The End Time Turbulence: Jesus Is Coming Soon

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

These are the end-times, characterized by wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Rumours of war with Iran. There is pestilence in Haiti after the earthquake. Also, massive earthquakes have occurred in Japan and Chile.

We see failure of government by men in Africa and elsewhere resulting in hunger, social dislocation, fear, anguish in the hearts of minorities and others.

Mexico has gone the way of debauchery by passing a law on same-sex marriage. In Nigeria, things seem to be spiraling out of control.

I learnt a long time ago that when we see these clear signs, we should know that the end has come. The faithful are “watching and waiting for the dawning of that glorious day, when our SAVIOUR with all his saints will come down in bright array.”

Let the end coming quickly. We are tired of watching the Sons and Daughters of GOD being used as sacrificial lambs to deities in the name of geo-politics in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere.
The evil ones stoked the 9/11 catastrophe, knowing very well how that singular act would create a revenge psychosis that would lead to justification for wars.

We are tired of Luciferians dominating human societies and causing rampant terror and mayhem. There are kidnappings, assassinations of human beings, harlotry, homosexuality; corruption and mindless violence have become the order in the world. GOD, the FATHER, is reversing everything.

The Era of the Gentiles is the Era of spirit consciousness. It will be ushered in to replace what will be left of the great shaking of the world, which has started.

All over the world the Spirit is moving as the Prophets said it would be….”

These things are bound to happen “For the Earth will be filled with the glory of the LORD as waters cover the sea”. Habakkuk 2:14

The evils of the slave trade, colonialism, imperialism, racial discrimination remain blots on those nations, which still “build towns with blood”.

The Euro-American way of life is terrifying with horrible reports on CNN of gruesome murders, assassinations and brutalities. Is this the culture, the Iraqis, Afghans and the rest of us are to embrace when democracies are finally established in those nations?

The mouldy shape of Euro=American societies need the introspection of their leaders. Prancing around the globe lecturing other states maybe either benevolent or escapist. Their molly coddle life-style has given way to new harsh realities.

Before removing the speck in the eyes of other nations, the leaders in these states, where civilization resides, should first remove the mouth ulcers that seem to be festering as a result of unemployment, social dislocation and imminent strife. Their citizens’ conversations now center on meat and potato subjects.
Praise the LORD, all you Gentiles
Laud Him, all you peoples
For His Merciful kindness is great towards us
And the truth of the Lord endureth forever. (Psalm 117, 1-2)

The Angels of the Lord are now flying in great winds bringing deadly awareness to Man about the end-times. So, we have to be spirit conscious, God-fearing and holy.

Governments should stop all wars and embrace development. History has taught us many times that one cannot win wars in faraway states.It is a waste of lives and properties. When the King sent his captains twice with fifty soldiers against Elijah, they were consumed by fire.

In these end-times, strong nations are manifesting the spirit of the Anti-Christ seeking hegemonic clamp-downs on weak, subservient states, client states and failed states.

By the way, since when has Nigeria become anyone’s colony to the extent that Obama “demanded” a report on Yar’Adua’s health? We are getting amused and bewildered by all sorts of insulting comments on Nigeria without appropriate riposte.

There was a restatement by the US Department of State which was published in THIS DAY newspaper of Saturday, 6 March 2010.

Philip Crowley, who is the State Department spokesman, must be conversant with the UN Charter and its prohibitions about interfering in other states’ internal affairs.

Even the United Nations is constrained by its Charter from interfering in matters within the jurisdiction of states. One of the negative legacies of George Bush was the negation of the United Nations Charter.
With his “awe and shock” destruction of Iraq, his never-ending war in Afghanistan, stoking Iran and North Korea, George Bush set the world on fire. It is strange that we have forgotten so soon. So, the displeasure of the Creator of the Universe is justified. HE answers by thunder and fire.

