The Expectation of Mass Deportations of Nigerian-Americans From US

The US presidential election has come and gone, though the 2016 election was one of the most brutal in the United States in terms of venom and tantrums by the parties from both sides of the aisle. America is a country of “We the people” with eloquent and tumultuous beginnings. It is a country striving hard with imagination to use its present to correct a horrid past in order to guide her unassuming future.


The most reassuring part of the US entity is the determination of the losers of previous elections to accept the results of the election with grace. This is what Hillary Clinton has been able to do with humility by congratulating the president-elect, Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has shown a gracious respect for the sacred document, that is, the constitution that guides the American people.

The citizens of the United States should move on with their lives hoping for the best for/from the winner, unlike the third world countries, where the aftermath of general elections usually result into war and wanton destruction of lives and property. Though, the outcome of the election was incredibly upsetting and hurting to the loser and her supporters. The loser, winner, and their supporters understand the importance of the results of the election to the country’s exceptionalism. The current protests across the country should be cautiously addressed by the President-elect to move the country forward. All his utterances should be presidential and channelled towards uniting the country in this difficult period of polarization.

Hillary Clinton’s concession speech embellishes the exceptionalism of the Unite States. She believes that the country is bigger than the individuals involved in the general election. In spite of the resentment and hate that colored the campaigns, everyone has come to terms with the outcome to see the continuity of life in America. The president-elect, Donald Trump cannot govern in isolation. America is a constitutional democracy where separation of power is sacrosanct to government and the people. Nigerians should realize that all the bickering and noxious stance of Donald Trump during the campaign are in consonant with political expediency.

But surprisingly, in far away Nigeria, private television stations were subsumed in the broadcasting of the US election results with interesting analysis. In contrast, when we conducted our presidential elections in 2015, no coverage was made by CNN to tell the world of the importance of our democratic process in Nigeria. The only news emanating from Nigeria in their news coverage was the Chibok girls kidnapped by the terrorist organization- Boko Haram. Negativity and sensationalism are part of their nomenclatures for carrying news from Nigeria and Africa. It is part of the spirits of mercantilism. Any achievement of the citizens in Nigeria or Africa is never aired on their international news. That’s why I cautioned Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and everyone about “the monstrosity of the media.”(The Guardian on October 24, 2016).” Media can make or mar any individual or government.

Meanwhile, it is an expectation in futility as disgruntled Nigerians at home expect mass deportations of Nigerian-Americans because of the victory of Donald Trump. Stunningly, it was reported that four groups of Nigerians were prominently involved in US general election this year, these groups of people are also in anticipatory mood for the outcome of the US presidential election. One of the groups wanted Donald Trump to win, so that he can send all Nigerians back to Nigeria to be part of the sufferings in the land. The second group consist of the people who didn’t want Donald Trump to win so that they can easily get visa to travel to US. The third group are Nigerians avoiding deportation from US because they have overstayed their visas. The fourth group is mainly composed of Nigerians who are not only immigrants but immigrants with dual citizenship with the same responsibilities of other citizens of the United States. Social media is now agog with banters and counter banters of fellow citizens at home and in the Diapora. This is an interesting chapter in our funny history book. Why are we so self-subsumed in resentment and Hate for mutual destruction?

When Donald Trump won, the first group was said to have been in jubilation for they seem to call ‘Diaspora-Nigerian babysitters’ to come back home. The pertinent question is, why would anyone in Nigeria want or wish the successful Nigerians in the Diaspora to come home to “suffer” (not come home to contribute his/her quota to national development)? These Diaspora-Nigerians have even being contributing immensely in one way or another to socioeconomic and political development of Nigeria. Several billions of dollars were in remittance to Nigerian economy in 2015 alone.

It is evident that these Nigerians are using the divisiveness of Donald Trump during the toxic campaign to leverage their resentment of fellow Nigerians. The president-elect of the United States, Donald Trump will soon come to the realization that there are more to the unique position soon to be entrusted into his hands. Nigerian-American diplomatic relations go beyond self-interest, it’s diplomatically mutual. The two countries’ relationship has always been mutual diplomacy in the areas of business and intellectual expertise. The intellectual acuity of the Nigerian citizens in their professional callings and their resourcefulness are among the indispensable credentials for her unique relationship with the United States.

I think it’s unreasonably not smart enough for fellow Nigerians to have had that negative thought process about fellow country men and women in the Diaspora. This is not a pedestrian message to castigate or admonish anyone, it is an exposé and concerned reflection of the state of mind of these ignorant or obtuse Nigerians. The first group already wanton in an abnormal society where life is brutish, nasty and hopeless. This group of people want America to turn to Hobbessian state; an abnormal society like Nigeria where you cannot be normal. If you are normal, you will be branded as abnormal; if you’re abnormal, you will be seen as normal. The norm in Nigeria now is that, it’s not normal to be normal in an abnormal society. Our value system has negated all normal nuances and decorum. Our value system needs reordering and revaluation.

As a country of penchant imitation of everything western, it will not be uncommon for one to predict, that Nigerian future presidential candidate will imitate or use the divisiveness and rawness of Donald Trump in their future presidential campaigns. America is globally seen as an example of democratic values. In the nearest future, Africa nay Nigeria politicians will undoubtedly make reference to the stunning historic 2016 American presidential election as justification for their corrupt or inordinate actions or political ambitions and opportunism. As Americans savor the victory and loss over their just concluded general election, those Nigerians at home who are expecting mass deportations of Nigerians in America must be told in clear term that United States is a constitutional democracy. A country of rule of law where law is an ass; and a weapon of last resort to truly seek redress for the ordinary man on the streets.

In conclusion, the envisioned Nigerians in the Diaspora shouldn’t rest in their oars to stand by the courage of their convictions; re-energize their sense of patriotism to ensure good governance in Nigeria. Yes! Home is home, but “we the people” must stand by our sacred struggles and pronouncements on behalf of America, Nigeria and humanity.


Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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