The presidency must hear this

We need not employ the services of a sorcerer, neither a diviner nor a magus to gain full knowledge of the current spate of malicious activities in our society today ranging from the high spate of insecurity to the level of injustice that has greeted the entire Nigeria populace, news and rumors of deaths has turned into a ritual lately. Terrorism is taking a footstool in our society; our safety is being compromised with fear of the unknown.

Maybe democracy has turned a curse to the common man. Instead of the highly anticipated dividends, we are now being compelled to cross-examine our shoes thoroughly before putting them on for the fear of possible bomb implantation. Optimism has always been the prospect that has bind us together, we have dearly hoped for a better tomorrow. An average African father would look at his child and give an appreciating grin with hope of better prospects.

It is so discernable we are losing that grin today, our hope of a better future is diminishing by the day, as I walk through our streets today, travel along our highways and get hooked up in traffic the site of these innocent children has always made my heart froze for a failed state, sometimes I have to yield to the beckon of a tear as they try to compete in their numbers to sell their wares to the public to meet their daily needs yet our leaders open their mouth and say it is well and sometimes blame it to past administrations when they have no plan for a better today yet a tomorrow.

Majority of our supposed tomorrow leaders are found at dump sites scampering for left over meals to feed their empty stomachs, these children are prone to health hazards like typhoid, cholera and diahorrea thus increasing the rate of child mortality. Malnutrition has given our young ones a distinct and exceptional look with a protruding stomach like an expectant mother.
Some are subjected to walk or travel distances on foot to have access to drinking water yet contaminated.

Access to health care facility has metamorphosed into luxury.

Proper education is a no go area for the poor, even the self dependent and striving kids who desire schooling have to undergo the most dehumanizing situation like sitting on bare floors or using the mango trees as classrooms, some are compelled carrying wooden benches from an unimaginable distance to school.

These kids are prone to abuses from their adult counterparts. It is imperative we show some love to them, I admonish our leaders and the well to do in the society to set the ball rolling. Yes! We can achieve it in our own little way; strive and endeavor to remove a child from the street today undermining what and how it will cost you to do so.

Save a child and save a Nation!

Remember Children are heritage from God.
I thus can see the distance of the journey.
Together we can see the beaming light at the end of the long tunnel.
Because it is very imperative to see the silver lining in the dark cloud than seeing the dark cloud in the silver lining.
Yes! You Can.

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