of the AZATA/NEPU Party of honest thinking Nigerian men and women. Our Party upholds the principles of human rights both as domestic constitutional rights and international legal rights.
6) Those nations and peoples, who engaged in racial discrimination and xenophobia, will suffer Karmic consequences.
till time indefinite.
Human Rights in Social Politics: The Philosophic, Legal and Social Underpinning for a New Nigeria.

Social security should be the cardinal principle of state policies. All states must always push social reforms, with humanitarian concern. There must be a rich social budget, which is functional.
States must ensure the production and equitable distribution of national wealth.
The labour force and the employment structure should be well guarded. Also health services and the conditions of employment and adequate remunaretion must be ensured by the state.

All types of pensions must be regulated and supervised closely by state organs.Adequake computations of pension must be ensured because the long period of pension’s collection is long and unscrupulous officers have been known to embezzle huge sums in Nigeria and elsewhere.
Old age, health accessibility, hospitals, clinics and pharmaceutical provisions for sick citizens are more important considerations than grasshopper hops on campaign trails.

Except the AZATA/NEPU Party of honest, patriotic men and women, no Nigerian political party has ever put forward far- reaching social categories like our party.

Democracy, human rights are inseparable from social democratic policies that really benefit the citizens.
Promises, promises and yet more promises hang in the air and then, with time, they float away to be replaced by more hare-brained promises and digital illusionary edifices.

The people are left to watch the theatres of absurd brick-bats, “full of fury signifying nothing” W.S
Our “omnipotent legislators seem to have scored low in social security promotion, while they have lucrative enterprise in serving as ombudsmen, probing misappropriations, bare-k of water-tight faced robberies, manifestly made possible by the absence of relevant social security laws and their rigorous enforcement.

It is imponderable how a nation has contined to rely on the ICPC and EFCC for effective checking and control of corrupt practices.
These institutions were set up by authorities that used them as vendetta, agencies, set up by capricious political leaders, in the height of their fight to topple their opponents through cobra-strangling allegations true or imagined.
These institutions that have waded in the mine-field, careful not to hurt powerful people.

However, since nothing is hidden under the sun, a foreign Unit has assured Nigerians that they will pick up from where other agencies “missed road”.
The human rights of Nigerian citizens, which had been violated by unpatriotic compatriots, they announced in Switzerland, London, New York, will be restored by 2015.

They recommend that after calculating the real earnings of former holders, any super-excess must be deemed to belong to the people, which the ex-officer has held in unofficial trust for the people of Nigeria.
There very strong feelings among the National Conference delegates that those, who have been entrusted with the fight against corrupt practices, o have failed and in order to save Nigeria from further plunders, the death penalty should be enshrined in the Constitution.

They also critised the method of appointing high officers like ministers, who are sent at the whims of the Governor, who does so as a favour and not on merit.
The National Conference delegates strongly hold the view that the Nigerian financial system, creates porous exit for national funds to be stolen, misused, without proper accountability and they cited the recent NNPC missing funds, oil theft for which the authorities are voting huge sums to track. A totally surprising phenomenon!

The legislative capacity of the National Assembly has proved inadequate to create the necessary conditions for social justice, equity and good governance and as a result, the National Conference can, in techno-jurist empowerment, assume a supranational and superjuristic, supreme importance in our society.
An absentee National Assembly, which we have recorded its members, unserious attitude to social legislation, by absentism, is the original reason for the coming into being of the National Conference, which can not only succeed if it assumed supra-national juristic status.

This issue will soon be tabled for debate under the law that “nature does not tolerate a vacuum” Also, under the principle of
ascendancy of superior authority over moribund power, the National Assembbly would have convened in vain if its intellectual tradition, which has established over time and space wanes.

The National Conference must establish a high societal organization, a higher justice syatem than the inoperative ones that exist.
The distinguished members, using its unique gift of positive insight, intellectual persecution and accumulated wisdom in Nigerian affairs, especially its critical failures, cannot but raise the status of the National Conference to beyond didactic levels to heights of authority that would render its work meaningful and national patriotic.
>From the precepts of political philosophy and jurisprudence, a Nigerian Areopagus can design a new edifice of social justice.
In Radbruch,s formulations, The National Conference’s main task is the propergate judicious legal values and other social categories that would create solid social, political foundations.

The National Conference should re-design over existing, moribund institutions, the new philosophical, economic cultural-religious, ethnic harmonious platform for Nigeria’s cooperation, which avoids, superstitution beliefs and retrogressive thinking an

d ludicrous postulations, by bankrupt politicians of “you-chop-I-chop” parties.

