The Return Of Aladin

by Ekenyerengozi Michael Chima

Have changed your style of music now? I mean different from the style you’ve performed in Nigeria?

Answer: As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention. I had to re-invent the Mc in me during my first months in Austria. I was mcing to drum & bass, uk garage & breakbeats, dancehall etc. as a result, I got invited to feature on releases from different artists because they saw I could sing, rap, fling inna Jamaican dancehall style et al. So, 70% of my style has been different the last 3years.

How many CDs have you sold in Austria?

Answer: None. Because I haven’t released any album from me. But my collaborative efforts have been okay. One of the songs I wrote with I-Wolf of the Sofa Surfers collective stayed on the Austrian fm4 charts for four weeks late last year.

You perform in concerts, nightclubs and bars?

Answer: I started out here in the clubs and moved on to perform at festivals and private functions with different formations.

Are you more appreciated in Austria than in Nigeria?

Answer: I would say it is relative, but I guess more in Nigeria because I had an album released already. There have been calls for me to work on releasing an album here but it should take a while still.

Now on your latest CD. Can you tell us what is so special about it and why should millions of music lovers like it enough to buy your CD?

Answer: After a period where my artistic freedom has been limited by different causes in the last years after my first Nigerian album, it is yet time again to reflect the natural African Aladin. Adding my other influences from my experiences here, this cd should be titled Aladin Extra! I want my fans and music lovers to expect God’s miracle unfolding in this new work. It’s not just me singing anymore! Something has happened and you will know when you hear.

So, you assume this CD will sell and will be a best seller?

Answer: Yes. It’s a revelation! These are the years of the aladin.

How are you promoting and distributing the CDs?

Answer: As we speak, two videos are already almost finished and ready to go. In Nigeria, I intend to get a promoter/marketer or a licensee to handle it. This time around, no dealing with new labels, we would get that established label that would put in the promotion needed to have the desired results.

Are you going to go on the road? Touring Europe?

Answer: With this new album, everything so far has been self-investment with support from my wife and a few Austrian friends; so touring Europe has not been planned yet because of funding. But as soon as some investment in that area surfaces, it would be.

When are you going to Nigeria?

Answer: I will be in Nigeria soon. The new album gets released before the end of `2005.

Is this a visit or you are returning back to your country to settle down and perform there?

Answer: I can’t settle down completely in Nigeria now until I can sure have things prepared for my family to come down. So, this is back to keep the roots alive. I am actually destined to be globetrotting with performances in different lands and places. That is the dream.

Your wife is Austrian?

Answer: No, she is Bulgarian.

How and when and where did you meet?

Answer: we met in Church here in Vienna.

How long have you been married?

Answer: for three & a half years.

How many children do you have?

Answer: We are blessed with 3 children.

Where do you see yourself in the music world in ten years time from now?

Answer: First, I should have gotten one or two Grammy before then which has been one of my dreams since I started out almost 13years ago. Be involved in all the humanitarian endeavours God has put on my mind and have my own professional studio and record label to nurture other upcoming artists.

Thank very much Aladin.

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Anonymous February 22, 2006 - 9:53 am

Aladin the mysterious snger. Came on the Nigerian scene,fizzled out and i wondered what happenned.Now i know and am glad he's living his dream steadily in Austria. I itch to see you rock the music waves in the years ahead. Cheerz. Kunle Shittu,Lagos,Nigeria


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