The Role of Military Intelligence and Diplomacy in the Era of World Terrorism: A Note to the UN Security Council Members

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The exponential spread of both domestic and international terrorism has inevitably has made it imperative to curb certain democratic rights in civil societies around the world.

I hereby call on the Members of the Security Council to resolve unequivocally to restore the position of international law in regulating international disputes and conflicts;

Re-affirm the dignity of human life and the equality of states big or small;
Reject wars as instruments of national policies in tune with the provisions of the Brian Kellogg Pact of 1928.
Resuscitate the work of the Economic and Social Council, whose duties seem to have been usurped by the G7, G8, and such other formidably named groupings;

Eliminating discord in the work of the Security Council by strict adherence to international law and diplomatic law, humanitarian law, the laws of war and other regulatory body of laws that are norms of the body of jus cogens;

Expand the membership of the United Nations Security Council, adding states from emerging economies; ‘
Review the work of the International Criminal Court and infuse it with powers to try all leaders, who are on record as having violated international law world-wide, and address the complaints by developing nations in Africa that the ICC has selective powers and since “justitia neminem excusat, ”the ICC must act as a judicial organ and not as a respecter of persons, or lose its judicial credibility.

It is the bounden duty of military intelligence operatives to safeguard the lives and property of citizens by paying attention to, and curbing the nefarious activities of terrorists, wherever they are found.
There is need for a regime of international relations rooted in international law and diplomatic practice.
Military intelligence is a very vital institution in this era of world terrorism. International intelligence co-operation is necessary if the scourge can be successfully contained.
The United Nations Organization is no long as effective as it was when member states adhered strictly to the rules and norms of international and diplomatic practice.

This failure can be traced to the educational background of some of the Secretary-Generals of the UN and some Presidents and Prime Ministers in major states in the last twenty years, who did not acquaint themselves deeply with the subject.

During the Iraqi war, a journalist drew the attention of George Bush jnr to the fact that invading Iraq, without a formal declaration of war violated international law. He threw up his hands saying” International law? I better consult my lawyer”.
Military intelligence operations must respect the norms of international humanitarian law and international diplomatic practice.

I have observed that states quote international legal rules, when they wish to criticize the illegal activities of other states, but turn a blind eye if they offend against international norms and conduct in their state behaviour.

Lack of observance of international law in international affairs precipitates crisis, which later become intractable with the attendant loss of lives and destruction of cities. This is followed by hypocritical lamentations about the number of women and children killed, a factor that should have been reckoned with when the devil entered the brains of political leaders.

In the last twenty years, little or no resort was made to international legal rules in Bosnia, Hegzovina, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria and as a result, some impunity crept into the international behaviour of most states.
They avoided the democratic setting of the General Assembly of the United Nations to create G7, G8, G20, where they take decisions on behalf of the “INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY”.

The world must co-operate to breakdown the strongholds of satan and erect foundations for their replacement with the KINGDOM OF GOD on earth, so that there will be peace.

The existence of groups that usurp the democratic participation of member-states of the United Nations, erect the International Court of Selective Justice for the leaders of weak states can be the reason for the rejection of the world as it is.

The present international system has led to subjective notions of righteousness, which reserves the authority to issue orders to lesser states, denying the equitable principle of par in parem non habet imperium, a cardinal principle of international law.

In spite of the existence of international legal rules and norms of diplomatic conduct, prejudice, subjective likes and dislikes preference of parties to conflicts, both domestic and international, beclouded rational judgments.

War-mongering, blood thirsty politicians, who love to fan the embers of conflicts, readily take to the microphone advocating the sending of troops and weapons to widen the conflagrations, during conflicts.
As I watch these human agents of satan. who do not hesitate to waste the sons and daughters of God, Almighty, the spirit ministers to me that they are from the deep pits of hell, where they shall return.
In the last twenty years, it got so bad that sovereign states adopted policies of openly supporting rebellion in other states.

In the world today, there are two dominant world-views, each claiming superior virtues. At times, disagreement with either of them can and has led to hatred, which has manifested in violent attacks in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Libya, now Syria, with vicious demonstrations in Turkey and Mali.
The catch is that justifications for the colossal waste of human lives become trite, when weighed in the crucible of logical determinism.