We must unmask the emptiness in the internecine politics that is gradually driving Nigeria to the precipice by those devoid of the scholarly carriage and deep politicall convictions.
The Conference must pass a weighty resolution barring politicians from office, who have engaged in political and economic brigandage, non-disclosure of material information of their wealth acquisition, the source of wealth they used to purchase very expensive real estate in London, Maryland, Spain and other cities world –wide.

The Secretariat of the Conference has received a dossier of the culprits, as disclosed by authorities recently, but they said that its contents can only be disclosed, after the legal status of the Conference has acquired heighten judicial authority.
The foreign nations where these Nigerian wealth have been lodged have listed names of concerned compatriots and are contemplating cancelling their visas, freezing their accounts. These funds are rumoured to be excessive and would be paid into the Central Bank of Nigeria, as soon as the new Central Bank Governor settles down.
A Leistenstein Bank that recently joined other fifteen Euro-American Banks to pledge full disclosure has published in Deutche Sprache, telling and damning financial report on Nigeria 1964-2014.

As aresult, it has become obvious why the techno-juristic status of the National Conference has to be raised much beyond platitudes, filibusting, fine-speeches, embellished with eulogies for having been recognized and invited.
In Nigeria, it is crucial to expose the ethical and religious underpinning the should propel Nigeria to gain acceleration in the right direction, but fail to do so as a result of lack of motivation by some politicians to educate the hoi polloi in their midst.

To still retain the retrogressive “federal character”, “post zoning”, “ “jo ebawa she”ethnic promotion strategies, must be eradicated because the create the bed of roses platform for future non-performance, as we have witnessed in the last fifty-three years.

It has eminently promoted mediocrity, unserious culture, primitive, low culture, even among highly placed persons, who, as a result of lack of social consciousness and sophistical cannot have the courtesy to reciprocate a books gesture.
Of course, it was eternally wrong to have given jewels to village, local boys, who have been pushed to limelight by the Nigerian factor, not by learnedness or brain-power.

The National Conference must realize that Nigerian justice purchaseable at high cost bythe rich and that law and justice in Nian geria, seem hard to reconcile.
The Conference must elevate social justice in order to create a new social order capable of entrencing social democracy.

“ The problems of justice and positive law should dominate the thinking of Conference delegates. These were “articulated in the poems of Hesiod Solon, the great Athenian law-giver, who raised the status of the Greek Constitution, which raised the jurist category of Athenian democracy.
As a result of the documented and critical failure of our justice system, and the irredeemable decay of the moral standing of judges and leading lawyers, the position will remain desperate, unlees the National Conference throws off its present gard of infamy, puts on the toga of ebullient juristic authority and institutes a social security order that weakens individual gains, corruption,
We must erode the tragic anthesis between the need to retain the decaying society and erecting a fortified societal edifice that will rescue Nigeria, from the throes of neo-colonial governmental patterns to functional, social structural growth.

The status quo cannot be preserved, without architectural renovation, which may warrant a tear down. The more we have patched the Nigerian edifice, like an old shirt, it continues to tear. Our human rights have been also tearing fast.
After watching the National Conference delegates for two weeks, it because obvious that the criterion for choosing delegates was not wee=thought out, Many delegates have sat through the proceedings, with bovine disposition, hanging lips and overwhelm. Many are leaving the Confab.
A lot of resources could have been saved and the best opinions received from all law lecturers, political science scholars, sociologists, public administration experts, instead of assembling past leaders, who by age bent double to exchange pleasantries. “How are you, long time no see”?
In the hot, inclement Abuja weather, the tendency to fall asleep is ever so present.

Those, who organized the Conference, could have called for papers eons before the Conference started. Now, some people will carry the burden, while others will take the benefit.
Of course, when you give a big job to a small man, he will bend the assignment to suit his abilities.

Azata/NEPU Party advocates that all citizens be involved in most aspects of governance and it is wrong to re-cycle overused persons. These people, when out of office hardly contribute to the national dialogue until recalled.
The doctrine of posting people with irrelevant qualifications to hold offices they get confused in is the most damaging and recurrent malaise in our statecraft.

Going through official postings since 1960, specialization has been ignored to the detriment of state development.
On 9th April, the youths in some Nigerian cities
demonstrated against their exclusion from Nigerian social life. They argued that the funds being spent to host the National Conference could been used to provide social services to the youth. They promised to press their viewpoints.
The AZATA/NEPU Party of honest, patriotic and thinking men and women encourages Nigerians to think seriously about their nation, before it is too late.
When one looks at other Commonwealth nations in Africa, one sees social progress and growth.
The resources of Nigeria do not go into social services but the funds are misused, misappropriated and so little is left to satisfy the national challenges.

We crave to establish in Nigeria, unity, solidarity and patriotism.
Foreign rule left an indelible culture of individualism, greed, avariciousness, callousness, ritual murders, kidnapping, civil unrest, which are the results of a mal-adjusted social order.
The Nigerian state must feel the guilt, determinism and social responsibility for the present state of Nigeria.
>From all indications, the present Nigerian state, as constituted and run, has many impossibilities to surmount, if the nation must gain acceleration in the right direction.

