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The Psychology of Human Intelligence in Nigeria

Trained human intelligence and untrained human intelligence stand on a footing of manifest inequality. The Almighty God may have His reasons for not giving the gift of intelligence equally to every creature.

Perhaps we have to ask for wisdom and intelligence like King Solomon did. God said,” Ask and you shall be given, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you”.

IMAGE: Hernán Piñera
IMAGE: Hernán Piñera

A Chinese proverb says that diligence make people smart. If you have seen the LIGHT OF GOD, you will understand the positive and negative aspects of human intelligence.

Nigerian conception of and research on human intelligence yield shocking evidence.

There are men and women, who are evil. Their thoughts are evil. Their actions are evil. They hate other better endowed people. They plan evil and are irredeemably unconscionable. This is why corruption thrives unashamedly.

On the contrary, people with pure hearts triumph, the occasional spiritual attacks notwithstanding. In Nigeria, research into the actions of workers of iniquities reveals that demonized, reincarnated souls operate as psychics, mystics, agnostics, witches and wizards, who operate in the universal domain, in the service of the forces of darkness.

Where such mutilated souls are in ruler ship, the people suffer. The continued existence of Nigeria as an indivisible entity is attributable to the love and mercy of God. His power over known agents of the Luciferian hierarchy is total. The nymphs, the Owumiris, the occultists are in permanent rebellion against the divine plans of God for Nigeria.

God has kept them alive to see the glory of Nigeria, their foreign handlers plotted with them to destroy this land of praise-worship and devotion to God Almighty.

The tolunquar demons had assembled in the Second Heaven waiting for the result of the elections to be announced, so that they can manifest from spirit form to human form to cause mayhem in Nigeria.

God, the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost came down to ward off the Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian-type disorder “lovers” of Nigeria planed against us.

If you are living in the supernatural, you will be amazed at the hypocrisy of the so-called leaders, who hunt with the hounds are run with the hare.

The psychology of human intelligence in Nigeria, is dominated by the spirit of Mammon ( love of money) and Moloch( power and violence). As a result of the fact that there is no economic planning; the welfare of the people is uncared for.

The Nigerian elites care only for themselves. The spirit of universal brotherhood is lacking. They want the rest of society to beg them, worship them before they can offer crumbs from their stolen wealth.

As a result of the warped conscience that is prevalent in Nigeria, lives are wantonly destroyed by agents of the anti-christ. In the whole world, perverse attitudes are increasingly becoming to norm. Kidnapping, ritual killings, politically motivated social dislocations are rampant.

Intelligence research and assessment in Nigeria reveal that the scum of the earth, by hook or crook have dominated in the high councils of the land. Nigeria has survived as a result of the austere military interventions that had rescued our country, each time heartless politicians misdirected affairs.

The creation of more states created the atmosphere that put a halt to ethnic dominance, tribalism, and cultural derogation of minorities.

As a people think, so they behave. The colonial mentality of primitive wealth acquisition, advanced by collaborating with anyone with investment capability, affected the human intelligence attitude of some rich Nigerians.

A culture of total dependence on the intelligence products of Euro-American and Asian states has prevailed. No Nigerian government has put emphasis on the development of human intelligence.

I get mad, when I hear Nigerians citizens criticize the quality of some foreign products. Manufacture your own, I tell them. Your leaders put your money in foreign banks from where their entrepreneurs borrow and produce the goods you buy.

The predatory international divisions of labour, whereby emerging markets sell their raw materials at prices the Euro-American states dictate and we buy finished goods at the prices they dictate, attest to the human intelligence of African leaders.

The AZATA/NEPU Party will soon publish its sociocratic treatise, apply for registration, ally with   the emergent progressive forces in order to coordinate the political and military intelligence thrust for the liberation of Nigeria, from the throes of neo-colonial manipulations and control

On 29th May, 2015, Nigeria will swear-in a leader, who will clean up the society, set a new agenda for sociocratic governance, where rectitude and not wayorism, buccaneering, mediocrity, ethnic considerations, will be the cardinal principles of state policy.

Then, many foreign states will become our partners for progress. Those hindrances that kept them away would have been removed.

Unfortunately, those, who are of the same opinion still, will invent stratagems to frustrate our forward march. CCTV cameras will be installed all over Nigeria. Eternal vigilance will be the price of our liberty and forward march. WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED.

Nigeria is in the crucible of KARMA and REBIRTH and in the maelstrom of political colloquy.


IMAGE: Hernán Piñera

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