The Great Debate over Syria: The Truth of the Matter and the Untruth in the matter (3)

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Truth is Wahrheit. Truth is Pravda. Truth is Eziokwu. Untruth is the vicious opposite of truth. History unearths truths. The truth must prevail, even if the heavens fall.

Untruth, no matter with what dexterity it is spoken and for how long, its glamorous colours will fade. Then, the liar develops shifting eyes as he or she loses honour and dignity.

To establish the truth of the matter or the untruth in the matter, one must look at world history for some guidance.

The truth is always supposedly on the side of the strong and powerful, because he can sustain his untruth with force.

The strong men in primitive societies were powerful. The feudal lord was powerful. The emperors, kings and noble men were and are powerful.

They organize armies, the police and military intelligence to be on their side. They create legislative processes to enable them affirm their interests and wishes and stamp upon them jural imprimaturs.

Where one violates their interests, you have broken the law. The consequences rang from fines, prison sentences to the gallows.
Law is an instrument of coercion, which also helps to regulate societal affairs. Although “justitia neminem excusat,”the ruling class often violates the law with impunity. They also lie with impunity.

For over twenty years, the United Nations exonerated powerful member-states from responsibility under international law and tacitly acquiesced the wanton violations of international legal rules and norms of jus cogens.
Some states treated international law as if the provisions of the United Nations did not apply to them.

Hence, there have been numerous violations of international law and the reign of geo-politics.
This has reigned unabashedly, from the undeclared was on Iraq to the recognition of rebels in international politics.

The use of military force and open threats to the use of force, in violations of Articles 1- 7 of the UN Charter, should be addressed.
The general provisions of the Charter and other hortatory and imperative provisions of the UN Charter are binding on all states whether in the G7, G8, G20 or members of the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The recent practices of discussing matters that properly belong to the UN General Assembly in occult brother hood covens like in St Petersburg constitute a flagrant affront to the powers of the UN General Assembly. It is blatantly discriminatory, selective and uncalled for.

The Secretary-General of the UN, who ostensibly has been under tremendous pressure, should distribute The UN Charter to all member-states.
“Par in parem non habet imperium” is the cardinal principle of international law.

International law should regulate the affairs of all states. It should not only serve geo-political musings, when a state finds it convenient to evoke its provisions.

The truth in the Syrian crisis can be discerned from the revealing interview by CNN Chief International Correspondent, Christine Amanpour, with Bashir Al Assad in 2005.

Christine put it to Al Assad whether he was aware that the issues surrounding his stay in power were targeted at regime change. She disclosed to Assad that some Syrians had been stationed in America, should his regime came to an end.
President Al Assad replied that even if his rule came to an end, someone from inside Syria would take-over but not someone brought from abroad.
It can be see why some of the émigré Syrian politicians have come from overseas.

The Syrian dynastic rule from father to son, like all dynastic governments are undemocratic, ruthless and rely on military and police formations to stay in power.

As a result, their usurpation of power often meets with grumbling, spiritual resistance, demonstrations, coup de etat or violent resistance, in which the leader of the rebels promises to fight to the last man, he, being the last man!

The untruth of the matter is the conjecture that moderate rebels would form a more tolerable government.

How tolerant is the government in Iraq, in Libya, in Yemen? etc.

From the ruthless murder by rebels of moderate disposition, of Syrian government troops, I surrender the argument until further strictest proof of the ignorant assertion that there are moderate rebels.
“Wash a pig and comb a pig, a pig is a pig.”

America often acts from pure motives but they are dealing with highly insensitive social humans, who can easily cause deaths at the World Trade Center. in extreme ghoulish enterprise, kill diplomats in Benghazi, bomb their own fellow citizens in Iraqi cafes and who engage in murderous escapades, chanting loud slogans.

It is very painful for people with Godly disposition to watch human beings dying as a result of politics. However, the prospect of inflicting a limited, proportionate punishment by dropping bombs, that will kill civilians in addition to those, who have already been killed, flies in the face of rational logic and judgment. The action will invite reaction, by way of retaliation, “SCHEM CHOT NI SHUTIT.”

The uncertainty as to who actually used the chemical weapons casts a white cloud over the truth of the matter and the untruth of the matter.
I applaud Obama’s democratic approach by sending the matter to Congress and the American people, refusing to act based on his feelings and other geo-political considerations.

He should ignore satanic tongues, who are insinuating that he must bomb Syria based on his allegorical expose aimed at dissuading extreme action by those concerned.

Without consulting his source of sovereign authority, which is transient, he would have been seen as a nominal democrat.

Those, who are pushed by wickedness, satanic promptings to approve of the killings of the sons and daughters of God are advertently or inadvertently supporting satan’s sworn declaration that he will destroy man because man was created in the image and likeness of God.

In today’s turbulent world, it is difficult to know where the truth is, but we know the TRUTH, JESUS.

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