The Disastrous Consequences of the Politics of Hatred

Hatred is a satanic category. It fuels unreasoned behaviour. It helps to throw caution to the wind. It blurs the intellect. It retards the intellect. It DE-constructs the structure of human intelligence and replaces it with irrationality. When nations anchor their ego-political attitudes on hatred for other nations and peoples, they apply frenzied calculations, hysteria and megalomaniac indices as state policies. It is true that in the face of common danger, enemies become friends. The Soviet Union and America, united to fight Hitler’s Germany. Today, the USA and the UK are re-establishing relations with Iran, as a result of the ISIS onslaught on Iraq .In international relations, ideally, there should be no permanent enemies but permanent interests. Those glib-talking advisers often suffer occasional degradation, when their hateful propaganda stunts collapse. During the Iraq invasion, Tony Blair, used every known illogicality to propagate inanities that fired Bush to order the “awe and shock of Iraq” From his recent utterances, he is of the same opinion still. Tony Blair has always carried on as if he is a very intelligent person. He maybe but has always put his intelligence on the wrong side of history. David Cameron is right to say that Britain will not send soldiers to Iraq. Discussing the matter at the recent meeting of the Curatorium of BOSAS INTERNATIONAL BUREAU in Strasbourg, France, the body noted that ” Tony Blair is forever one of those responsible for the Iraqi Crisis. It noted with satisfaction that Her Majesty’s Government has no intention, funds and expendable social humans to continue Blair’s ghoulish, bloody geopolitical games.” Now that Baiji Refinery has fallen into ISIS hands, one of the major interests of oil investors has been hit. The remote cause of the Middle East crisis is the Sykes/Piko treaty in which the British and the French laid down damaging arrangements over the Middle East, over a hundred years ago. The Governments of Syria, Iraq, and others did not return the blow. As Bertrand Russell said,” Beware of the person, who does not return your blow- he will not forgive you, nor allow you to forgive yourself.” The Arabs have very enduring spirit.. The new spirit of reconciliation between Iran and the West is welcome. It has put to shame all those forces of negativism, who have prospered by faning the embers of hatred for Iran, just because of the Islamic revolution in Persia.It is very surprising that for ten years, no-one cautioned AL Maliki that his politics of hatred can only bear the fruit Iraq is now smarting under. Hate is no excuse for wickedness. There are always karmic responses to wickedness and the wicked shall never go unpunished, said the Lord of Host. In this era of the anti-christ, as I have written, bizarre occurrences will happen until our Saviour JESUS CHRIST comes down with his saints in bright array to establish a new Jerusalem. Having interacted with the Caucasian race for over fifty years, I have accused them in my books of intellectual arrogance, in that what they know is knowledge and that there is ONE WORLD AND ONE TRUTH. What others know must be qualified before acceptance. This false ideological imposition has long been exploded and has been laid to ridicule. The lip of truth shall be established for forever , the lying tongue is but for a moment.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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