The Hidden Secrets Of Self-Confidence

by Felix-Abrahams Obi

This secret is not like the veiled and ‘concealed’ wisdom of the ‘Masters” and “Gurus” of ancient spiritual paths who can only unveil the wisdom of the sages to the initiated and those who follow the rigors of climbing the rungs of metaphysical and ethereal world. So what was this secret that made his life you may ask? It’s not far fetched or hidden from the uninitiated. It’s not so much of secret that requires much learning to uncover. More than being a secret, it’s one that everyone who studies the life of Jesus Christ would observe and acknowledge easily: He received a strong affirmation that changed his life forever the first day the heavens opened and the voice of Yahweh, the Great God of Israel made a proclamation that “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” (Luke 3:22).

Who will not walk tall when heaven has validated his/her mission and purpose on earth? Why will he not doubt the veracity of his person and mission when the devil dared him and said, “If you are the son of God.” in order to inject him with the venom of self doubt. The devil went and tried to offer him material possessions to make his net worth incomparable to any other person that ever lived yet he didn’t take that juicy offer! Who will not speak to a tree and cause them to whither when it can’t bear the expected fruits? Why will his self-image and ego not be deflated when his fans’ base depleted and he lost popularity among his ‘fans’ watch his sociopolitical relevance seemingly diminish in the first century Palestine? Why did he not hide the fact that he had no mansions and castles or real estate even when he was the most popular and influential preacher that walked on the soil of Palestine? Why did he not lose his male ego when he openly wept at the death of his dear friend, Lazarus? Why did he not fear the wrath of the religious clergy when he challenged the commercialization and privatization of the Temple in Jerusalem? How could he maintain close and intimate relationship with “women of easy virtue”, defended when their lives were in jeopardy yet didn’t bother about the verdict of the court of public opinion even though ?

He remained un-moveable and strong, and never capitulated to fear, doubt and unbelief because he knew who he was, and whose he was. He knew that though he physically didn’t have the trappings of a Prince, he truly was the Prince of Peace and he walked and spoke with a princely confidence. He didn’t bulge under the pressure of acting to prove anything to anyone. He was himself at all times because he knew deeply that God loved him and was with him always. He knew that because God loved him, no amount of hatred, disapproval or rejection could ever deter or limit him. He was rooted and established in his heart that the whole world may turn against him but no one could undermine the confidence heaven had placed and reposed in him. That was the source of his confidence, and to maintain that, he kept in regular touch with heaven. His thoughts were filled with the higher expectations of heaven which were not calibrated in terms of cash flow and career fulfillment but by the positive impact he was making in the lives of people. He was able to challenge and dethrone the status quo ante because he couldn’t be categorized or fixed into the acceptable mould of his day!

History bears witness that he taught and transmitted the ‘secret of his wisdom’ and power to those who cared to listen to him. That’s why he could turn ordinary peasants, artisans and people of their ilk into sages and men who changed the course of history. He turned fearful and lily-livered men into champions and Change Agents. The brash and indiscreet that interacted closely with him became wise and prudent in word and deed. The women who once warmed the pleasure beds of the common and rich received back their female dignity and poise because he taught and empowered them through this ‘secret”.

As the changing world tries redefining and upturning our value system and sense of ethics, we have an example of someone’s life to emulate. We can refuse to be assessed by our net worth which often is translated into figures because we are of inestimable value. How could we be valued by the quantity of cash that we amass or the material things we acquire? Though money, career achievement and earthly possessions are good in themselves, they nevertheless can not truly be the barometer that measures our net worth. In the same vein, gauging our sense of esteem and value based on the opinion or feedback we get from even our significant others is not healthy. For as humans, we face the inevitable fall in popularity or acceptance from even our loved once when circumstances change.

When we know that God loves us unconditionally, no falsehood or public opinion can change his opinion about us. With such knowledge, we can live in the obscure part of a ghetto and still fulfill our full potential. We may be adjudged as laid back and unsuccessful by the majority yet, walk with a bouncy gait and cadence of a prince. When we know that we are accepted and that heaven is pleased with us, no force can ever stop our ascendancy and drive for excellence and success. This opinion of heaven about us is the single most important variable that can determine the course of our lives. And not too many are certain that heaven is pleased with them and can vouch for them, and this scary thought hunt them. To gain heaven’s approval and acceptance is possible and those who have sorted and aligned their lives accordingly will experience same kind of confident assurance about life on earth and beyond which marked the life of Jesus Christ!

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Thank you for writing this article. You addressed a very important topic from a spiritual standpoint. It was surely a blessing to read.

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