The Future Is Bright

by Opeyemi Ajayi

Over forty eight years ago, a child was born, he grew up with a lot of potentials, he became very intelligent and highly knowledgeable. He became a threat to his mates. With the great destiny the future is surely very bright!

Extremely versatile, courageous, physically tall, huge, dark complexioned, a dream of every young lady. He is the subject of discussion amid maidens. They are ready to do anything to marry this young ambitious man.

Life became very beautiful for this young man with the help of his great mentors and good spiritual leaders guiding him on what step to take per time being a man of vision and purpose. The future is certainly very bright because everything he touched became successful. Everybody wanted him to be a close friend.

Soon afterwards, he couldn’t separate good friends from the bad ones. He allowed youthful exuberance to catch up against him. He stopped following the advice of his mentors and spiritual leaders but instead heeded to the voice of the strange women around him. Before anyone could say Jack Robinson, the future became very bleak. All his wealth disappeared; he stood at the mercy of donor agencies. His children started carrying arms against each other; some neglected him to be called children of other men. His wives were being driven away with juicy promises in his presence by neigbhours whom he used to feed; brothers and sisters ignored him while friends left him to his fate…

Then one morning, he woke up a great while before day break and strolled to a lonely place to think about his life. He remembered his past and like the prodigal son discovered what he did wrong. He became shameful about himself and suddenly, strength came upon him as it used to be, he regained consciousness. He caught the picture of the glorious picture once more, determined to regain all that he had lost, he stood up and marched into the city to rebuild the fallen walls of his life. The sun is rising back…

Nigeria while you and I are the friends that made him fall!

Nigeria is a great country with potentials to make her the most powerful country in the world. The beginning was very good. There is no state in Nigeria that does not have one natural resource or the other, human resource is also not lacking.

Then what went wrong?

You and I have at one time or the other done one thing that has contributed to the downfall of Nigeria. That is the truth, we might not be the foundational cause of the problems but we have added to it, no matter how little. Folding our arms when wrong things happen, folding our arms when bad people are being elected or appointed into public offices is a contribution to the downfall of Nigeria. We all have to join hands in

re-building the fallen walls.

No one in Nigeria love to share out of the blame of the fallen nation. Everyone trades the blame on another. At one time, it was the colonial masters. When the military took over, they shifted the blame on the bloody civilians; military guys blamed each other when they started staging coups. Some now trade the blame of our underdevelopment on the long stay of the military. One political party blames the other for non performance. Legislature blames executive. Student Union blames school authority. ASUU blames VC, despite the fact that the VC was an ASUU member before his elevation. We blame those in power for fuel increase, Police for our insecurity.

Let us all stop the blame syndrome. Nigeria has not failed us, we have failed Nigeria. Nigeria is not made up of structures, nobody counts the mosquitoes in your compound, you are important to the future of Nigeria. Without you there is no Nigeria.

We must restructure our mindset; the mindset that things cannot get better must be changed. It’s very important because whatsoever we see is what we get. Let us see and work towards a great Nigeria. Nothing works until we make it work. You have a role to play to make Nigeria the most desirable country on the planet earth, join the progressive force, and be part of history. Stop all bad habits. It starts from your mind. The fact that everyone around you is doing something wrong does not mean you should follow suit. Act differently. Think right. Act right and say no to all bad habits.

When your neighbour is elected as a Local Government Chairman, don’t ask him for contracts instead ensure that he constructs public toilets where necessary. When your uncle is appointed as a Commissioner, advice him to donate books to public libraries.

The good news however, is that, a change is just around the corner, the coast is just in front, not too far. Whether you believe it or not, things are getting better in Nigeria.

A new generation is rising. A generation that strongly believes in the new Nigerian project. Young minds that will re- build the fallen walls of Nigeria. They are springing up from all angles.

The world is moving faster than anyone ever wrote about. About US$2 Trillion moves around the world on daily basis, means of transportation is getting faster, old believes are constantly being challenged. We are sinking into a global village.

Nigeria cannot be left behind. The new generation with the right mindset is here, the future of the country is very bright. It’s no longer whether you believe it or not, it’s what is happening. It’s better to join the new generation now and make history. Don’t be left behind. If you refuse to change your mindset to that of a great Nigeria then you cannot survive the new Nigeria around the corner. Be part of history. Reposition your mind towards the Nigeria just behind you. Be ready for a change, it’s very important because whether you like it or not, it’s going to happen. It’s high time you stand up uncompromisingly committed to the Nigerian vision. Be a proud Nigerian.

Wherever you are, you are a leader in your own world. Someone is looking up to you, don’t fail him. Stop ruminating about the frustrations in Nigeria; instead discover the solutions to Nigeria’s challenges. A leader is anyone with a great dream and a clear cut destination. That’s who you are!

Stand up for a change, anyone who stands for nothing is good for nothing. I encourage you to stand up for a great Nigeria. Show it through the symbol of Nigeria, the Nigerian flag. Carry it along with you everywhere. Let it be at strategic locations, clean.

That’s our symbol. Be counted amongst those leading Nigeria to greater heights. You can do it, that’s why God created you here. In your own little world spread the message through the flags.

Few years ago, Bill Clinton visited Nigeria and said his country will help Nigeria but the guy could not help himself, remember the Monica Lewinsky saga? He thereafter left office, policies have changed. Our help in Nigeria shall neither come from the east nor from the west!

You don’t have to go beyond where you are before spreading and behaving the new Nigeria. Little David saw freedom where everyone saw a giant. He saw an uncircumcised philistine. David was neither a warrior nor the head of any household, he was not qualified to go to war, he was only a little shepherd boy. He got hold of the opportunity and solved the problem of the moment.

Despite the fact that detractors told Nehemiah that the task of re-building the fallen walls was impossible, Nehemiah was determined to make a change, all the effort of Samballat and Tobiah could not sweep him out of the great city walls that he saw even before its construction. He was living large as the Kings cupbearer but he left all that to rebuild his country. The best that we know about his genealogy is that he is the son of Hacaliah. No fantastic history but he initiated the rebuilding of the walls.

Be restless until Nigeria gets better. Start doing something that will take Nigeria to the glorious future. Think about Nigeria as the heart of Africa. Nigeria shall rise again.

God bless you!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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bonjeh March 10, 2008 - 4:12 pm

Another great article. I wish you refrain from christian references, as not all your audience are christian and therefore cannot fully under your point. Your point is for all of us to work for the betterment of the country, not to only communicate to xtian, unless that is your intent.

Nwosu Nnaemeka February 14, 2008 - 2:36 pm

I am in the know that this Country is still well established in the alley of Limbo as a resident landlord. Nigeria is doomed to walk the path of sorrow and the bodies of the young and old, rich and poor will be dashed against the wall of ethnicity and power as war takes over Nigeria.


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