The End of Orthodox Medicine?

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

I asked JEHOVAH RAPHA what the secret of long life is. HE answered during my discerning moments that the secret is living a blameless life, prayers and supplication, accepting that JESUS died on the Cross at Calvary and on the third day, HE rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven, from where has been making intercessions for us, having sent the Holy Spirit as he promised, to teach us all things, including the fact that the BLOOD of JESUS heals and protects us from evil.

Unknown to many, there are spiritual impediments to wellness and wholesomeness. Before you were born and unknown to you, your parents may have initiated you into all forms of foundational bondages, especially ancestral linkages with negative demonism.

You became attached to covenants and the curses of the laws of the kingdom of darkness and other attendant curses. Demonic spirits are now attached to your life that control and hinder your progress.

You battles with life have been formidable.
Things that should come easy are matched by near misses and frustrations. Then you go to white garment churches and pray with false prophets, who themselves are human agents of satan.
You go deeper into recession and your fortunes into accelerated retrogression.

Naturally, the yoke results in sleepless nights, continual thinking, headaches and other associated ailments.
How do you regain you wellness and human dignity? You must go on your knees call on the Holy Spirit to come into your life and heal you. Then you must break every covenant and curses; ask for forgiveness of all sins, those you committed knowingly and unknowingly. You ask that the BLOOD OF JESUS should wash you clean.

You should declare that you have broken with all curses and attachments to demonic forces both on Earth and in the Second Heaven, with principalities and powers forever. You should reject all initiations into all satanic cults.
You should break with evil traditions and all demonic associations, blood covenants. Reject attachments and associations with coven gatherings, and satanic bewitchments. Also reject all attachments to your life by kindred spirits, familiar spirits and informant demons.

Then declare that you are now free from village witches and wizards and all satanic agents that have been making you sick, a failure and a spiritual cripple. The BLOOD of JESUS has washed you clean. Pronounce the BLOOD of JESUS into the water you drink. This is capable of instant divine healing.
Then prosperity, good health and wellness will be your enduring portion in JESUS NAME, AMEN, AMEN AND AMEN, and Hallelujah!!!

In the last five years, the efficacy of orthodox medicine and pharmaceutical drugs seem to be in decline. Medical researches into supplements that have proved efficacious are on the rise.Bio-nuclear medicine and homeopathic practice of the Chinese-Indian tested practice is gaining acceleration in the right direction.

In Nigeria, it is now common for people to market supplements of all kinds, supported by ebullient marketing. In Ghana, the Government’s efficiency and far-sightedness has made it easy for these supplements to be put on the Chemists’ shelves. One source told me that NAFDAC, Nigeria’s Pharmaceutical regulatory body is slow in grasping the universal trend. For reasons that I do not comprehend, why should Nigerians import these supplements at extortionate prices from Ghana? Under the veiled shibboleth of regulatory exercise of authority defined by law, many Nigerians seem to think that there is more to it than meets the eye.

I just bought a wonder supplement, which is suitable in healing a variety of ailments.
The assessment of the users, which is very positive leads me to ask whether the end of orthodox medicine tolls.

It was written that in the End-Times, the nations shall be rid of sickness and they will be prepared to receive THE CHRIST, JESUS, who shall soon come with His Saints in bright array.

For healing prayers, call 07036660639 in utmost faith and it will be well with you. Also call any Pastor for the Spirit of the Lord, WHICH IS OUR STRENGHT, is moving world-wide.
GOD has done great things
HE has done great things
He has great things,
Praise His HOLY NAME.

For details about this Ministry, please read my book entitled, “Understanding the End-Time Turbulence: The ERA OF THE GENTILES”, Q-Communications Ltd, Lagos, Nigeria, 1996.

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