The Retired Ambassador Peter Anegbeh’s Inaugural Diplomatic Coup d’état Speech: A Rejoinder (4)

Sat, August 21, 2010 1:32:52 PM

Hello Madam,

I have been instructed by Dr. Abdulkarim Mohammed, NIDOMY President, to forward the cost implication and probably, a breakdown of how the “Cultural Day” is anticipated to proceed.

We have deliberated extensively on this, bearing in mind the constrain that may be involved in mobilizing people for such programme. As a well thought way out, it was well considered that the programme be held on the day when NIDOMY’s annual National Day Programme is scheduled to take place. This memorable event of ours which is scheduled for the 25th September, 2010, will be hosting dignitaries which include, Mr. Babatude Fashola, Lagos State Governor, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, Former EFCC Chairman, Mr. Fola Adeola, Member, Presidential Advisory Committee, and Prof. Oye Ibidapo-Obe, former Vice-Chancellor, University of Lagos. We have received favourable response from these guests.

Consequent upon the foresaid, it seems prudent that the “Cultural Day” be held on the night of 25th September as it may be difficult mobilizing almost same crowd for another programme on a different day. Hence, the suggestion that this be called, “Cultural Night.” We are expecting explosive attendance as our invited guests are people’s wish and as things are, they can’t wait to see them arrive Malaysia.

As regards the cost, I will only suggest that provision be made for mobilization, entertainment of guests (refreshment) , publicity (banners and posters), miscellaneous, and honorarium for the MCs and event officers. The aspect of those performing the “Cultural Dance” is not looked into as it is my understanding that there subsists an arrangement in this regard.

As soon as I am done with my findings on each of the fore-listed items, the monetary implication will be forwarded to you.

Do accept my highest regards.

Mr. Adebiyi J.A. Abudugana


For the records, NIDOMY did not send any bill as promised in the letter, although this was to enable the High Commission plan its budget and not offer a cash gift to NIDO-MY.

However, there is the need to mention that there exists another letter which the NIDO-MY President sent directly to the High Commissioner on 1 September, 2010. As the Secretary General of NIDO-MY, I was preview to the letter whose copy is also provided below. The letter as it can be seen was mainly on the request for the usual diplomatic treatment that VIP Guests are often treated to.

Date: 1st September 2010

His Excellency
The High Commissioner
Nigeria High Commission
No.85 Janan Ampang hilir
Kuala Lumpur

Dear Sir,

Solicitation for Support during the Pre-National Independence Day Celebration Speech

Reference to an earlier email sent to the High Commission, which contains our plan for speeches to be delivered by some invited speakers, I wish to write to solicit for support from the Commission to help NIDO-MY accomplish the program successfully. Apart from the celebration scheduled for the 1st October, that is being organized by the High commission, NIDO-MY has invited some dignitaries from Nigeria to come to Kuala Lumpur to give speeches on the 25th September 2010. The confirmation for the attendance of the invited speakers is expected anytime from now and we will communicate this to the High commission as soon as they are received.

We will need some assistance from the High Commission in the areas of Protocol:

– Under this we are soliciting the able High Commission’s help in helping out to have the Guest Speakers received on arrival, and send back to the airport for departure to Nigeria at the completion of the program.

– To provide for local transportation for the invited speakers, which is to serve the purpose of conveying them from their Hotels to the venue of the lectures, which is tentatively scheduled for Universiti of Malaya Kuala Lumpur.

– Provide an appropriate Hotel accommodation for the invited Speakers for the two days they will be in Malaysia.

The speaker’s travel itinerary and any other details will be sent to the High Commission as we get them.

We will be very grateful if the High commission can assist as best as they could.

Thank You
Sincerely Yours

Abdulkarim Sabo Mohammed

NIDO-MY President

On the programme which held in Niko Hotel, while NIDO-MY is under no obligation to attend all programmes organized by the High Commission, it has been the principle of the outgoing NIDO-MY Executive that only programme that official invitation is issued, is that which its official shall attend. We challenge Mr. Anegbeh to provide such evidence, specifying when, how and who delivered the official invitation that he claimed was issued to NIDO-MY Executives.

After leveling concocted, malicious allegations against the outgoing NIDO-MY Executives, Mr. Anegbeh felt he has garnered sufficient reason to pass vote of no confidence on this leadership of a Non-Governmental Organization over which he doesn’t have any right whatsoever. However, overwhelmed by absolute authoritarianistic syndrome that was driving him deep into committing grave unconstitutional errors and by extension, overstretching his duty limits, Mr. Anegbeh declared in the sixth paragraph that, “At this juncture, you will agree with me that there is a compelling need for change and put the structure of NIDO-MY on a sound footing.” Is this not the same Mr. Anegbeh, who, un-solicitedly declared in the 2nd paragraph of his diplomatic coup d’état speech that “let me once again seize this opportunity to thank the pioneer … the outgoing team for the arduous task for putting NIDO-MY on track and on proper footing as envisioned by the Federal Government of Nigeria.” This diabolic trait at play is typical of a sociopath who according to a web source is:

typically defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. A sociopath is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused – it is done to get one’s way). Sociopaths have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. Sociopaths are often charming and charismatic, but they use their talented social skills in manipulative and self-centered ways.


