The Importance of Functional Education

The importance of functional education to national life cannot be over stated, education makes us think rationally amongst several other benefits.

According to reports, LAUTECH, an institution of higher learning jointly owned by Osun & Oyo state government has been shut down for academic work since June because Osun state government has refused to pay staff salaries.

When Gov. Aregbesola was campaigning, he promised a six point integral action plan, promotion of functional education was part of the list. If the Governor has succeeded in sector, he has failed woefully in the area of providing functional education. The performance rate of students from Osun State at SSCE has been dwindling over the years.

His administration keeps demolishing classrooms that aren’t dilapidated all because he wants to re- build schools on the main road. Money spent on demolishing can be used to provide play ground, sporting facilities or library in the schools.

The quality of teachers is nothing to write home about, apparently, teachers in Osun state are not happy, they are not been paid when due, majority of them receive half salaries. How on earth can someone who consistently receives half salary without knowing when this will stop deliver excellent service?

No housing policy, no car loan, nothing whatsoever is been done to encourage teachers deliver quality service in Osun State.
A people that pays lip service to education will definitely reap the results, there is no short cut to growth and development.

Traditional and religious leaders should speak out and explain the value of functional education to the government of Osun State. School uniforms, Opon- Imo, mega- class rooms will not raise whiz- kids of the 21st century, teachers must be happy doing the job, they must be encouraged. When they are not well paid, they cannot deliver excellent service.

God bless you.

God bless Nigeria.

Written by
Opeyemi Ajayi
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