The Great Debate over Syria: The Logic of the matter and the illogicality in the matter (2)

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Logic is a science which enables us to examine and critically evaluate arguments in order to assess the veracity of a way of thinking or the faulty nature of the thinking.

In Syria, we can appreciate that there is no effect without a cause. Any-one who has followed the Syrian crisis critically, will ask the first logical question,” How did it all start?

Some political malcontents with rulership ambition infiltrated a peaceful demonstration and some gnomes from hell turned the democratic enterprise into a ghoulish one cheered on by a prominent EVE.

With the intervention of the pro-Assad coalition and the anti-Assad coalition in combat, the innocent Syrian people, men, women and children became sacrificial lambs and pawns in the power-game.

They are only mentioned when commentators wish to play on our sentiments. In spite of acute humanitarian crisis the citizens face, no-one has sent a loaf of bread. There is promise of military strikes and further deaths, as we saw in Kosovo, Iraq, Libya and as Wolff Blitzer reminded us, in Vietnam, where napalm bombs were use over years.

The ineffective United Nations, belatedly sent in chemical weapons experts, with inchoate instructions, to wit, find out whether chemical elements were used, leaving out the crucial requirement as to who used them.

The illogicality in the matter is that the Syrian government could not possibly have used chemical weapons, a day before the UN inspectors arrived in Syria.

The logic of the matter is that those, who were banking on the red line promise, could have tried to provide the trigger.

The hurried eagerness to start military operations with the coalition of the unwilling, before the UN inspectors could conclude their investigations, logically raised eyebrows.
The British members of Parliament and anyone with an intellectual habit of mind could discern an illegularity.

That the US President decided to put the matter before the US Congress, did not sit well with the rebels, who had hope for a quick military intervention that would have killed the very Syrian people they seek to protect.

They are also demanding that the US re-builds Syria.
This reminds me of a story my father told me years ago. He told me that two women were fighting over a child. They went to King Solomon, the wise.

After endless rambling by the two women, King Solomon brought out a sword and told the women that he would divide the child, giving each one half.

One of the women agreed, while the other wept bitterly. King Solomon ordered that the woman, who cried bitterly be given the child.

No bona fide Syrian citizen would grin from ear to ear at the prospect of a foreign power coming to bomb, even an inch of his motherland.

This is the logical deduction one must make from the Solomonic wisdom QUOD ERAT DEMONSTRANDUM!
The Middle East is a geographical region, where things are linked by sentiments, religion, convictions, infantile disorder, deep feelings and unpredictability.
Who would have thought that Iraq would join Iran to defend Syria, if America struck? You see, blood is thicker than geo-politics.

Recently, John McCain discerned anti-Amercan sentiments in Egypt, the same goes for Afghanistan and Libya.

This leaves one to conclude logically that as Robert McNamara advised after America was defeated in Vietnam, that there is a need to re-think the policy of foreign intervention.

It is a cardinal principle of international law, under Article 2(4) of the UN Charter, that states should not violate the territorial integrity and political independence of other states.
States can only intervene in self-defense, if attacked by other states, which is inapplicable in the present case (see Article 51 of the UN Charter).

It can be recalled that in 1953 or thereabout, the French tested nuclear weapons in the Sahara, which caused continental malaise. I was sick. No state struck France.

During the Vietnam War, napalm bombs were used, which triggered the picture of a 13-year old girl, who ran down the street naked. No state struck America.

History is ever so kind to provide facts that show the logic or illogicality of human thought.
The way things are going, politically ambitious people do not need to wait for elections. Such people should just rent a crowd, make contacts with those, who do not like the leader, and then the devil will take control.

The Third World War is far away, but if the present confusion is not checked, it can come calling. God Forbid.

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