The Retired Ambassador Peter Anegbeh’s Inaugural Diplomatic Coup d’état Speech: A Rejoinder (3)

by Adebiyi Jelili Abudugana

Anegbehgate: The Aborted Diplomatic Coup D’etat and Scam Aimed at Hijacking the Leadership of NIDO-MALAYSIA

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Dear Mrs Adebola Babatunde,

Thanks for our heart-to-heart phone conversations of 20, 21 and 23 November, 2010. Your innocence about the illegitimate gathering which, you were deceived to attend, based on the dummy that it was a call for National assignment, was evident during our lively interactions. As the Secretariat General of NIDOMY, I hope to take your words that you are a law abiding citizen and responsible mother who will never be involved in anything untoward.

It was pleasing to note that it was with shock that you heard your name being mentioned as a member of the illegitimate Care Taker Committee (CPC) that was unlawfully set up by Mr. Anegbeh. It was even more surprising that your were hoodwinked by Mr. Anegbeh, to believe, amongst other erroneous things, that NIDOMY does not have a legitimate and democratically elected leadership.

You are assured of being exonerated of any complicity that may arise from the Diplomatic Coup D’état that was stagged by Mr. Anegbeh to destabilize the affairs of NIDOMY, a Non-Governmental Organization.

It is our hope that as promised, you will not be involved in any way in the activities of this infamous CPC.

Since you are yet to be a registered member of NIDOMY, as some who is within the brace of qualified potential member, please, if you so wish to be our registered member, visit our website, to download, fill and submit the membership application form to our Secretariat. Upon the confirmation of your membership, you will be provided with our Constitution, which Mr. Anegbeh mischievously claimed as non-existent.

As a piece of advice, please make sure that in the near future, adequate findings is made about any gathering you are invited to attend, because, ignorance, it is said, is no excuse in law.

While assuring you of our esteemed regards as a constitutionally existing Non-Governmental Organization, it is our pleasure to send, the article and Secretariat report below as a way of further exposing the despicable motives behind the inflammatory meeting which you attended against your will on 20 November, 2010 at the Nigeria High Commission.

Thanks and my regards.

Adebiyi Jelili A. Abudugana
Secretary General, NIDOMY

Dr. Moukhtar Mohammed Mai whose name was, without any prior notification, also included on the blacklisted CTC list has also written to the arrowhead of the coup. Please see the doc attached below.

Let it be on record that the outgoing NIDOMY Executives will not succumb to attempt by Mr. Anegbeh and his buddies, to hijack our beloved Organization nor make it infected with drug peddlers, admission racketeers, marriage scammers, human traffickers, and full-blown or sympathizers of fraudsters. It was because of these sorts of characters that Mr. Anegbeh is trying to smuggle into NIDO-MY that our Organization was for a long time denied registration by the Malaysian government. Same set of damnable characters were the ones, who once NIDO-MY once lose its moral right to attract members of impeccable status. We say no to plunge Mr. Anegbeh’s reckless adventure to take NIDO-MY into the dark era.

We have fought tooth and nail to place NIDO-MY on the right track. With zero tolerance for crime and questionable activities, the incumbent President, Dr. AbdulKarim initiated and institutionalized series of internal mechanisms that ensured that no member of his administration is incidentally or directly linked with anything untoward. Different approaches were also used to institutionalize and support various groups that are committed to the same objective. All these bear on our regime’s effort to register NIDO-MY, which practically, could be said to have sailed through. This is another rare feat in the history of the Organization. It took disciplined leadership and commitment to our re-branding initiative to achieve this. Therefore, we will fight with all means logical, and legitimate to resist, stampede and put a halt to Mr. Anegbeh’s plot to hijack NIDO-MY and take our Association into the dark era.

We are proud to flout our achievements as leaders who have done their best to serve with vision and astute commitment to our electoral pledges. It has been our philosophy that the NIDO-MY will never again relate or admit questionable characters as members. Guided by this value, the Dr. AbdulKarim-led NIDO-MY leadership desisted from soliciting any form of open-for-all financial assistance as this was one way through which questionable characters could have penetrated our ranks. If Mr. Anegbeh has made use of this philosophy during the 50th Independence anniversary fundraiser, probably, he would not have landed himself in the messy situation he is now. As an alternative, we, the outgoing leadership of NIDO-MY developed a look-inward financial income generation policy thrust which leveraged on the executive members, the obligation of financing projects embarked upon. It was through this that we financed our Website project, another first of its kind in the history of NDOMY and other ones.

As intellectuals who are blessed with the powers of hindsight and as those who have learnt from past experience, our leadership cardinalized well-crafted, waterproof and constitutionally bounded membership admittance rules which have been institutionalized within a policy framework that can only admit men of integrity. This measure was taken in order to safeguard against the emergence of faceless groups that will take this budding Organization into the dark era. If this is one of our crimes, as a mission oriented leadership, then, Mr. Anegbeh, we accept our fate and do not regret our actions.

It is based on the above backdrop that we have refused to be distracted by fringe elements, nocturnal marauders, diplomatic coup d’état plotters, glorifiers of illegality, to provoke, distract, factionalize, hijack and hand over NIDO-MY to people of questionable characters and peddlers of diabolic interest.

We thank our members for maintaining their calm, despite the fact they are been provoked beyond the bounds of human possible tolerance limit. Our leadership also expresses its gratitude to the esteemed members of the courteous and dogged-minded Electoral Committee, EC, whose nominations were effected by non-defaulters and approved by men of proven integrity.


With this suicidal diplomatic summersault and officialization of arbitrariness, vis-à-vis the unlawful interference in the affairs of a Non-Governmental Organization, “orderliness,” as stated the outgoing Vice-President, Dr. Abdul Kabir Solihu, “and arbitrariness are on a collision course. The former will surely triumph over the latter”. Our leadership will never consent to any attempt to take NIDO-MY back into the dark era. Our doors remain shut against people of damnable past and the criminal minded ones who are tarnishing the image of our country in the foreign land.

Since the Federal Government has been indicted by Mr. Anegbeh as the brain behind his untoward action, we therefore request that:

1. The Federal Government should issue a statement of disclaimer of its non-involvement in the damnable action of Mr. Anegbeh, High Commission staff and their cohort to unlawfully hijack the leadership and affairs of NIDO-MY, A Non-Governmental Organization.

2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should effect the posting of a new High Commissioner to Malaysia since Mr. Anegbeh’s tenure has not only elapsed but also, retired from service since June 2010.

3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should investigate other staff of the Commission who have been indicted in the said plo

t and sanction them accordingly.

4. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be mandated to retract the speech read by Mr. Anegbeh during the illegal gathering which he chaired on the 20 November, 2010 and declared the CTC as creation of illegality

5. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should write an official apology to the entire members of NIDO-MY for the pains they have been made to go through owing to the inaction of their staff in Malaysia

As we anticipate prompt and remedying action from the necessary quarters, we wish to assure our members that NIDO-MY affairs is entirely theirs and that there exists no other recognized NIDO-MY leadership except the one they have constitutionally elected.

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ije November 28, 2010 - 10:44 pm

wonderful, this message must be spread bcos our Missions are stinking in corruption


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