The Recorded Tragedies of the World

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The history of the world has been a record of tragedies caused by the white, be they Europeans or Arabs.

From our look at the evidence, it seems as if the white people were born to be destroyed through wars.

Let us start from 1090. The Crusaders, religious zealots, marched into the Middle East, killing, maiming thousands of Muslims during the 1st Crusade which ended in the Crusader’s mighty defeat.

Jerusalem, Damascus, Aleppo (yes Aleppo) and other great cities were destroyed and later rebuilt and then destroyed again.

Under Genghis Khan, Alexander the “Great” Saladin and other sons of Satan, millions of souls were lost.

Then followed the Hundred years war, the seven years war, the 1st world war, the 2nd world war by Satan incarnate, Adolf Hitler.

The wars in Indo-China, Vietnam, Korea,  Egypt, Cuba, Congo, South Africa, Russo-Japanese war, Ukraine, Iraq, Libya, Syria, which is a shame to mankind, the United Nations and Ban Ki Moon’s weakness and ineffectiveness.

After Donald Trump won the US Presidency, we have witnessed talk and actions that could lead to a face-off with China, North Korea and a weakening of the Trans-Atlantic Alliance and the rise of Russia.

The problem with the world is the prevailing, but questionable idea that in all matters in this universe of man, the West and America are always right.

Starting from Iraq, who falsely claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?

Who introduced legitimatizing rebellion again democratically elected government?

Who put out the doctrine of “regime change”? Who propagated the doctrine of the “axis of evil”?

What is the difference between Russia supporting the Assad regime and Britain and America selling billions of weapons to Saudi Arabia to fight and destroy Yemen.

Christine Amanpour has been canvassing “War Crime Trails”. Who will try who? Who tried those who destroyed Vietnam, Korea, Libya, Iraq and deceived the Syrian opposition (rebels).

Things that are equal to the same things are equal to one another. The arrogance of the West in thinking that they are always right will remain evanescent mystique.

Tovarish Donald Trump must reflect on this essay, which is aimed at curbing his political impulses. He will have to decide whether to bring peace to the world or add to the tragedies of the world

Donald Trump’s policy towards Russia is right. How long are we going to continue this Russia/America stupid power politics?

This is why Clinton lost the election.  Satan’s agents, who sell arms for mass destruction of people, will lose.

God will bring peace to all peoples.

Amen and Amen!!!

Unto the Lord be the glory

Great things He has done!!!

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