The Proposed Geneva Diplomatic Conference on Syria: Obvious Impediments

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The Conference will be documented in the history of international law and relations as captioned above. It will also be recorded as the fruit of partial re-setting of Russo-American diplomatic relations.
The emergence of a bi-polar world can be attributed to the consolidation of power by Vladimir Putin in Russia and the strengthening of Russian diplomacy by Lazrov.

Russia claims that it adheres strictly to international law and the cardinal principles of diplomatic practice as enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations.

Under Ban Ki Moon, power politics and the overbearing power of strong nations seem to have left him weak and ineffective.

It was very clear that there were interests promoting the cause of the anti-Assad coalition and they were confident that the rebels could win in Syria.

Things have changed dramatically since Hezbollah, Iran, Iraq and Russia are backing the Syrian Government.
The prospects of the success of the Geneva Diplomatic Conference on Syria are remote for the following reasons.

1) Being a conflict resolution conference, the legal status of the Government of Syria and the Syrian opposition seem hard to reconcile.

2) Article 2(4) of the UN Charter prohibits military intervention in the internal affairs of states, especially if it concerns the territorial integrity and political independence of a state.

3) Where there is doubt as to which party has more legitimacy, the UN should recommend an election or a referendum.

4) To arm a rebel group to overthrow a government sets a dangerous precedent, which favours people, who nurture presidential or ruler ship ambitions and these political mal-contents abound in every political culture. Already young and foolish men under the influence of satan, have acted as terrorists in Boston, London and Paris.

5) Saladin harboured rulership ambitions and terrorized his world.

6) French and British governments seem to favour arming the Syrian rebels. This could throw a spanner in the Russo-American initiative.

7) The rebels are fractious, with undisclosed agenda, with unclear motives.
8) Which party is more conscious of the human tragedy their combat is raining on the Syrian innocent citizens?

9) I write on CHILDREN”S DAY and I think that there is something at once insincere in advocating that rebels be supplied with arms and the inundation of our sensitivities with the census of the children killed by both sides in Syria.

10) The Geneva Diplomatic Conference should set up a Committee to examine violations of the Four Geneva Conventions and under the humanitarian legal system.

How will the Geneva Diplomatic Conference resolve the ideological issues, which form the core difference between the Baath Socialist movement and other prevalent religious movements in the entire Middle East?
Syria has a long and chequered history and has always beat back anti-Syrian onslaught.

It is understandable that France and Britain are adopting a hard attitude towards Syria. After the First World War, the League of Nations, divided Turkish-Syria into two mandates “In the North, France received the modern republics of Syria and Lebanon and in the South, Britain was granted Palestine and Jordan.”
IDEOLOGICAL AFFLIATIONS BETWEEN Iraq, Syria and Arab socialists did not sit well with Arab monarchies. This is the remote cause of the Arab resistance.

Syria has a resilient state structure, which is under siege. With Hezbollah throwing its resources in the Syrian civil war, a new dimension has hammered itself into the civil war.
Russia has been a strong Syrian ally, since Assad’s father studied aviation technology in the USSR in the 1970s

A German media expert, Hans Weber, told me that after Barack Obama declared that he would reconsider American position, if the Syrian Government used chemical weapons, the rebels then used low grade chemical weapons for effect. Their strategy was uncovered.

Wars are escalating and becoming common place. How did wars become instruments of national policies in international relations?

After the First World War, diplomats reviewed the failure of the League of Nations in tackling the issues in world conflicts.

The United States and France held diplomatic conferences to outlaw the use of force as instruments of national policy.

This led to the Brian-Kellogg Pact of 1928. It has formed part of jus cogens. If EU states can study this international legal document carefully, they might review their decision to lift the ban on weapons transfer to combatants.

After their meeting in Istanbul, the rebels were not satisfied with arms supplies but would have other nations’ sons come to overthrow Assad so that they would become the new rulers! MEIN GOTT!
The Turkish people do not seem to support the anti-Assad campaign and so the reacted massively to the building of a mall at a popular square.

Hell is not as bad as the road that leads to it, said a sage.

I know that most American scholars are intolerant of criticism of American geo-political actions. I will use polemics to raise an issue that I have written about US policies in trying to democratize ancient regimes.

The question I have asked without a response is whether a co-relation between the state of American economy and military expenses in pursuit of its perceived role in democratizing the world?

In 1998 or thereabouts, I published an article in the Nigerian Guardian. entitled “China: The Giant of the 21st century”. Fifteen years later, China has moved up to the 2nd position in the world and keeps moving.
China does not pretend to police the world and keeps growing economically. Is there anything one can learn from China’s policy of peaceful co-existence?

After Ministers of Defence and Foreign Affairs churn out hare-brained policies on war and peace, it is the war-mongering aspects that take effect.

Non-application of international law in analyzing international conflicts leads to errors This often causes regrets later.

Who is esoterically responsible for wars and the attendant human destruction that result? Look back on the Vietnam war, the Korean war and social disorder, the Iraq war and its disastrous consequences till date, the Libyan war and the proliferation of weapons and its impact on Mali, the on-going Syrian civil war, with its potential for escalation and spread to all of the Middle East.

Remember who deceived the Second Eve, Stalin, Hitler, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Brutal, Pol Pot, Pinochet and other evil leaders.

That accuser of the Brethren uses human agents to cause wars. He also uses your blood relations to affect you through occultism powers.

So, we must pray for God’s protection. Pray for God’s anointing which serves as a powerful shield against the forces of evil, who roam the worlds’ State houses, instigating hatred in the minds of political leaders with poisoned darts, hard heartedness, national pride and egocentric musings.
In Nigeria’s Rivers state, the polluted haze and the pollenated gubernatorial politics of flamboyance and arrogance seem to have been assailed by superior powers.

To you God be all glory
To you God be all honour
To you God be all power
And adoration FOREVER MORE. (Many times)

We must praise the Lord for his goodness and for his wonderful works to the children of men.

In Syria, States reveal their prejudices, when they act as arbiters. God is watching us from above.
For God is not mocked. What nations and people sow they shall reap. The Anointed of the Earth are predicting that God has broken the yoke of modern Nebuchadnezzar from the neck of all nations and the secrets of their monstrous, gigantic weapons of mass destruction have been exposed.
The only security available today is the on

e God provides for His Sons and Daughters in this Universe of Man.

To evil warmongers God has admonished, “TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED AND DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM”.
There are anointed Syrians and prophets. So all those, who have been responsible for using brother against brother in the name of geo-politics are damned.

Let Syrians take wives and beget sons and daughters, and take wives for their sons and give their daughters to husbands that they may bear sons and daughters that they may increase and not decrease or be diminished.

All those who hinder the procreation process through wars and same-sex marriages, are agents of the anti-christ and are damned.

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