The Hidden Energy

by Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi

In the scheme of things, nature is but the threshold hidden behind those energy lines, lines which are usually dismantled for their rattled thoughts of thousand vices. Like the monarch of Venice the Templars may have been deceived; yet our enquiry was for the benefit to which we owe our very own existence.

In the gape of many times and season comes the definition to fight for what we believe, for what others think is right.but nature’s cup feels so? In actuality, our incarnation is somehow mistaken for reincarnation, for these two properties of existence are two different things; just like Adam and eve, they are both of same origin but with varying propensity and intensity of its affluent nature. In the medieval time, there many Victorian understanding of how man evolved, and his soul was equal with the spirit, yet there were never equal. While in the renaissance period men and his society was adamant of the spirituality pertaining to what we think of the world around us, and our perception of how things should be in the world beyond. At certain moment, men began to daydream, thinking of pleasant realm of solace, beauty, serene peace and Love. Their understanding of the concept of perfection was alluring, having to accept those divine truth, that man was God on earth.

As men continued their evolution from the stone-age man to the jet and alluvial age, his ideals about reality was gaining advancement. Bit by bit, he replaced his immediate environment with his concept of a created, but euphoric realm of perfection. Man began to build skyscrapers, developed modern weapons, everything pertaining to his enjoyment and survival was robustly welcome without making proper analysis of its future natures and his infinite durability.

In the middle age man’s immediate environment was not enough to occupy the velocity and explosion in numbers of their family; the need to move beyond the borders of his society was eminent. At first he moved to considerable extent, and was happy, saw food, involved in games, there was hunting. But met with resistance from those who were of distinct but similar nature, this was no accident as those who resistance was galvanized towards survival were product of man’s past population explosion which had their bearing in the opportunities within and without their society, and if there was anything preventing them from achieving their utmost aims, man will fight like caged lions to maintain their supremacy. Within the moments, a horde of Military Order was formed, technically and politically built to protect their survival from unknown extinction. Men developed various arsenals for survival, conquering and defeat. Early enough man learnt how to secure his interests with his last breathe; not because man was too powerful, or being an advanced mammal. Certainly there were other mammals; of course men alike who had the same sophistication and weaponry, just that man’s psychic evolvement knew nothing other than power, survival, Sex and warmth. Then if this is the case, man was orientation about his immediate world should be put to question. Man’s psyche no doubt should be curiously investigated.

Apart from the fact that man is a primate, a well evolved animal. Man’s Soul was full of psychic molecular structure that was a bit spiritually and mundanely advanced; the spirit behind their created world has been a function of so many debates over the centuries. Laws and theories were propounded to understanding the themes and rhythms of how “He – Man” thinks, feels, and reaction. At a particular period of man’s evolution mystery schools were opened in different and distant lands; amongst these great schools in the orient, Ta-Merry, Ta-Nehisi, Memphis, Nubian and Mesopotamia, discoveries about the nature and science of man was made. Within half a century within the Stone Age between (5200 BC) men began patronage of the mystery schools. When Akhenaton of Ta-Merry (of Nubian Blood) was born, greater discoveries were made, for the first time, formulas were documented. When the shepherd kings overthrew Ta-Merry and Ta-Nehisi, Ta-Lebu was reconstituted. Somewhere in ancient Orient, discovered was made, in Greece, Sparta, Phoenicia, and Asia met with new discoveries. In Asia – Orient, the hidden energy behind man’s created force was identified as the positive and Negative spirit, responsible for the harmonic structure of man’s synergy. The Asian mystery school identified this energy as comprising of the male and female sub-structure; at that time, a particular name was given to these male-female energy combination called “YING” and “YANG”.

In our present world of change, we cannot but reawaken those lost energies that of great assistance to our ancestors’ advancement and development. If only we can harness these hidden energies, then our tomorrow will be bright. We do not need to be mathematicians to calculated common sense; neither do we need to be engineer before we construct what is best for our development, unity, enjoyment and peace. We must with the energy within vibrate the vortex field of awareness. Only then are we ready to break the chains of ignorance. We do not need to tilt our neck to wonder like ostrich, and to puzzle like the agama lizard, by nature we have these inborn potentials to do great things. Just like one cannot teach the bird how to take flight in case of danger, man in our present evolution should how to develop our mental faculty to the advantage of humanity. Though we may have lost specific codes and formula for reawakening the lost energies, we can through meditation, devotion, a calling of the great archashic masters to recall our past and those of our ancestors. We must purge our essence in the submergence of the eternal library of records, we must not delay!

At a certain point in time, our fathers before us knew the codes, and for the want of proper husbandry, these secret codes and formulas were lost, only to be encoded in mundane attributes that only the chosen can depict; where only the diligent can decipher the code. If we can recall these languages of our ancient family of the bloodline of spirit being; of the image and personification of the divine individuation, then we can wield these forces hidden in their property and texture. Great men who have lived before us were able to wield these forces, though they may not have been born to speak it, yet they learnt how to speak in its phonetics and bar-code. They made many scientific discoveries, in government, economics, politics, nature, the heavens and beyond, they initiated rare discoveries. The scientist, the philosophers, the politicians, the spirituality etc all flow in this ocean of life. Jesus, Buddha, Tao, Krishna, Zoroaster, Plato, Aristotle, Gandhi, Martin Luther, Francis Beacon, Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, Galileo Galilee etc; these were all student of this ancient mystery. It was not a physical mystery school per se; it was rather symbolic in order to hide its true meaning from the profane.

We must in this level of incarnation begin to conjure the great force of nature; we must look beyond the unseen eyes into the heart of all things, into their true meanings. We must unfold the spirit shield covering all things, those that is, and those that is not. Nature has submitted itself waiting for us to take charge, but when we fail to realize the hidden energy vortex, like our predecessors, we are doomed for another terror of lost.

Today man is afraid of his own invention, because men in their quest for power has played prank on the nature of these spirit laws. When something which is real in certain realms is brought through thoughtfulness into our world, they come along with their own energy vortex different from those on earth. Those who brought these spirit life-forces either keep its rules, or forget it; when the latter occurs, it will certainly lead to disaster; this is indicative of several senseless wars over the years. But all these was spurred by the means to survive by man not incorporating its survival technical modality to unit

e; this one can hurriedly asked, what kind of God really created us, or where are from.

Let us recall this energy vortex in our time, and let us use them to our benefit and for all in our present incarnation. So that just like Master Jesus, Krishna and so forth, we may add our legacy in the scheme of things.

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