The orchestrated plans to break up Nigeria

by Ahmed Dodo

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
¯ Albert Einstein

True, my dear country Nigeria is no longer a safe place, especially with the daily bombings, kidnapping and senseless killings of innocent souls across virtually everywhere in the country. To be honest, I am even scared writing this column this week, because who knows where the next deadly bomb is going to explode.

Like everything Nigeria, the spate of bombings in the country has taken another dimension, with faceless living human beings among us senselessly going after innocent church worshippers and Islamic pupils. A shameless action and ungodly if you will agree with me. Is it not actually a worthless less efforts to go bomb or kill people worshipping or praising that magnificent, all knowing and all seeing God that none of us has ever seen or behold, and at the end of the day both the bombers and everyone else will definitely die and answer to all his or her good and bad deeds on earth?

What justification do we as humans really have to kill another soul none of us can ever or will ever be able to create? Or is there any one among us that God the owner of everything in this vanity world has given the license or birth right to kill on His behalf? The fact is, whosoever commits any evil in a house of worship should expect a disgraceful retribution beginning from here on earth before the final one on the Day of Judgment.

Well, it is just a matter of time before we all depart this turbulent world and go answer to all the deeds we used our hands, legs, mouth and body to commit before our creator and I am sure none shall escape His judgment, especially those who have one way or the other destroyed or killed his creations on earth.

Back to my dear country Nigeria, no doubt the series of confrontations by various groups on the people and nation known as the Federal Republic of Nigeria is without double saying a sign of war on the peace loving people of this great country. If not, why should any sincere group want to instigate a religious war in the country, a dangerous war that no sensible country would want to engage in. Right now it seems the die has been cast and those who are bent on breaking and splitting up this resilient country are fighting desperately to do so.
Another overview of the various deadly crimes going on in this country over the past ten years might showcase another angle to their motives. From the current deadly systematic bombings and ethno- religious crises going on across the north, the vicious kidnappings and armed robbery in the south-east, the orchestrated assassinations and political wrestling in the south-west and the diehard militancy and political unrest in the south-south. All these tend to point to an orchestrated plan to fulfil that doomsday prediction by the West of the breaking up of Nigeria before 2015.

Well, maybe we should not just close our eyes and senses and give way to these faceless people to win over our sovereignty. Unless if we want to overlook some of the deadly atrocities that have been committed against this country over the past ten years or thereabout. Carnage such as the spate of deadly bombs that has continued to shake the fabric and foundation of the country, the daily orgy of killings in the name of religion, tribe, settler, indigene and other narcissism that lead to senseless loss of lives across the country.

Should we overlook the ransomed attitude of some militants that occasionally threaten our co-existence, or prudently view it as part of this orchestrated plan to break up Nigeria, the nation bestowed with some of the richest natural resources on planet earth? Won’t it be proper and elaborate if we try to see the daily invasion of our villages and towns by faceless killers as part of this coordinated preparation to tear asunder the ‘Giant of Africa’ in fulfillment of 2015?

What about some of the daily inflammatory utterances and comments of some of our political, religious and traditional leaders over the years as the country boils and groans under insecurity, ethno-religious crises, kidnappings, armed robbery, assassination, militancy, political crises, corruption, maladministration, injustice and all the other underdevelopment forces and wahala that have continued to bedevil this great rich nation over the years; should we see all these as part of this jealous sketch to sever the tight cold that has continued to bind us together since our unfortunate civil war or just overlook them as the country keeps boiling and slowly losing its hitherto solidness and vibrancy?

I tell you there seems to be many organized plans to destabilize this country, and a good observer would have noticed some of these man-made arrangements, but like everything that goes under the sun, man plans, but God the creator, designer and owner of everything has His own plan. So, it is important that we must not and should not bow to the plans of man. This is our country, none of us really begged to be made a Nigerian; we all found ourselves as creatures in a vanity world, and I think it is important that these faceless human beings among us who are all bent on cracking and splitting up this one nation under one sun would realize that none among them can really modify any part of what God has made this country to be without His consent.

Again, like everything that happens under the sky, I believe there are always solutions to everything, and Nigerians must understand that we are not the first; neither shall we be the last to be threatened by these various challenges. But the ability of those saddled with the responsibility of ensuring our continued co-existence, who are actually men and women among us is presently what is in doubt. It is important that they sit up to their responsibilities, and be courageous to step aside if they are not capable of holding to their oath of protecting and defending the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, including its territory and its people. They should be bold to hands-up if the current tide of unrest and insecurity are weighting them down, instead of holding on to their positions and pretending that all is well and under their control, while hundreds of innocent lives are daily lost to this orchestrated chart to break up this resilient country.

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