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The Peculiar Nature of the Russian/Ukrainian Crisis: The Disastrous Consequences of the Politics of Hatred (2)

This essay is meant to provide a truly international perspective on the internecine Russian/Ukrainian crisis. It will also expose the role of satanic-induced hatred on world politics in the Era of the anti-christ

On both sides, there is glaring incompetence of opinion on the geo-political issues , which fan the imbroglio, in the Ukraine .

There are long-standing animosities driven by ideologies, hatred, exaggerated and flawed intelligence assessment techniques, which influence state policies, in their pursuit of narrow national interests that have no discernible social values.

Journalistic and pundit postulations often obfuscate the issues leading to further escalation of the crisis, as the same people analyze issues using hackney jargons.

In their one-sided comments, they over-use the polemics of the Cold War Era, to stoke   the embers of political demonization and hatred. From their jaundiced, wicked hearts full of venom, they postulate wrong doctrines as happened during the Iraqi, Libyan, and Syrian crisis, which have become objects of intellectual ridicule, for which they have not apologized  as “ they GET the people to understand “their inane political analysis”

I speak and write both Russian and Ukrainian languages. I understand the core of the historical and contemporary problems. I find trite logic in statements that are sweeping, swiping, hortatory, vague, quoted out of context during diplomatic exchanges, as a result of poor translations of texts.

I had earlier commented with great energy, on the brewing issues in the Ukraine, before matters got to the boil.

I see dangerous escalations ahead, if hardness of political decisions do not abate. We do not have to kill millions of human beings before we call for ceasefires, negotiations, peace conferences etc.

The NATO meeting in Wales has tasked its members to contribute two per cent of their national budgets for defence.They set up a Rapid Deployment Force, which would checkmate Russian military actions, real or imagined. These NATO state have imposed economic, political, diplomatic and other for sanctions on Russia.

The disruption in international trade is gradually becoming a problem for WTO international trade agreements. The most-favoured –nation’s clauses have been rendered inoperative. Goods in-transit are being recalled. Financial payment systems like SWIFT are in jeopardy.

How “powerful” must social humans, elected to promote peace and social harmony, turn to be in promoting political hatred, disorder, hard talk, revanchist and hegemonic tendencies on PLANET EARTH in the Era of the anti-Christ?

Mankind should have learnt from the history of wars that they only serve satan, the Luciferian hierarchy and the agents of the anti-Christ.

Are male children born to be killed in wars? Consider the millions, who died in the Chinese revolution, the American Revolution, the American/Vietnam wars, the American Korean war”, the Russian revolution, the French revolution, etc

Within living memory, remember how the European colonial wars, civil wars around the globe led to the untimely deaths of many sons and daughters of God, the Father.

Remember the wars waged by Genghis Khan, Alexander the ”great”, Napoleon and other agents of satan, who have inculcated in the human race, brutalities like the cutting off of the head of Sadam Hussein, the humiliating death of Muamar Kaddafi, the beheading of two American journalists, in conditions of utmost viciousness, which has become common=place, the use of drones, water boarding and other indubitable acts of cruelty and utmost wickedness, seem to escalate in the Era of the anti-Christ.

The desecration of the Holy Land, mass murders of armies, women and children, bombings in violations of the Geneva .Conventions and humanitarian laws are indices of the times we are in.

The bacteriological warfare in Guatemala, the foot and mouth disease, the bird-flu, the testing of the bombs in the Sahara, the HN 7, the aids virus , and now the Ebola Scourge, whose story KOYE MI RARA. The lip of truth shall be established forever, but the lying tongue is but for a moment.

The Chibok girls’ story oscillates between AESOP”S TALES and “the tales told by an idiot full of sound and fury…”

In Nigeria, with stolen national wealth on full display to influence election and re-election prospects, those, who will lose elections, will rely on clever lawyers, corrupt judges to turn the people’s will into ploughshares.

The Nigerian universal wheel will turn full circle again, just like it did, after Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was a “monarch” of all he surveyed Nigeria. (See E.O Esiemokhai, Commentaries on Contemporary Nigerian Politics) Authorhouse Publishing Company, United Kingdom, 2013.

The politics of hatred is also playing out between poorly educated politicians, with unsuitable credentials and maverick professional presidential gamblers, whose forte is manifest intention to be president by incessant declarations of intent without a plan on how to turn Nigeria around.

It would appear that the young rulers of the world seem acutely to lack the impact of world history, especially in ruling nations

In the case of the Ukrainian crisis, the issues encompassed the events that stemmed from reign of the Romanovs, the Soviet administration of Ukraine, the brutal German occupation of Ukraine during the Second World War, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the failed European integration efforts, the re-emergence of fascism, oligarchy, personal enrichment pursuits by politicians, the Euro-skeptic and pro-Euro affiliation groups.

All these factors have thrown Ukraine into turmoil. It is important to point out that the anti-Soviet campaign by the West came to a head after the Russians let the Soviet republics

stay on their own, which is referred to as the “collapse of communism.”

The West tried to cultivate many former Soviet Republics, but was not successful. They however, had a toehold in Poland, but were met with Russian resistance. Rightly or wrongly, the Russians regarded any Western relations with its former alliance as intervention. They still do.

The Russians have grown stronger militarily, their citizens now have material conditions that has eroded the clamour to live in the West as was the case during the Soviet days. Russians have more access to Western information technology. They can now buy heavy machinery, unlike in the Cold War years, when they had to build everything from the scratch.

Russia’s mineral wealth, its territorial expanse seems to be factors in its attraction to people of the Russian Diaspora, who clamour to have association with the Russian homeland.

