The Political Concept of America-Russian Republic

This article is an odyssey into Utopi by a political thinker and pacifist. Its philosophical underpinning is firmly grounded in sociocracy and humanism. I believe that there is no end to the ingenuity of wicked souls, who cause world disharmony.

The American Democrat’s era of chivalry has come to an end.

A more rational diplomacy will take over.

Both the United States of America and the Russian Republics were products of revolutionary engagements.

In 1776, led by political gurus like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and others, the new Republic was established.

In 1917, the Soviets led by V.I. Lenin and the Bolsheviks, overthrew the Romanov dynasty.

This shows that only political thinkers and not uneducated political neophytes with arrogant ambitions and no brains, but with plenty of bravados, should be political rulers.

In October 2017 I will follow and enjoy the 100th Anniversary of the Soviet/Russia festivities world-wide.

As a political thinker, I am proposing a Union of Ameri-Russia Republic.

Its headquarters will be in Alaska. Both Trump and Putin will stand for elections for president.

This will be a Union of old Cold War-mongers, now united to bring lasting peace on earth.

There will be no more pouring the people’s resources into stupid Satan propelled geo-politics and nuclear demonic weapons production for mass destruction. No more press wars, in which news-paper proprietors fan the embers of social dislocation through propaganda, lies, untruths and half-truths. The Calamities News Network (CNN) will close down.

Rouble-dollar will be the currency.

The New York Times will no longer conduct false polls. Putin and Trump will go fishing on the Mississippi River and on Lake Baikal and Volga.

The Chinese will have peace and be the manufacturers for the world.

North Korea will improve its economy because it will no longer be watchful of possible American imperialist threats.

Kentucky fried chicken will cost a dollar and there will be no more hunger.

There will be no more “REGIME CHANGE” “NATION-BUILDING” pretensions and “axis of evil stupid talk.” The world will be at peace.

Amen and amen

Above all, murderous arms manufacturers (agents of darkness) will be bankrupt as they will no longer produce belts, guns that kill people for profit. The   US 2nd Amendment will be scrapped.

The world is hurting as a result of demon-inspired gun technological innovation by Samuel Colt, dynamite innovation by Max Plank and Alfred Nobel, agents of forces of darkness, who as human agents of Satan, assisted him to carry out his promise to destroy God’s creatures through wars, sickness, pestilence and spiritual wickedness using Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens and anyone with a satanic habit of mind.

BOSAS International Law Bureau has drafted a Memorandum of Understanding between the US and Russia in the most elegant judicial prose.

The world is in agony and it is hoped that this hallucinating utopia will make you think of peace and condemn the hallucinating political thought of George Bush which has set the world on fire.

The disastrous consequences of “REGIME CHANGE” and AXIS OF EVIL” stirred the satanic forces world-wide to embark on global dislocation.

In the Ameri-Russian Republic, America will no longer be the policeman of the world. America will recall all the armed forces she stationed in many countries. There will be enough funds for infrastructures, repairs and social engineering, instead of war-mongering and telling other nations which system of government to adopt.

Those who benefit from wars are members of the Luciferian hierarchy, human agents of the forces of darkness, now roaming the universe of ours.

They are in governments, in the press and in industries.

Cowardly ministers, who want to remain in their posts for four years, journalists, who sing and  repeat the master’s voice, advisers, who speak tongue-in-cheek, all are in  the service of the forces of darkness.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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