The Powerful Daughters of the First Eve and the Occasional Fall of Men

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

After the creation was completed, a Divine injunction was given to Adam, “Go ye forth, increase and multiply and replenish the earth”. The Almighty God trusted that Adam would use his procreation abilities wisely.

Perhaps that was why the injunction was not precise about the number of partners to assist in executing the Divine injunction.

As a result, the injunction was left to men to give various interpretations. For example, there are the biological, esoteric, logical, legal, grammatical and ontological interpretations.

There are conjugal theories like the one man, one wife, the seven virgins’ world view, bigamy, the four wives theory and one mum theory, which suits promiscuous women.

I am yet to understand how gay marriages will add positively to the “increase and multiply Divine injunction”.

All the beautiful and not-so-beautiful daughters of the FIRST EVE are seductively powerful. From Samson to David Petreaus, the fall has never been less nor ever forgotten.

Those, who are tickled by scandals, are ignorant of the subtlety of the mid-night hour, when the lights are low and the lipstick had long worn off having served its purpose.

The amoral bearings, bequeathed to the daughters of the First Eve to her daughters on earth can only be understood by those initiates of the Cupid Order.

When the daughters of even the Second Eve stir the soul, cosmic vibrations of the irresistible genre run through the universe of man. That man is born is the consequence.

So, man’s actions are never as good or as mistaken as his desires. People condemn those caught in marital piracy but the fallen ones are never given the wisdom to stop the fall of others.
A General, who has worked hard all his life, obliterates his one error of judgment with his brave deeds.

The Rubicon between writing a biography and doing other things is passed unconsciously, silently, without proclamation.
Those, who know, have told us that there existed the First EVE, who was married to my Great, great, grand Father Adam.

She was very beautiful, very powerful, strong-headed, unyielding, dominating and unconscionable. She later walked away into one of the Heavens from where she influences procreation and keeps anointing Delilah, Jezebel-like women to deal with Adams sons and great grandsons.

The First Eve gives alluring powers to her daughters, who she sends to all Samsons, wherever man is found.

In order to put them to shame and prove the utter frailty of men, she carefully chooses her victims from the ranks of men of valour, whose fall resonates within the universe of man.

As Burke Owens sang, “Love is no excuse for what you are doing, I know, I know you loved each other, but love is no excuse for what you’ve done.”
I do not believe that David was set-up, so that Obama would lose the intelligence chief’s services. It is just one of those things. This, too, will pass.

From Samson to Petraeus, it’s been quite a long time, so what is in this digital divide? Half of men’s fortunes are invested in this enterprise. There is no escape from the revanchistische werke der Tochtern Eves.Verdamt noch mal.

Men should ask for protection from the outpouring of cosmic energy from the First Eve. We have a HELPER!!!

The world of literature has been corrupted by those journalists who revel in scandals, grinning from ear to ear and reveling in obscenities. They deliver marital offenders to the executioners, in circumstances of utmost humiliation and sadism.

Perhaps, there is need to extend the discussion on marital infidelity before stretch marks appear. Also, perhaps there is need to seek extra-judicial interpretation or interpretations about the apparent latent ambiguity or ambiguities in the original Command of “Go ye forth, increase and multiply”.
As I had argued earlier, there are no indications of the precise number of partners for the execution of the holy injunction. There, I think, the problem lies, giving the promiscuous an alibi.

I will, approach the appropriate judicial council, by myself, because if I were to solicit the intervention of the Papacy in Rome or from the Chief Imam of the Great mosque in Mecca, I am sure that this would provoke a religious disputation that would be both sublime and authoritative, but would leave the crux of the matter unresolved.

Their disquisitions will range from “one man one wife “to the “seven virgins ecclesiasts”. In this disquisition on marital fidelity or the lack of it, I cannot but support the one man one woman position.

The devoted wife, for whom I hold proxy, should not entertain any marital interference with her conjugal property. What she has, she must hold. It is her hildren to prove it, beautiful world.

On a lighter note, perhaps if Governor Mitt Romney had wedged his presidential campaign on “one man one wife”, with his five lovely children and the extended family to prove it, who knows…

I have no sympathy for those men, who met their wives in “Easy Life” hotels, on Sunday morning, like Mr. X, who came to our office to tell us about he met his wife. He wanted a divorce.

He told the Judge that he had asked her where she was coming from and where she was going. He said that she told him that she was coming from nowhere slowly and was going nowhere quickly.
The Judge told him that that was an invitation treat and that was when his troubles started.

He told the Judge, “ You do not know the troubles I have seen” The Judge told him that he would hear them next time. The divorce was denied with costs.
This is what happens to simple men, who pick up the daughters of the First Eve from dingy streets.

As Jim Reeves sang, they end up on the blue side of lonesome, right next to the Heart Break Hotel, sitting on a bar stool, not doing so well. There is no present, no past and no future, for the ones, who have lost in love’s race.”
As Socrates said, “We weep for the beauty that could be and the horrors that are”.

There is something about the General’s success, which will remain appreciated in the annals of American secret service.

Men are entitled to occasional eating of the Adam’s apple. As it was in the beginning is now and so shall it be, till time indefinite.
The stinking hypocrites in the media, who drink like fish and who always cast the first stones, cannot claim any innocence at all, from the activities of the daughters of the First Eve.

In societies, where the daughters of the First and Second Eves are in the corridors or bed-room of power, the Herodias magic is prevalent and their husbands are reduced to bovine behaviour, as if in bondage, linked to ancestral linkages with negative demonism.

Woes betide those nations where such women are in the bedroom of power. Check it out, it has never been well, but we have a HELPER, who teaches us all things.

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