The Era of Negativism

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The discernment available to knowers of the Era of the Gentiles is that a notion may culminate in a fleeting idea, which becomes a force, then a spirit-force, which can drive a movement towards evil or good.

Evidently, the world has entered the final stage in the Era of Negativism, which will dovetail into the Era of the anti-christ.

Today, “there are many disobedient and contrary people” in the world.The depravity in the world has been exacerbated by propagandist journalists and commentators for gain, who have asps under their lips.With serpentine tongues spread lies.

St Paul called them “instructors of the foolish, teachers of babes and having a form of knowledge and truth in law”. Spiro Agnew called them “nattering nabobs of negativism.” They have proved incapable of balanced analyses, giving propaganda the laurels it does not deserve.

The political cockerels, which support the highest bidder, are loud and hollow in their political prophesies. They supported Guy Fawkes, Oliver Cromwell, Bonaparte’s adventures, McCarthyism, socialist government’s repression of free speech and other indubitable wrongs prevalent in the Era of Negativism.
The Oracles of negativism are located in the powerful media houses around the world. “There is no fear of God before their eyes.” They worship man-made gods in government and industry because the dragon has given them power and authority. See how they have incinerated the world.

In the world today, there are far too many murders, sorceries and sexual immorality, which do not please God. We should all strive to have the seal of God on our foreheads. The scorpions of the earth now have power to destroy cities and humankind.

The press is now immersed in photographing men and women in order to expose their nudity. The serpents of illusions are crawling over the world.

“God will destroy those, who destroy the world.” “The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of his Christ and He shall reign forever and ever! He is the one, who was, who is and who is to come.”

The Era of Negativism will be characterized by ideological contentions, discord, mutual antagonisms and endless strives.

The notion of the anti-christ, had its origin in the Holy Bible. It became popularized during the anti-Hitler Movement in Europe and America in the 1940’s.
Ever since mankind entered the Era of anti-this and anti-that, the world has known no peace.
Some examples will illuminate the point.

We remember the anti-Soviet literature that was very fashionable in TIME, NEWSWEEK, NEW YORK TIMES, TIMES OF LONDON, DER SPIEGEL, in western books in films and in other mass culture hits.

The forceful writings of those authors contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union, among other factors. In recent times, there have been anti-Saddam, anti-Kaddafi and anti-Syrian campaigns. Now, we have the anti-Islam, anti-Obama Tea Party movement, which split the US Congress. It has been enfeebled now for some time.

Any negative thinking leads to evil machinations and negativism. It is propelled by hatred, the denigration of other people’s culture, religion or language. It is also fuelled by racist superiority, arrogance and vain pride. Humility, respect for other peoples’ rights and feelings, will restore harmony to the world.

The against spirit-force is driven by hatred, which is a blind spirit-force that destroys, maims, kills, without any humanitarian consideration, mercy or compassion. It listens to no appeal, rejects compromises; it refuses to negotiate, but feeds on unreason, anarchy and lawlessness.

Freedom of speech, a noble idea, which people fought for and obtained, through sacrifice and long struggle, has become an incendiary force in the Era of Negativism.

In the last ten years, so many people have died for no good reason at all, as a result of power struggles, geo-politics, and mindless insurrections around the globe, fuelled by subjective, euphoric analyses by well-paid pundits.

Just like Adolf Hitler, other human agents of satan have stirred up troubles that have resulted in deaths and destructions. Scientologists, Mormons and the white garment churches add confusion to the state of human affairs by preaching human philosophy themes. If they ever ascend to high office, societies will be sold to the antichrist, whose reign will be marked by mass deaths and continuous catastrophes.
Why provoke peoples’ sentiments? Can we not find better things to do than to photograph people in their private environment? Has the Western press become so depraved and unsophisticated that it only tickled by vanities and inanities? Filthy minds sit on editorial desks publishing trashy materials that do not enlighten the soul of man.

In Western societies, crime is rife. Wickedness spews forth from the hearts of social humans, who have gone over the bend and over the top. The “civilized manner” in which the Norwegian mass killer Brevik was treated during his trial seem to have emboldened some European youths to run his type of mayhem. Gun crime is on the rise world-wide.

In Nigeria, some corrupt people are honoured to the detriment of the race. Shame has no more places in societal considerations. “But what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his own soul”.

I am in a slow fishing boat to the January inauguration of Barack Obama in January 2013, in Washington. In an article I wrote in January 2012, entitled, “How and Why Obama will win”, I predicted that Obama will win because he has done very well.

He and his team can turnaround the Era of Negativism.

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