It is on record that non-Russians from Eastern Europe, who speak Russian fluently, have been sending their children to study in Russian universities. These former beneficiaries of the Soviet era, regard as uncalled for the present Russian/Ukraine crisis.


Some Ukrainian intellectuals who found accommodation in the West between 1991 and 2005, later returned to the Ukraine to forge alliance with some EU governments. Pointedly, the Ukrainians were eyeing alliance with NATO.

Rasmussen, the NATO Secretary-General, encouraged this perspective, having had a pyrrhic victory in Libya, now in tatters. The   politics of hatred was manifest.

The Russian Republic frowned at the prospects of Ukraine joining the EU and NATO.

The detention of the former Ukrainian Prime Minister, by Yanukovich, the corruption that became rife under Yanukovich, created the needed crisis situation for Ukraine’s dismembratio.

A group of Russo/ Ukrainian political mal-contents, now known as pro-Russian rebels or anti-Ukrainian dissidents stirred up disruptive tendencies, hoping for the best.

In interpreting the Russo/Ukrainian crises through intelligence gathering, there is ever present the language confusion. Some Russians speak Ukrainian, while all Ukrainians speak Russian. It is not always clear, who said what and in which tongue.

There have been inter-marriages, social cohesion, which cannot be overthrown by geo-political side wind.

Demagogues have had a field day, as harsh and bitter words had been spoken with relish.. Conciliatory talks are submerged by the bombs that devastate territories and cities.

The proclamation of a ceasefire by the Ukrainian government and Ukraine’s agreement to “decentralize power” has set observers to ask, “What then were the inciting noises about?

In Western Europe, their economies have just beaten back a recession, only to face disruption in international trade through sanctions and trade restrictions.

Trade agreements are being violated on both sides and the Chambers of Commerce watch helplessly as business slows down. The merchants will still pay their taxes and face their Boards.

The Ukraine wants to be in NATO as a defence mechanism very urgently. Yet, it has to go through the normal procedure of acceding to multilateral treaties

Beyond the refrain of “Ukrainian sovereignty, and territorial integrity, (Article 2(4) of the UN Charter), which is always violated at will, there are over-riding issues of realpolitik, which cautioned the new conciliatory realism. The winter is approaching fast, “ NEMAYE DENGI” in Ukraine, Ukrainians in the service of the Russian Federation could become insecure and loud ranting of well-meaning solidarity, though desirable and welcome will not put food on their tables.

Tons of solidarity will not prepare “BORCH PO UKRAINSKY for the NAROD”. “ SCHEM CH OT NI SHUTIT” CHOT POBIRI !!!

In 1949, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was formed and in 1955, the Warsaw Treaty Organization was put in place as a counter force.

The most relevant article in the NATO Treaty is that an attack on one is an attack against all. ( Article 5, of 1949.NATO Treaty)

This formidably couched agreement was still on paper. It was good that it remained unimplemented. If it will ever be implemented, the consequences will be so great that it could sweep the Earth beyond the manifold. Who wins? The anti-christ.

The US President, Barack Obama, was in Estonia, which was requesting for a permanent NATO base. This would add to new crisis, in the region.

Evoked tremors in Russia seem to have caused Sergei Lavrov to issue a terse statement that the Russian military would review its military strategies.

From its CHEKA to the KGB days, its diplomats and military officers will understand in strident terms what has been said to them.

The Ukraine government will understand the total meaning of Lavrov’s incantation. ONI POYALI ?

As the winter approaches, humanitarian law demands that neither side introduces adverse measures that could hurt the people.

The equations of geo-political motions should not be heightened. Political hatred must abate. This only serves gun and weapons producers and their dealers.

The universal joint should not be left loose. Political vibrations and critical speed must be checked.

Let us seek international solidarity through the United Nations, which should set up a mechanism to reconcile all the parties. The UN should step up its prevention diplomatic prowess and not only create the forum for angry diplomatic exchanges that do not help matters.

Combatants should listen, not only to opinionated leaders and well-paid pundits, who regurgitate their master’s voice but also to those, who through years of studies and reflection posit correct solutions.

For example, the Iraqi crisis could have been nipped in the bud, if the voice of the IRAQI GOVERNING COUNCIL had been adhered to. On March 11, 2003, this group, who opposed Saddam Hussein, had declared that they did not support the US attack on Iraq, after it became clear to them, that they would not govern if Saddam Hussein were overthrown. It became clear to them that oil contracts and the cleaning of oil fields had been farmed out to known American and British companies.

At the United Nations, Britain Spain and the United States put forward a UN Resolution, which gave Iraq two weeks within which to disarm or face war.

However, France, Russia, China and Germany opposed the UN   Resolution saying that “it was a euphemism for war.” That the resolution did not reflect the aim of Iraqi disarmament.

When the sponsors discovered that France, Russia and China would veto the Resolution, they formed the “coalition of the willing” and without a declaration of war, they attacked Iraq, killed Saddam Hussein disbanded the Iraqi army and took over the governance of Iraq.” See E.o.Esiemokhai, “ IRAQ the NEW CARTHAGE, international Law and Diplomacy the Iraqi crisis” pages 112-113.

The ISIS seems to be remnants of the disbanded army of Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Hence, their knowledge of how to operate weapons seized from the fleeing Iraqi army.

There was a pathetic recourse to hedonism before Maliki, took over and failed to reconcile the various factions, which led to more crisis since his allies failed to tell him to act fairly. He has now gone into political oblivion.

We are seeing this trend in   the Era of THE ANTI-christ!.

The relationship between men in suits and those in military uniforms stand on a footing of manifest inequality. When will there be a change of roles?

Are male children born to die in wars!!!

God, the Father

God, the Son

God the Holy Ghost

Come and save your people from the anti-christ.

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