The Future Beckons

by Opeyemi Ajayi
future nigeria

The power of imagination cannot be over emphasized in our world, simply put, it is the ability of the human mind to construct images.

Imagine two separate rooms both infested with mosquitoes; each to be occupied by two different male adults.

Adult one enters his room, sees the sea of mosquitoes and leaves to get insecticides to deal with the mosquitoes before going to bed.

Adult two on the other hand borrows a broom, rolls his trouser with the intention of killing the mountain of mosquitoes in the room one after the other before retiring to sleep.

Which of them is strategic?

The second adult exemplifies the current leadership of Nigeria.

Every Nigerian leader understands the challenges of the nation, deploying the much-needed solution to the myriad of challenges is what they often lack.

The challenges of Nigeria are complex and multifaceted, they do not require rocket science solutions to fix but they require patriotic leadership, genuineness of heart and good thinking.

The world is changing faster than anyone ever wrote about and we are all witnesses.

The days of free money via oil deals are long gone, this is a reality we must deal with. Economic diversification can no longer be a political statement that is fashionable. The next few months will be brutal for all levels of government.

We need to be united to solve our problems, united we stand, divided we fall. Religious fanaticism or ethnic bigotry can no longer be the strategy of our political leadership.

Body language, incorruptible personality, religious and academic titles can no longer solve our problems.

It is a shame that in the 21st century, the country still politicises every data collection mechanism. Without adequate data, we cannot plan, without strategic planning, we cannot develop.

Unbiased application of technology will give us the data required to formulate policies.

As a nation, we must see the good side of this global economic crisis and reposition ourselves out of it.

The future of the Nigeria is bright, we have all it takes to rule the world.

Beyond oil, we must aggressively invest in agriculture by deploying modern technology to our farms.

Our Electoral Act must be amended in preparation for future elections, we must begin to think smartly.

One advantage the nation has is the fact that the Buhari administration has totally taken over all the machinery of government and silenced every form of opposition. This is the good time to do good for the nation with all the powers at his disposal.

The leadership of the legislature and judiciary at the federal levels is at the pocket of the President, they will practically lick his shoes and wash his car if it’ll make him happy.

This is the best time to use the controlling influence he has on them for the benefit of Nigeria. There is no excuse not to do the right thing.

The President must make painful decisions that may hurt his own clan, aggressively cut wasteful spending, whittle down unnecessary spending including drastically reducing the much-cherished national fleet for the good of the nation.

Whether the current leadership does good or bad, Nigeria shall stand stronger after them.

This is the best time to unite the nation as one, we currently have a common enemy, the foundation for a strong, united Nigeria can be laid and built upon now.

We can no longer place one ethnic group or religion above the other, we have equal rights to Nigeria.

Nigeria will remain, no matter what but what will history say about the democratically elected Gen. Buhari?

God bless you.

God bless Nigeria.



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Wonderful piece


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