The Sacred Of Nigerian Traditional Values

by L.Chinedu Arizona-Ogwu

Sycophant and political praise singers are playing their drums into the political office holder’s bedroom. They go not just for praise yet, but to showcase their selfish-will not minding the detriment and negative reflection.

In Vain glory, self-style propaganda, unholy dealing, selfish- imagination, unwholesome Pay and flay justice keeping rings alongside their wave. I hardly denote these people to be Nigerians; they behave like strangers. They come inside national debate, but bate offside. They are with us by touch but not as such. They refuse to open up, just to hide feelings to remain indecisive; never to be held responsible for any failure in national matters. They never acknowledge blames, because they feel they can always work their way out; just like the Chameleon. They play “godfathers” should the national cake go divided, shared or pocketed.

They are everywhere around and within the government houses, but the fools in governance are the only people victimized. They lure those we vote in to divert our money just to meet up with their selfish cut. For as much as these people are among us, Nigeria would need emotionally cooked people that could remain defiant to always rule us, and work against these miscreants.

The advent of democracy witnessed a setback from these miscreants despite the effort of ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo to set the ball rolling. I feel the Otta Chief was left with frustrated effort. Sorry oo oh! Is it that the reputed Otta Farmer ruled us and failed meeting our need, or that he ruled us and needed to meet political praise singers among us? No wonder he danced all the way! He danced and dozed into presidential “hear-say” to draw a battle line with his own deputy in office. He danced and date injustices unto those that know and save the truth. He danced and drew hypocrites into his regime.

I am not surprise his past is hunting his future. Not minding his recent utterance “ I pity Nigeria”, the Egba chief is seeing his future frustrated, not only on tomorrow but as me and you were seeing it, and as the wrath of law is taking it. That senator Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello serving as a Senator in this nation, tends to remain inept against dangers ahead is ease to reason. It is assumed that this senator is living with her integrity encased, but she refuses to acknowledge that she has nine lives to hurdle. Hardly did I knew she was the same senator whom the US District Court charged for her own child kidnapping, the same senator christen into “Damilola Datillon” just to effect unexecuted contract with an Austrian firm while heading the ministry of Health for her own Ogun State. And again the same senator flung her shoe against a fellow in the house to chide a debate she opposed. What manner of a senator?

Today, her counsel has paid for full page of certain newspapers to refute her involvement in the looming ministry of health scam; part of which nailed Prof. Adenike Grange and the members of her ministry. What were they expecting? How were they trying to lead? By example or by ample! What about those of us who has pass through the test-tube and the laboratory of the EFCC? Were they not proof? Were they not tried and through? Haba! It is now appearing as if truly there is selective justice in Nigeria.

This incident cannot happen in the western world; here culprits either resign or get chided. Why the other way rounds here? These events denote that immunity has lost control to collide with the Rule of Law. If not, how good does it appear that reputable Nigerians who are well respected in the general hall of Fame and supposed to be up and doing deviate from the truth just for “thirty pieces of silver”? I rarely believe that with the capacity and weight of Chief Afe Babalola and his law chambers, injustices could be dressed up in the likeness of social justice. I feel so disappointed to see this honourable “lord at law” rescued from the “Galaxy Backbone” controversies of the PTDF saga, where he plunged in, for the love of money. And again I am feeling emotionally down to envisage the same Afe Babalola and his law chambers challenging the legality of the EFCC to hunt Ms Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello. If I may ask; where were the Afe’s and the Babalola’s when the EFCC entrapped Prof. Fabian Osuji and forced Chief Adolphus Wabara to surrender his senate leadership position? Was it not Baba Iyabo who openly broadcasted the scam? Chief Afe Babalola and his law chambers shouldn’t make the nation’s justice system a laughing stock, because the world is watching.

The world is watching him and his law chambers bidding to upturn justice. We all see his write-up inside some pages of newspapers refuting the charges the EFCC has against Ms Obasanjo-Bello. The chambers rebuttal inside certain newspapers defending Iyabo’s causes and actions appeared not only misleading but betrayal of the nation’s justice. If Iyabo is harassed, which other modalities is she responding to since she boldly refused the EFCC latest invitation. This chamber claims that the issue before the court was defective whereas the culprit refused to show up. Is it not left for the court of law to prove a culprit wrong or right? Why are Babalola and his law chambers trying to obstruct an arrest from being effective? Which nation’s constitution were they relying upon to present their case other than money? How can Chief Afe Babalola and his law chamber organize a kangaroo court session to counter-attack the Nigerian law court and to ridicule our judicial system? I am becoming ashamed of the whole thing.

When we see these images from what we politely call lesser-developed countries, we know what it means. It means people live with the daily hardship of collapsed infrastructures. They live with environmental degradation. They are resigned to inequality as a way of life. The people struggle under corrupt ruling elites of big corporations, crony politicians and the military. Citizens face government secrecy, contempt for the rule of law, the loss of civil and human rights, and rigged elections. Families live with the austerity and instability endemic to an insolvent government indentured to global finance capital.

This present government, this new regime democracy, has been called the “dreaming democracy.” That’s what we are here to do together: re-imagine the nation. We’re dreaming a world where our children can fit. It is at once a new dream but undue vision far beyond 2020.

Nigerians pray and say it with simple elegance: “our entire heritage.” We are learning the hard way that the nation and all life is protected, that we are all economically viable and reliable, that we are all related. The scientists are confirming what the poets and philosophers have known all along: that we are all one. As Chinua Achebe, the Native Nigerian writer and teacher, puts it, “In a universe of beings intimately related, this nation is our family, and that family has family values. The family values of this Nigerian land are gratitude – respect for nature’s cycles – the sacred – harmony – and above all, reciprocity – don’t take something without giving something back. What needs to happen is a return to these traditional Nigerian values.”

We come together to give thanks, to celebrate, to walk in beauty. What we hold sacred is responsibility itself. It’s time for the law of the land to return as the law of our land.

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