The Gift Of Innocence

Gbenga Solanke (not his real names) had the features that made his class girls long to have him as a boyfriend, but none was able to break through his fortified heart. Many had made efforts to get his attention, they’ve gossiped about him and his class boys had derided him for not having a girlfriend. Initially it didn’t bother him but after repeated pressure and cajoling by his roommate and course mate, Lanre, he decided to write the much-awaited love letter for the beautiful goddess of the class, Chichi who had hinted Lanre that she was in love with Gbenga. The melodrama that ensued was to open a new page in Gbenga’s life:

‘Gbengs you won’t believe it, I met Chichi in the classroom today after our General Studies lectures.”

“And how would that affect my grade in school?” Gbenga retorted. He was in the midst of rounding up an important assignment.

“You know what Gbengs? I asked her if she had a boyfriend, and to my surprise she has none. In short the babe is boboless and she be good girl wey no wan make bad boys like us spoil her”

“Good for her. At least she is freed from heartbreaks unlike most of the girls in our class who jump into one relationship or the other as though they can’t be happy without a man.’ Gbenga was not ready to discuss women with Lanre who has been nudging him to get a girlfriend for a long time.

‘My guy you don’t understand, this babe dey trip for you I swear. If na me, omo na strike I go strike and the babe will be mine. You no understand the koko, the babe don dey kolo for you no be small. At least, she be good girl and e go good make she be your babe until your eyes go open to begin chaik other babes in campus.’ Lanre would not just give up.
‘Lanre, please I am not interested in Chichi or any of our classgirls.I have no time for women and when will I make that sink into your mind?’ Gbenga retorted.

‘Olboy, you na correct Jew man oh. As the babe don melt for you finish, wetin remain na for you to strike, and she go just fall yakata for you. If na me eeh, I go just carry my pen and just write one love letter wey go make her head spin and scatter’

Gbenga afterwards, and like any other guy began to feel good on knowing that the girl everyone in the class admired was in love with him. And upon the repeated nudging by Lanre, he decided to write a love letter for Chichi which Lanre promised to deliver asap. But Gbenga was the bible scholar of his class and has been known as a good Christian among his peers. Yet that night he picked up his pen and began to write his first love letter:

‘Dear Chichi;
When God finished the creation of man, he rested on the seventh day, but I have a feeling he cut short his rest. Why you may ask… Shortly after Eve took the first bite at the Garden of Eden that led to the fall of man, I believe a congress was called in heaven to find her replacement. And guess what, the resolution was that an angel would have to become transformed into a woman; one that would be angelic, yet human. One whose beauty would be out of this world, yet she would walk among mortal men.
Chichi, you are the expression of the sublime thoughts of the Great Artist whose deft hands crafted the heavens and earth. You are the greatest exhibition of finesse and mastery. The intersection of the mundane and divine, yet you reflect the heart that accepts both the noble and the commoner among us. Do I start with your eyes that radiate the beauty of the stars in far away galaxies? How can I use my pen to trace the sculpted outlines of your beautiful face? Like a minstrel, the notes of your hearts waltz through my heart like a colony of gazelles and I feel helpless and unable to pull my heart away.
Chichi, I am the replacement of Adam and I have been in deep sleep but the thought of you has awakened me. I have become a poet, and would be rich all my life if I can sing a verse for you each day even if no one pays me a dime. Like a male dove, I promise to not look at any other woman for none can ever match your radiance .And life would be meaningless, lonely and stale if I live till old age without seeing the footprints of time marked by the experiences I was meant to share with you. And my heart grows sick each passing day as I hold back my heart’s wishes from you, and would grow weary and lose its beat if I don’t let you know I love you. Hear me now:

Chichi, my life is incomplete without you. Make haste, my princess and join the chariots that will ferry us out of this world into the courts of heaven, and into the chamber where love would be consummated. Until then, I would wait. but know for sure that my heart will not rest until you become my angel forever. Peace out!”

Lanre’s eyes were bated as he read through with gaped mouth. ‘Omo. you tight no be small. Anybabe wey read your rhymes go ever melt for you. Walahi, this babe no fit resist your romantic arsenal and you go become the most wanted Romeo the Lover boy, in this campus”.

All of a sudden, Gbenga’s mind began to roam and alighted upon the days when he lived at home with his mom. He recalled that whatever he could not share openly with his mom or God without feeling uncomfortable was not worthy of pursuit and could be sinful except proven otherwise. That was the home-training he had received and was unwilling to jettison despite the prevalent culture of sexual freedom in his university. He had refused to join in discussions about girls and porn which was popular among the guys too.

And as a fellowship guy, he had heard testimonies of very bad boys and girls who had been involved in all kinds of sexual vices before they got born again. Their testimonies seemed to be weightier than his, and he’d sometimes felt his was not worthy of sharing because he had remained a an innocent and ‘good boy’ all his life before getting born again. Nonetheless, he had resisted the urge to break that seal of innocence and would not be enticed to live contrary to his resolve to be an example of a Christian who would not compromise his values and standards like Daniel did in Babylon.

So he turned to Lanre, and grabbed the love notes he had composed for Chichi and tore them to shreds. Lanre was visibly angry and all he could mutter was “Gbenga, you be correct big fool, and I wonder where dis your holy holy go carry you reach?’ as he banged the door against Gbenga’s face and walked away angry and disappointed. Gbenga was stunned. and could not say a word as watched his friend walk out on him!

Written by
Felix-Abrahams Obi
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