Governments that were elected by the people or who were rigged into office suddenly take on a know-all attitude and they try to force down hare-brained decisions upon the populace hurting their sensitivities.
Protests are met with batons, tear-gas, and chemicals bought with the people’s tax money. This dispensation will fail! Life on earth has really become “ nasty, brutish and short”
Governments, whose tenures are transient anyway, survive on military and police action and legislative props.

In international affairs, occult brotherhood operations lead to group dynamics that have led to interventions in other states internal affairs.
It makes diplomacy difficult because states talk at cross purposes. State operatives, wearing the epaulets of decorated state authority, dislike arguments that do not agree with their dogmatic notions.
This puts a problem on dialogue.

Never should there be world in which there are no dissenting views. One can see arrogance and intransigence in the diplomatic behavior of “we are always right states” and the contempt they hold of those with divergent views. This creates problems for problem-solving efforts.
Diplomacy must accept superior, rational view points and not dogmatic assertions and ideological irredentism.

The acute need for military intelligence surveillance is very germane because of the proliferation of dangerous weapons in the hands of people in disguise fighting for democracy.
What democracy do we have in Iraq, in Libya and what demon crazy are we going to have in Syria? Political actions based on hatred later throw up more problems “than those deemed to have been solved.” See Korea, see Iraq, see Libya, see Mali etc.

The new Iranian President baptized and christened as a moderate has thrown the weight of Iranian military intelligence behind Syria.He has declared that Iranian nuclear programmer will continue.
If the wrong steps are taken by world leaders, the planet could be seized by seismic vibrations that could push all of us to the manifold.

The World Military Association may wish to evaluate some controversial decisions their Commanders-in- Chief make and ask themselves how right it is for them to battle their own brothers and sisters in t

he streets with tear-gas and water pumps.
When Spartacus saw injustice in the behaviour of the Roman Kings, he led a revolt that changed the Roman world.

The proper role of military intelligence is to gather relevant information that will the military to protect the people and their countries, not to sustain dictators in office through hard attitudes. At BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, Bradford Office, we recorded how many policemen and soldiers have either lost their lives or were severely wounded in quelling riots caused by puerile decisions of leaders in the last thirty years.

These could have been avoided if rational judgment had adorned some of the decisions. No-one came into this world to die for questionable political causes, while those, who engaged in them live to be octogenarians and nonagenarians,The truth is that as meritocracy propels peopleocracy, rulers of entities will be more cautious in taking demon-possessed decisions to feed the sons and daughters of God to dark forces that put them in power.

The evasion of citizen’s privacy is a fearful thought. Because some individuals want to stay in political office, they now want to monitor fellow citizens through dirty tricks and electronic surveillance.
People of the world the anti-christ is slowly taken over our affairs. Deaths are no longer dreadful, wars are desirable events, hatred is at its heights, sacrilege is common, rapes, murders, deception, monetary crisis has deepened, hunger is biting and unwashed, scruffy and weird hair-styles give the demonic look to men, who kill children for fun.

Do you see the end-times announcements?
Then embrace Christ as Lord and Saviour and you will have peace in spite of the turmoil in the world.
It is in Christ that the security we seek for resides. The righteous shall live by faith, not by military intelligence.

Dante’s Inferno and Dan Brown’s pathetic hallucinations will not be appropriate allegorical portraits.
At the recent G8 meeting, there was disagreement between Russia and the Western governments over Syria, which may prove a set-back to the proposed the Geneva Conference.

The world is divided amongst states with different worldviews, which are irreconcilable.
China has increased its military budget. Japan has freed itself from the impositions put on its constitution after the Second World War. The Taliban has stepped up its campaign in Afghanistan. Iraq is engulfed in regular bombings of its citizens.
The rigmarole diplomatic pattern of North Korean government does not create the basis for peaceful co-existence.

As a result of all these dangerous conflicts and conflict situations, eternal vigilance will be the price of liberty and this inevitably puts pressures on military intelligence director in all states.
The Assange affair and the Edward Snowden leaking of vital military intelligence of the US is disturbing. Trusted hands should be put in charge of sensitive posts.

Effective military intelligence has served the United States well. The military intelligence of the United States led to the Allies victory. It has also been responsible for the safety of the US after 9/11.
Intelligence monitoring of the movement of nuclear weapons, the practice of money laundering, immigration of mercenaries and other questionable characters fall within the purview of military intelligence in the era of world terrorism.

The United Nations Security’s fractious state as of now, does not present the co-operation, evinced in its ability to conduct its affairs properly.

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