The Many Lies of Helen Ukpabio

by Olusegun Fakoya

Helen Ukpabio has gone to town against those she perceived as her enemies. The struggle to cleanse Nigeria of mischievious superstitious beliefs that have perpetually kept us in darkness and such that the likes of Helen has been using to exploit and keep the people in bondage has come under severe attack, as expected, by Helen Ukpabio. The consequences of labelling people, especially children as witches have failed to register with Helen. Obviously, Helen is living on a different planet and definitely not in Nigeria and especially around Akwa Ibom/Cross River State where the dastardly act of witchcraft stigmatisation is causing social mayhem. It is sad when a supposedly woman of the word throws reasoning overboard on the basis of an overblown ego, all in an attempt to protective a lucrative venture which bothers on the satanic and nothing else.

On the urgently re-designed website of the Liberty Foundation Ministry of Helen Ukpabio, this conscienceless woman went out smoking from all ends against her perceived enemies. On this unreligious website, she threw caution, decency, decorum and common-sense overboard. In her haste to “deal” with her enemies, her sentiments took the control and she dished out complete rubbish. One would have thought that a ministry like that of Helen Ukpabio, despite the millions made from stigmatising adults and children as witches, would have a professional in the job of public relations. What one sees on Ukpabio’s website made one cringe and wonder at the level of literacy exhibited by those who constitute the so-called Liberty Foundation Ministry. The name “Liberty” as relates to this ministry is obviously a misnomer. Whosoever wrote to the gibberish on that website did not go beyond the secondary school level. And from the tone of the nonsense on this site, one has the sneaky feelings that Helen herself did the hatchet man’s job. One would have thought that “Her Majesty” would have taken the pains to polish her English, with the millions made from fighting witches and witchcraft.

It is sad that in this age and time, Helen could still shamelessly re-affirm her belief in witchcraft, albeit attempting to cover her notorious activities in this regard with milk and honey. The odious website is hereby attached:

In further perpetuating this macabre drama, Helen wrote inter alia on her website:

In dealing with witchcraft possessed persons, the deliverance is conducted in a very easy and mild way that one may wonder if at all it will work. Of course it works so perfectly. The process of delivering witches is mild that she doesn’t even lay her hands on them yet all will be delivered. She can minister to one thousand witches at the same time and all will be delivered at the same time. This is a mystery………..If you are a witch, smile, get in contact with the woman of God for your deliverance – free of charge…

It is alarming that in the 21st century, Helen Ukpabio could still stubbornly cling to a medieval belief that is eroding on the rights of children and adults alike and that has caused deaths and physical brutalisation of many, children and adults alike. Attempting to portray a practice best abandon in a sweet tongue is criminal and a disservice to mankind. Thereafter, she further descended with psychotic frenzy on notable charities involved in the struggle for the emancipation of the rights of children and the abandonment of the retrogressive practice of witchcraft in Nigeria. As far as Helen is concerned, Gary Foxcroft of Stepping Stone Nigeria, Sam Itauma of CRARN and Leo Igwe of the Humanist Movement are all fraudulent people out to deceive and mislead the majority. Helen was able to give us an idea of the money realised by SSN without stating the source of this unfounded information. I do not hold brief for Stepping Stone Nigeria (SSN) and of course I cannot say how much the charity has realised in its crusade to help victims of child witch stigmatisation. However, I remain focussed on the good work and efforts of this charity and its sister organisations like CRARN of Sam Itauma. And of course, I am yet to read of any information relating to the investigation of SSN by the Nigerian Police, nor am I aware that Gary and Sam Itauma have both been declared wanted. I wonder where Helen got these outrageous and obviously false information from. On the contrary, Helen should inform the world of the amount realised by her ministry so far in her crusade against children and the vulnerable ones in the society.

Helen also took a cheap swipe at the Humanist Movement of Leo Igwe. While I am a firm believer in the existence of an almighty creator, I still proudly hold and affirm that it is the right of every individual to hold on to whatever their belief is. The important thing is the import of this belief on the society. Leo Igwe with his Humanist view holds the society in more respect and has contributed immensely more to the society than Mrs Ukpabio. Ukpabio has remained nothing more than a mere parasite that has caused untold societal hardship. It is not just sufficient to pay mere lip service to God in the process of exploiting and befuddling the people. To demonstrate the significance of unfettered power, Helen went as far as attacking the Governor of the state who was only carrying out his constitutional duty to uphold the rights of Akwa Ibom state children. The madness of this woman seems to hold no barriers.

