The Real Problems with Nigeria

by Sadiq Chuks Orji


The Foremost and the Overall Real Problem of Present-day Nigeria is Lack of Leadership. And if given a thorough determinism, the very Worse and the Greatest Problem that any Nation can ever face in this Modern World, is to Work Against Her own Self.

As a Nation, Nigeria have never ever Attempted to be Her own Real Self. She, Naturally has Her own Mind and Her own Languages and Her own Cultures and More. But, Nigeria’s Ceaseless blendings of Herself as “ A WHITEMAN IN BLACK SKIN ”; has often Created many more Problems for Her. She is no longer Ruled today by Colonial Masters, but all around Nigeria’s Body Politics and Society, are Prints of Neo-Colonialism and Falsehoods.

But, What will it hurt for Nigeria to, Truly and Unreservedly, Emancipate Herself Entirely from all Her Mineral and Economic Exploitations and Sabotage? What will it hurt for Nigeria to have such an Indigenous Form of Government that is Conveniently Suitable for Her own Particular Structure as a Nation?

Is it also of any hurt for every Subject to be Studied at all Levels of Nigeria’s Schools in any one of Nigeria’s Native Languages? And most of all, Can Nigeria ever have a True Leader that FREELY Walks in Streets and Farms and Markets and Homes and Villages, in Search and in Care and in Share of the Peoples’ real Needs and Sufferings?

Anyway, to say here that a Nation of numerous Tribes and Cultures and Languages and Religions can, easily Survive in Democracy, is as Pretentious as saying that people that Studies in Foreign Languages have really started Learning.

That is not to say here that Democracy and Lingua-franca are, necessarily a part of Nigeria’s Real Problems. I repeat: The Total Lack of True Leaders, is the Root of all the Problems that Nigeria is facing today. At least, there are over 200 different Tribes and Languages in Nigeria. And the greatest Mistake that anyone can ever make there, is to think that any of these Tribes, can Separately exist without the other. In short, the Ultimate Solution to Nigeria’s Real Problems, is to recognize this particular TRUTH.
For, what really matters is not the exact Name[s]; Qualifications; Gender; or the exact Tribal Origin of the People that are holding the Offices of Nigeria’s Government. What really matters there right now, is the Kind of Difference that any one of such Name[s] can ever make to the others before and around it.

A fact in Point is that Nigeria is, Ceaselessly having a Series of Rulers in almost all Her Government Offices. Hence, in the Actual Governance of Nigeria, there have never in reality been True Leaders. And to make it clear, Nigeria of today is really in a very Bad Shape because of Lack of Honest-Minded, Incorruptible, and Patriotic Leaders.

Please know that there is a very great Difference between “ A Ruler ” and “ A Leader ”. And as far as Present-day Nigeria is Concerned, the Right Answers to the Utmost and the Overall Needs and Sufferings of the Nigerian People, is Centered on nothing other than having an Honest-Minded, and an Incorruptible-Patriotic “ LEADERSHIP ”.

In other words, each and every living Sane and
Matured Nigerian Citizen, should be on the full
know that he or she is a Leader that is there in
question. Happily, Nigeria of today is largely made
up of Believing Muslims and Christians and more.
And as today’s Leaders of Nigeria, what is really
Needed there is to Plant Patriotism; Unity;
Understanding; Trust; Humility; and Honesty. For:

“ The Greatest Losers in the Life of this World are
not People that Lost Wealth and Properties; but
those who are Lost in Material Pursuits; and have no
Portions in Maintenance of Real Faith [in
God];…Those Whose Efforts goes Astray in the Life
of this World, Yet they Reckon that they are doing
Good Works ”. – A Teaching of Prophet Muhammad
[ s.a.w ] as well as that of Glorious Qur’an Chapter
18 Verses 103 and 104.

Back there in the Teachings of Christ Jesus [ a. s ],
He Narrated an Example of a Leadership, saying:

“ There was a Rich Man whose Manager was
Accused of Wasting his Possessions. So, the Rich
Man called the Manager and asked him: ‘ What is it
that I am hearing about you?. Give Me an Account of
your Management, because you can no longer be my
Manager ’.

The Manager said to himself: ‘ What shall I do now?
My Master is taking away my job. I am not strong
enough to dig, and I am Ashamed to beg. [Em!] I
know what I will do so that when I lose my job here,
people will at least, welcome me into their Houses ’.

So, he called in each of his Masters Debtors, and
asked the first: ‘ How much do you owe my
Master? ’. ‘ Eight Hundred Gallons of Olive Oil ’, he
replied. The Manager told him: ‘ Take your Bill, sit
down quickly, and make it Four Hundred ’. Then the
Manager asked the second Debtor: ‘ And how much
do you owe? ’. ‘ A Thousand Bushels of Wheat ’, he
replied. The Manager told him: ‘ Take your Bill and
make it Eight Hundred ’.

Here, the Master Commended his Dishonest Manger,
for Acting Shrewdly. This is because the people of
this World are far more Shred in Dealing with their
own kind than are the people of the Light. But I tell
you, use Worldly Wealth to Gain Friends for
yourselves; so that when it is Gone, you will be
Welcomed into Eternal Dwellings ”. – Bible Book of
Luke Chapter. 16 Verses 1 to 9.

To this end, Our Leadership Lessons from this very
Teaching of Christ Jesus [a.s], could be summarized
as follows:

i. That “ Whoever Forgoes the Things of This World for the Sake of God,
will Have Abundance in the
Hereafter [ God’s Kingdom ]. But,
Whoever Forgoes God for the Sake
of the Things of This World, will
Never be Satisfied; And in the
Hereafter, He or She will be
Will be of the Losers ”. – Prophet
Muhammad [ s.a.w ].

ii. That We Should Use Our Current
Position as Nigeria’s Leaders to,
Honestly Serve [ Our ] People. For,
even when that Position will be no
more in Our Hands, We will at least
be Welcomed into God’s
Everlasting Kingdom.

Truly, Nigeria is in Real Urgent Need of God-Conscious and Patriotic Good Managers or Leaders. For that Nation is not yet as bad as She could no longer be Purged of Her Problems and Challenges.

Just know, from the Teachings above that the Life of this Earthling Material World is only Once. It is very Short and, it is Temporary.

But, Oh! Nigerians!! If, at least your own Religion is Christianity, Please be a Good Christian. If yours is Islam, Please be a Good Muslim. And, if for Sure you are a True Nigerian, Please be Good!!!

For the More We are Patriotically Together, the Greater and Happier will be Our Futu

re and Many More Blessings !!!

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