The AZATA/NEPU Party of honest, patriotic and thinking men and women, has adopted to declare itself a social democratic party. It is a vibrant, patriotic party that adopts a free market economy, free elections, national independence, social justice, unity, solidarity and other socio-economic principles that are germane to national progress.
The party would create conditions whereby every citizen would enjoy his political and civil rights, as well as his social, economic and social rights.
State policies would be geared towards ensuring that citizens enjoy human rights and fundamental freedoms.
The Party hierarchy will always seek out highly qualified compatriots, with relevant grounding in statecraft to with, Law, political science, public administration, history, social science and subjects closely related to statecraft.

Evidence has shown that those Nigerian leaders, who possessed these traits of knowledge had better grasp of governance than those, who did not and do not.
The damage to society has been incalculable and will remain so if this trend is not radically changed.

Anderson M tells us in his “A Cognitive Theory” Oxford, 1992 that intelligence assists in human and societal development.The puerile pos

ition that an untested political leader can rely on experts, begs the main issue of competence.
Psychometric intelligence concerns itself with the measure of specific intellectual abilities, whose main concern is the state of mind that can facilitate the application of mental intelligence in pushing an enterprise, not through guessing, group dynamics, throwing tantrums as response to logical criticisms of government.

Our party is responsive to opposing ideas and we have defined in our MANIFESTO, those critical social justice principles, which regard as irreducible minimum of our political, philosophical culture.
We shall contribute to preference of parliamentary sovereign and federalism and expose presidential sovereignty and its inoperativeness in Nigeria, as a result of its high cost, which the Nigerian economy cannot support because of the level of corruption, weak institutions to prosecute offenders, the dead-soul syndrome, resulting from a decadent mental culture of indifference hinging on lose of confidence, as citizens seeing offenders move freeing and talking.

There is need to establish a new culture of civic responsibility, which engraves on the youth that corruption cannot continue to be a way of life in Nigeria.
Rigorous law enforcement, a justice system that does not delay justice through irrelevant adjournments, fraudulent court chicanery, lack of post judgment reviews of cases, delays in hearing appeals, poor prosecution, unlearnedness among the new generation lawyers as a result of the absence of relevant juristic literature with Nigerian content, the arrant reliance on decided cases, which can never be on all fours, as the worn out cliché often contends, inability to break away from British historical juridical postulates and methods, are uses the AZATA/NEPU Party of honest, patriotic, thinking men and women presents to the National Conference for consideration, discussion and constitutional affirmation.
There should be an objective criteria, for the application of the Rule of Law, substantive rules in Administrative Law, and improved methods of Judicial control as advocated by A.V.Dicey, in his Law of the Constitution.

In my article entitled, “The Role of the Law Teacher in the Development of Law in Nigeria,” in E.O esiemokhai, in “Human Rights in International Law” Ann Arbor, Michigan,USA, pages (215-244) , 1992, I examined the structure of the Nigerian Legal order, its British origins and its decline. I examined the history and development of legal education in Nigeria,the pre-independence era, the post-independence era, the role of related and relevant disciplines in the understanding and teaching of the law, the theory of law, logic,, the role of history in the teaching of law, the general theory of law, methods of teaching law and the adequacy of methods Law Curriculum, general appraisal od law teaching and research in Nigeria, the law teacher as judge and critic, case for a critical legal school, which I later established at the Obafemi Awolowo University, with Femi Falana (SAN), Mike Ozekmome (SAN) Bamidele Aturu, Senior Lawyer, Jimoh Ibrahim, Reader in Law Amos dowu, Dr, Elizabeth Iyamabor, Professor Mike Ikhareale, and retired Supreme Court Justices,many Senior Advocates of Nigeria and those practicing abroad like Omoba of Ife,and my late DEJI, were and remain products of my IFE Critical Legal School!

The law curriculum in Nigerian Law Faculties need to be expanded to include many relevant legal disciplines like aviation law, immigration law, customs law, health law, social justice law etc etc.
The quality of law teaching needs serious improvement.
There should be entrenched the culture of publishing and writing law books, articles and monographs to explain to the public, their human rights and obligations.

At OAU, Ife, there were law Professors, who did not publish any books and yet under the “EBAWA SHE” irredentist vogue, they sat on borrowed professorial chairs during Professor Wale Omole’s Vice Chancellorship, whose interest was awarding dubious contracts, and inflating and re-awarding same. EVIDENCE ABOUND.
When the AWO Professorship in International Law was to be considered, Professor Wale Omole decreed that it should not be given to a non-Yoruba and when professor Ijalaye wanted the award, he was told that he was not an AWOIST.