The United Nations in its recent report on Human Rights produced a paper titled “Witches in the 21st Century” –


Herein it was affirmed that being classified a witch is tantamount to receiving a death sentence. The channelling of this accusation to the weaker members of the society like children and women was also emphasised. The report stated that ““The persecution and killing of individuals accused of practicing so-called “witchcraft” – the vast majority of whom are women and children – is a significant phenomenon in many parts of the world.” The response to witchcraft “frequently involves serious and systematic forms of discrimination, especially on the grounds of gender, age and disability. The families of the witches are also “often subjected to serious human rights violations.” Amongst other recommendations, the UN Special Rapporteur suggested that making it illegal to believe in witchcraft is not a solution. He affirmed that respect for customary beliefs should not allow for persecution and murder. He recommended that all killings of alleged witches be treated as murder and investigated, prosecuted and punished. And governments, he stated, must play their part, by taking all available steps to prevent such crimes and prosecute and punish perpetrators.

Once again, this report could serve as a wake up call for the Federal Government of Nigeria that has shown complete disinterest in the struggle for the enthronement of Child Rights and the emancipation of the people from the shackles of the superstitious preachers of witchcraft. It is definitely within the realms of any government to protect its citizens from fakery and daylight robbery borne out of mischievous and false teachings such as is being perpetuated by Helen Ukpabio. Helen Ukpabio, by her teachings, which have been amply embraced by unscrupulous characters like “Bishop” Sunday Ulup-Aya , has caused untold hardship and deaths to many children, apart from societal upheavals in the form of disrupted family and matrimonial harmony. It is irresponsible of the Nigerian government to keep quiet in the face of this massive onslaught on Nigerian people and children.


Perhaps Helen Ukpabio failed to get the message. The key

thing is that the Nigerian people are tired of her false and retrogressive teachings. As a people, all we desire is to reap the dividends of good governance. We want better education and quality healthcare for ourselves and our children. We desire regular power supply and affordable housing. We desire scientific advancement for our nation. We condemn in its entirety all forms of psychotic religious teachings that only perpetually impoverish the people. We condemn religious teachings and practices that encourage intolerance and unjust persecution of the innocents, whether such teachings be Christianity or Islam. All we want is an enabling environment to be able to function fully as decent members of the human race and therefore abhor practices that only seek to constantly subjugate us.

What is expected of Helen Ukpabio

What is therefore reasonably expected of Helen Ukpabio is sincere contrition and atonements for her misguided teachings and the untold hardship same has induced. Helen would have done better by apologising to Nigerians in general and the people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River states in particular. She would have won the hearts of many by showing sincere commitments to efforts at restitution. Helen could have done better by encouraging and supporting charities committed to wiping out the evils implanted by her teachings. She could donate to such charities and use her “might” to create an enabling environment for such charities to operate. Better still, Mrs Ukpabio could through her well funded Ministry initiate community-oriented programmes aimed at sustaining, nourishing and enhancing the rights of not only children alike but also adults who have been victimised one way or the other through her misleading teachings. The truth simply is that the world has moved on beyond the arcane practice Mrs Ukpabio gleefully informed us that she spent almost two decades propagating.

Mrs Helen Ukpabio should sincerely check her conscience. In her heart of hearts, does she really believe in this gibberish called child witchcraft which she has been shamelessly defending? Has Mrs Ukpabio been able to identify any of her own children as a witch? Can this so-called woman of the word allow any of her offspring to go through the agonies other innocent children are being subjected to through the instrument of her teachings. Mrs Ukpabio, despite her numerous protestations, is yet to defend the critical issues raised in her books, especially one titled: “Unveiling the Mysteries of Witchcraft” and also portrayed in her ignominious home movie titled: “Kingdom of the Wicked”. Honestly, beyond merely making money, does Helen Ukpabio genuinely believe in the nonsense that she preaches?

If the truth must be told, the likes of Helen Ukpabio and “Bishop” Sunday Ulup-Aya,
have thrown our nation into disrepute and embarrassment. They are a national embarrassment and public liabilities. They constitute social nuisances who, in ideal societies, are better off locked away. A profile of the many manifestations of insanity identified a dangerous class tagged the Antisocial Personality class. Helen Ukpabio, unreservedly continue to exhibit the many characteristics of this class, hence the danger she constitutes to the society. It would be foolhardy of any government to fold its arms while a monster roams its landscape. The Nigerian government must act now!

And just as a vivid reminder that the evil encouraged by Helen Ukpabio live with us still, readers are kindly requested to click on this link:

It is amazing the bestiality that relentless brainwashing can bring about in humans, even from a father to a child!

Once again, Nigerians are reminded that the online petition to confront the monster called Helen Ukpabio is still on. Signatures can be kindly submitted on:

The struggle for the enthronement of social justice in Nigeria continues.

A luta continua!!

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