Thereafter, the reasons why lies were woven together, un-constitutionalism officialized and authoritarianism diplomatized, was made manifest when Mr. Anegbeh announced that, “consequently, a Care Taker Committee (CTC) is hereby constituted to pilot the affairs of NIDO-MY for three months pending when the election would be conducted.” With this absolutist, anarchist and unconstitutional declaration, Mr. Anegbeh has used the premises and the name of the Nigerian Government to stage a diplomatic coup d’état, which will be fought with all logical and legal means available. This unprecedented diplomatic transgression would, as a result of actions that are being taken, be made the first and the last in the annals of Nigerian Foreign Affairs Commission.

The illegitimate CTC setup by Mr. Anegbeh if critically examined is made up of people of mixed sort. Some are known to have one or two criminal records in Malaysia as it is Mr. Williams Ididi Italumeh who was involved in a credit scam/money swindling fraud while transacting business of admission racketeering. Following the electoral defeat suffered by Mr. Ididi as a treasurer candidate during the 2008 NIDO-MY elections, he wrote to challenge the outcome of his election. Mr. Anegbeh made spirited effort to make sure that justice was subverted in order to declare Mr. Ididi as the winner of the treasurership election. The 2008 NIDO-MY El

ectoral Committee Chairperson, Dr. Yusuf Ibrahim Arowosaye, a practicing lawyer and University lecturer warned Mr. Anegbeh of the implications of his untoward bid to influence Mr. Ididi’s petition and even caution him that he, Mr. Anegbeh, does not have the right of interference in NIDO-MY affairs. The petition was after detailed investigation, dismissed for lack of merit and locus. Again, Mr. Ididi is observed to be frequent at the Nigeria High Commission premises than at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), where he is student. He was one of the sources used in sending the fractionalizing text message used in summoning the illegal c assembly where he was unilaterally and unconstitutionally declared a member of the Anegbeh’s faction of NIDO-MY by the latter.

Mr. Patrick Nwabueze Okechukwu is another questionable character on the list of the illegitimate CTC that was set up by Anegbeh. Although a lecturer at the University Sedaya College Malaysia, he has known records as a dubious admission racketeerer. One of the victims of Mr. Okechukwu was a student who was deceived that he has been successfully offered graduate admission into Multi Media University (MMU) Malaysia. The innocent chap who had completed his undergraduate programme in one of the Nigerian universities was later made to know by this lecturer turned admission agent that he could only be enrolled into an undergraduate programme at MMU’s Malaka campus. It took the intervention of well-meaning Nigerians to bail the victim out of this messy travail by getting him admission offer into UPM as a graduate student and this was done without any charges. The man who has since completed his master’s programme and now on his doctorate’ programme revealed that many people are victims of Mr. Nwabueze’s racketeering work. All of this is known to Mr. Anegbeh. Birds of a feather, it is said, flock together.

Another name on the list of Mr. Anegbeh with dubious record is Mr. Popoola Mufutau, who years back in Malaysia made the newspaper headlines for fake currency. Mr. Mufutau was on a number of occasions, prior to the 50th Independence Anniversary scolded by Mr. Anegbeh as peddler of dubious business. It was during the fundraiser for the 50th Independence Anniversary that Mr. Anegbeh announced Mr. Mufutau as a changed person.

The likes of Ms Aisha Lawal Kolo, a student at Limkokwing University, Malaysia and Mrs. Adebola Babatunde (student at Universiti Utara Malaysia), when contacted by the NIDO-MY Secretariat, confessed that prior to the said meeting, they were never aware of anything called NIDO-MY. Both of them said that they were contacted directly and indirectly by Mr. Anegbeh. They revealed there is a National assignment that requires their attention. They were misinformed that leadership vacuum exists in NIDO-MY and that this well structured body, neither has a constitution, nor, is it properly focused. These two women narrated how surprised they were to see their names on the iniquitous CTC list. We have no reason to doubt the innocence of these two women as victims of misinformation. They have pledged to dissociate themselves from such unlawful activities. Below are copies of the letters to Ms Aisha Lawal Kolo and Mrs. Adebola Babatunde written to the innocent duo.

Fw: Anegbehgate: The Aborted Diplomatic Coup D’etat and Scam Aimed at Hijacking the Leadership of NIDO-MALAYSIA

Nigeria Ikeja <>

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Dear Ms Aisha Lawal Kolo,

Thanks for hosting us yesterday. Your innocence about the illegitimate gathering which, against your wish, you were lured to attend was evident during our lively interaction.

It was pleasing to note that it was with shock that you heard your name being mentioned as a member of the illegitimate Care Taker Committee (CPC) that was unlawfully set up by Mr. Anegbeh.

You are assured of being exonerated of any complicity that may arise from the Diplomatic Coup D’état that was stagged by Mr. Anegbeh to destabilize the affairs of NIDOMY, a Non-Governmental Organization.

It is our hope that as promised, you will not be involved in any way in the activities of this infamous CPC.

Since you are yet to be a registered member of NIDOMY, as some who is within the brace of qualified potential member, please, if you so wish to be our registered member, visit our website, to download, fill and submit the membership application form to our Secretariat.

As a piece of advice, please make sure that in the near future, adequate findings about any gathering you are invited to is made, because, ignorance, it is said, is no excuse in law.

While assuring you of our esteemed regards as a constitutionally existing Non-Governmental Organization, it is our pleasure to send, the article and Secretariat report below as a way of further exposing the despicable motives behind the inflammatory meeting which you attended against your will on 20 November, 2010 at the Nigeria High Commission.

Thanks and my regards.

Adebiyi Jelili A. Abudugana
Secretary General, NIDOMY

Written by
Adebiyi Jelili Abudugana
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