The Era of Disclosures: Nothing is hidden under the Sun

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

It is written that nothing is hidden under the sun. In the last decade, books have appeared that disclosed what was hitherto classified and hidden from the people. I have read Harold Smith, and another book entitled PAWNS IN THE GAME and other such literature.

In the Universe of Man, there are WATCHERS, who are spiritual delegates from the NINE KINGDOMS. They recruit men and women through enticements of different nature to help them dominate the unanimated children of God.

However, they dare not affect the Sons and Daughters of God because from the foundations of the earth, God warned satanic creatures TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED and DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM. Although they often try, but they do not succeed.

The work of evil men, the workers of iniquity, was captured in Psalm 37. We are told not to fret because of evil men, the workers of iniquity, who are soon cut down like the grass and wither like the green herb. Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace.

Delegates from the nine kingdoms spread themselves like the green bay tree, disrupting the lives of social humans. They act as watchers for the princes of darkness, who breathe upon them in the midnight hour. The serve their masters in many capacities and grow old doing evil.

Recently, Mike Omoleye, who had studied in England for eleven years and who has a first class knowledge of the work of British watchers and the way Nigerian affairs have been odiously influenced to our detriment, revealed an awful lot, in a Guardian interview.

The changing nature of Nigerian politics now opens the door into disclosures of matters that were hidden in the closet of time.

During colonial rule, the British ensured that the brain-washed Oxbridge group, the University of Ibadan graduates, who were groomed by British academics, dominated Nigerian political and social life since 1950.

They were regularly appointed and re-appointed to high office, where they fell under promptings from the officers in Her Majesty’s Service. They met at elite clubs were the fraternized and socialized with British officials, colonial merchants and other top civil servants.

The culture in the civil service was that of postings of officers to positions they were not quite suited for. For example, an agricultural officer could be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Even after our independence, one Peter Stallard remained as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Defence and ForeignAffairs, orchestrating disruptive policies. As Harold Smith pointed out his book, he was sent to destroy Nigerian developmental processes. He played foul in the 1959 census and in the General Elections of subsequent years.

So, Nigeria has been destabilized since 1860, through the appointment of people, who did not quite fit into the high office they found themselves in or were brazenly rigged into. The practice has prevailed. Anyone, who occupies an office, for which is not intellectually equipped will remain a misfit.

He will jump from one mistake to more bizarre ones. The state and its people dosuffer. Such people remain in office as aresult of military and police activism and legislative props. Where the people are raptured in stupor and docility, no change can happen.

In post-colonial times, Nigerians, who had scholarships to study in East European states were prevented officially from going abroad as a result of ideological reasons. Peter Stallard put out the idea of stamping on the pages of Nigerian passports, those countries like Poland, CSSR, USSR, East Germany, Bulgaria, Cuba, Yugoslavia etc., to which Nigerians were not free to travel. There were Nigerian diplomats, who were specifically instructed to seek out Nigerians, who had gone to study in those states and they were white-listed as people, who could overthrow the Government. Mr. Dove Edwin, was very pro-British and really a dove.There were other Foreign Service officers, who pushed British ideology in the practice of Nigerian diplomacy that resulted in or irrelevance in the Committee of Nations till today. We are still teleguided from Chatham House, the Commonwealth Office other sources of manipulation and control. For example, take our policy on Libya, which was a flawed diplomatic response. The short-sightedness of our follow-follow stance later resulted in our sending our troops to confront the Tuareg fighters, who were desperate after the overthrow of their benefactor, Murmar Gadhafi.

An article published the BOSAS INTERNATIONAL BUREAU collections in 2011, entitled International Law and Diplomacy in the Libyan Crises painted a vivid picture of the events that happened at the time. Gadhafi disclosed that he refused to collaborate with the anti-West group in the Maghreb.

In Nigeria, where the Government was deceived to believe that East European trained graduates could overthrow the government, I am happy to report that only British-trained officers overthrew Governments in Nigeria and not the East European trained graduates.

It has been disclosed that the five majors were radicalizes to overthrow the Government of Tafawa Balewa, because the colonial government of Britain could not manipulate the well-educated and patriotic politicians of the First Republic and not because of corruption. Which government in the Universe of Man is not corrupt? The devil puts them in power and brings them down, all of them. Some go unexposed.

In post-colonial Nigeria, appointments were shared among the breed of manipulable British trained professionals and those with other degrees, including American degrees were discriminated against.
When one reflects deeply on the Nigerian disorder and stunted development in many areas, one can then understand how much the British really damaged Nigeria through their intellectual trading post agents, the commercial trading post agents and the bureaucratic trading post agents. The still do through their surviving, old but never-say die friends and associates.

Never mind for God is not mocked, what nations and people sowed they are reaping. The Hand of God is strong. He moves the wind; He causes the shaking of the Earth; He humiliates the strong and gives his peace to the weak and oppressed. It is the strong and powerful that have no peace.

The truth must be told even if the heavens fall! For blue-eyed demons to invade other lands, colonizing, exploiting and humiliating them was and is evil. All those, who were used to damage our country, will be remembered till time indefinite.

In the field of colonial law, , Dr. TO Elias, Professor Ezejiofor, Professor Nwogugu, Professor Michael Ajomo, Dr.Lateef Adegbite, David Ijalaye, Professor Orji Umozurike, held the key to who was appointed a law teacher. Their students have all carried on in the spirit of British jurisprudence.

In other professions, British standards prevailed. Since English replaced the local vernacular, the thinking, actions and behavior of educated Nigerians have been guided by watchers. This is why Nigerians flock to the United Kingdom, enriching the British economy.

The spiritual dimension of the activities of watchers is more diabolical. There are fraternities, which are located off-shore, where the Nigerian members imbibe occult brotherhood processes. In colonial Nigeria, criminals were not prosecuted if they belonged the Covens. They gave signs the judges understood.
The British companies were in charge of the Nigerian economy until the passage of the indigenization laws that relieved these companies of the commanding heights of the Nigerian economy. They still operate through their representatives, captains of industries.

Our oil has been underpriced, bunkered, stolen by those, who have strong connections. What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his own soul and is forever remembered as a cheat, who stole public wealth? Think of that you political rascal!


are suffering as a result of high prices of common commodities. The ways goods are priced in Nigeria are unconscionable. In the absence of price control, basic food items are beyond the reach of ordinary citizens leading to malnutrition and slow death.

The Nigerian people are docile, watching helplessly as their lives ebb away. As a result, a feral under-class has taken the laws into their hands, unleashing mayhem on fellow citizens
Enlightenment, social engineering, good governance will turn the nation around. The dark forces that hold Nigeria under oppressive sway will be dislodged in the no distant future.

God is not mocked what nations and wicked people sow, they shall reap. The wicked will never go unpunished and here on earth, they have no rest as their dark deeds are exposed. The reactions of the British public to Margaret Thatcher, will as from now, be the standard for treating wicked leaders. We must evaluate the good deeds of our leaders and condemned their wicked acts.

As Nigerians become more educated and are positively radicalized, they will free themselves from the odious influence of the force of darkness.

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