Nigeria is an independent, sovereign state. No other state reserves the sovereign or diplomatic right to interfere or intervene in its internal affairs. So, Obama’s demand is an arrogant, diplomatic posturing which must be resisted. It is friendship and concern taken too far. When a friend moves from your sitting-room into your bed-room in the name of friendship, “familiarity begins to breed contempt”.
International relations are usually based on mutual respect, reciprocity, equality and other generally accepted norms of international law, especially Article 2(4) of the United Nation’s Charter, which forbids interference in the internal affairs of states and any acts that jeopardize a state’s political independence and its integrity.

I do not know why our government has been dilatory in standing up to abuse. The winds that are blowing around the world causing devastations are Karmic responses to blood-letting and war-mongering.
Some statesmen have become demagogic, loquacious and domineering. This is offensive and uncalled for. Poking your nose into everybody’s affairs and sitting in judgment over other states amount to diplomatic arrogance and does not promote good, cordial relations.

Our fruit cocktails do not have to contain the same ingredients. Our friendship does not give you the license to be cheeky!

Let this go out as a warning that the good citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria will no longer tolerate unwarranted attacks, unsolicited advice, opinionated musings from foreigner know-it-all commentators, be they governments or itinerant visitors. The Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs should defend Nigeria’s sovereignty and independence. Silence is not golden in such circumstances.

What the world needs now is to accept the ruler ship of Christ IMMANUEL. HE will receive our offering in righteousness.

Nations that refuse to honour JEHOVAH ELOHIM will see more tidal waves. Those leaders, who wear frosted eye shadows, are not aware of the fact that these are the end-times. The pilgrim feast on weak nations is over.

“The Lord executes righteousness and justice for all who are oppressed.” Psalm 103:6

In Nigeria, the Lord has overturned, overturned and overturned. The new government has a bounden duty to govern with fresh ideas. The re-cycling of septuagenarians and octogenarians, will rob the nation of fresh ideas, initiatives and drive.

Informed observers of Nigeria’s chance happenings at regime change do not marvel at the return of the old hands. Also, there are suddenly Jonathan lovers and worshippers. Let us hope too many cooks do not spoil the broth.

Where were the wise men in the last two years? Let them publish any statements on governance to the Yar’Adua/Jonathan government. They all seem to have received fresh inspiration on Nigerian governance. What a pity! Age is the greatest enemy of courage.

Populating the cabinet with ex-this and ex-that will deny the Nigerian youths of that future, which they have been told many times belong to them.

Before Governor Saraki’s flight of imagination becomes a doctrinal aberration, let me say that a doctrine does not have the force of law. There is a maxim which states that “Necessity knows

no law.” I doubt if there is a “doctrine of necessity.”

While a doctrine is a set of belief, a maxim is a well-known and well-used phrase which usually expresses a generally accepted postulation.

Governor Saraki won because the Nigerian cultural matrix is compounded by too much adulation for dignitary. We had to accept Saraki’ doctrine because Yar’Adua’s absence was a subject and situation that needed drastic, unorthodox resolution, leaving no time for further deliberations.

The replacement of those advisers who wrote blurry policies in blustery fashion is welcome. In Nigeria, there is an urgent need for revivals, prayers and supplications. May the vaulting ambition of the few not lead to the tragedy of the many.”Ndi ome na uko”now surrounding Jonathan, should remember that “ome mgbe oji ka onyeosi mma.”

If making money is their goal, all the OWU MMIRIS in Rivers and Bayelsa states will rise up against them. It has been reported that some ministers have told the Acting President “to maintain the status quo.”Will shall see who will win and by how much.

FUTO Owerri awarded doctorate degrees to some Nigerians recently. Of course the awardees know the difference between Doctor Honorius Causa and the real thing. His Excellency Dr. Mathew T.Mbu and the late Dede Mbakwe spent years until they could laboriously earn the real Ph.D.

It is a criminal offence to claim an academic title you did not legitimately acquire! But this is Nigeria, where journalists confer unearned titles to impress their clients.

The Destroyers of Nigeria have merely been drive underground. So, we have to be vigilant. These are the END-TIMES. JESUS IS COMING SOON.

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