This is a man, who became a professor of International Law, which he did not study at LL.B level at the University of Hull , where he graduated in 1963. He has written no book that we know of, wrote no articles, monographs or other manuscripts in his four decades at OAU, IFE.

He did not practice law as the High Court and Court of Appeal and Supreme Court records show.

Yet Alfa Belgore awarded him the Senior Advocate of Nigeria!!! They met in England. I wrote him on the illegal award. He did not respond.
Yet, he was a Chief Justice of Nigeria? So, what justice could have dispensed?

It is time to disclose these facts for historical purposes and in keeping with the law of KARMA. The evil that men did or do, no longer live after them, but in the here and now?

It could dissuade evil- mongers, who stand in the way of other social humans!
I have written for men and women, who still believe in natural justice, equity and good conscience to know that these things happened in our country to your compatriot.

Perhaps, there are still devotees of Orumilla,who have social conscience and may wish to investigate my plight at OAU. I call on Orumilla because I have told the whole truth, as a Son of God.
I am still waiting… OAU, Ife.

You announced my Readership result of 1994 in 2010. When will you announce the ekeji??? Ndiogo mmuo, ndi ochimara, ndi agbata eke. Onu kuru njo ga eku mmna!!! Hallelujah!!!

At OAU, Ife, a very senior law teacher and those who, he taught, who are now lecturers simply dictate notes copied from law books for students to copy!!!He still does!

He was in primary school, when I got my doctorate degree in Jurisprudence at the famous University of Cologne, in 1971.

I taught this person International Law 1979. I gave him the recommendation that enabled him to join the faculty as a Lecturer 11.
By some magical conjuration and bizarre irredentist musings, he was . in no time appointed a Dean, a professor, in order to hurt me. I NEVER MINDED THEM.
He became famously known as the occult son of Baba Orogbo.

IT happened at OAU, Ife, in our country. Nigeria.
Roger Makanjuola,who took over from Forestry/Agric Professor, Wale Omole was under oath to look the other way and fish.

Other later VC’s have followed in wily shoes till date. Group dynamics work well with stunted intellects in all nations.

To OAU, I showed a decade later, that” Success is the best revenge”.!!!
In the Federal Republic of Nigeria, there those, who are vociferous about fiscal Federalism.They should oppose tribalism, irredentism, parochialism, group dynamics, assault on the human rights of fellow compatriots in their region, asinine low culture, ethnic differentiation, occult brotherhood, demon worship.
As long as these evils manifest in universities, in the civil service, in the public service and elsewhere, they should be clinically exposed, forgiven but not forgotten.

Forgive them Father although they know what they were doing!
In Nigeria, Lawyers are scarce in government departments, even though many have gone through law school. The reasons are the status of the national economy, the inadequacy in the preparation of lawyers to face the intellectual rigorousity of legal practice.

The National Conference should set up study groups of experts to study on a continuous basis, the deficiencies in the corporate entity called the Federal Republic of Nigeria, its expensive presidential system, its constitutional provisions and the repairs needed to be made before the edifice

crumbles under the weight of poor governance, corruption, absence of social justice, ruling class attitude to its feral, marginalized under-class, who are beginning to think about their future, in combative, desperate terms.

Many law graduates, especially women engage in petty trading and courtesan relations under the adage of “ ono kan owo oja’. Some display their lawyers’ pictures in the supermarkets.!

These truths are self-evident. In this Universe of Man, the truth can be suppressed, but like the AHURA MAZDA, it will explode in karmic proportions in the face of the evil-doer, in his life-time.

Legal education that is well structured, is a boon to democratic dispensations everywhere, there cannot be true democracy, where the legal system is usury, corrupt, ineffective and retrogressive.

The lawyers will not defend you and the judges will not listen to your pleas about honesty, morality and justice. The justice system has become another cash cow allowing the people on the inside to get rich off the luckless patsies on the outside.”

Does any right thinking Nigerian still believe in the judicial system and the social justice system, which have been weakened by lack of enforcement?
Professor Wole Soyinka was justifiably anger at an insensitive act of Jonathan visiting Kano on political vote-seeking, while the sensitive world condemned the cruelty of his like-minded compatriots. I still am! God damn it!!

Instead of an invocation and a doxology, we offer vote-catching slogans. Instead of praising God for his awesome works, politics is lifted up.
The sly, homicidal political behaviour of Nigerians is seeping through and has become rampart, but it cannot make good in repairing accredited failure in governance.

Even if the blood of innocent Nigerians is seeping through ravaged landscapes and are charred by bombs, to political rallies, WE MARCH!!!
Professor Dr. Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai is the Founder of the AZATA/NEPU Party of honest, thinking men and women of Nigeria.

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