The Seven Stations of the Egyptian Cross: The Military Coup in Egypt (3)

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The reign of the Pharaohs of Egypt was characterized by satanic worship. There were magicians, mystics, psychics, fortune-tellers, powerful mediums, prophets and seers, occultists, spirits and priestesses, spiritual healers, agnostics, atheists, visionaries and stigmatism, all in the service of the Luciferian hierarchy.

The Pharaohs of Egypt ruled as task-masters and the people including the Jews and other colonized people were treated with extreme cruelty. Then God sent Moses and the tide turned against Egypt.
Second, was the first military coup by G.A.Nasser and the flirtation with socialist-oriented governance.
Third, was the regime of Anwar Sadat, who was ready to make peace with Israel? He was assassinated by the Egyptian military.

Four, the well-funded but externally manipulated regime of Hosni Mubarak ruled for over thirty years, strengthening extreme state control of all aspects of life in Egypt, through the magnification of military/intelligence power and legislative props.

Five, was the uprising of the feral, marginalized underclass and oppressed people of Egypt, which culminated in the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood coming to power, an event that did not sit well with some states, and the Egyptian ruling elite.

Six, the overthrow of a democratically elected government led by Morsi, who was expected to level the pyramids in one day, bring down manna from heaven, merge the White and Blue Niles, level the Grand Canyon. Water the Sahara Desert and turn Egypt into a Nirvana.
Seven, the third coming of the military in an operation that has proved very deadly, divisive and awesomely orthopedic.

Over six thousand Egyptians were killed on 13th to 16th August, 2013. These gruesome events happened on the 13th month, in the 13th year of the 21st century, lending credence to the superstitious belief about the number 13.

The crack-down of the opposition resulted in gruesome deaths of men, women, and children. There was an element of genocide because the crack-down was targeted against a religious group.
The laws of humanitarian conflict were violated. It was universally acknowledged that excessive military force was used, which the prime minister approved.

At last, the scales fell from the blurred vision of geo-political gamblers and skeptics, who saw the coup as a Boy Scouts outing.

From the look of things, “ a friend in power is a friend lost” as both the military and the people have shown hostility towards the US because Senator John McCain said that what happened in Egypt in early July “was a coup.”

As a result, America will no longer deliver the military jets, it had earlier promised to send to Egypt. Legally, Congress may wish to review the aid money to Egypt, since leading Senators are now convinced that a military coup had indeed taken place and not what Secretary Kelly erroneously postulated as “consolidation of democracy.”

The Security Council of the UN and the EU’s Lady Ashton have said that they were contemplating appropriate measures against the Egyptian regime. Ecuador has recalled its Ambassador from Egypt.
The African Union has suspended Egypt from the Organization.

Dolling out money is not the best way to win friends and influence nations. A military friend in power is a friend lost.
If America loses Egypt, it has lost the Middle East. If America loses its waning influence in the Middle East, serious situations may develop.

The Egyptian regime said that they “are fighting Islamist terrorists.” This may resonate with the West, but this may wittingly or unwittingly broaden the dispute to involve Islamists in other places.
Are these terrorist Islamists also among those, who for eighty years lived in Egypt?

Are all those, who served under Morsi among the Islamic terrorists? Are the women and children, who were killed at Tahir Square Islamic terrorists?

The Suez Canal must be open for peaceful navigation. The Palestinian-Israeli peace process must stay on top gear. It is imperative for the Syrian adventure to abate.

A WORLD PEACE CONFERENCE must be summoned quickly. Russo American relations as well as Sino-American/ Japanese relations must be normalized. North Korea should engage in meaningful relations with South Korea.

All nuclear weapons must be kept very safe or destroyed before unwholesome hands entertain themselves in a ghoulish enterprise.

The time has passed when government advisers toy with human lives by their inane political analysis and self-serving postulations.

The End-times are approaching and satanic demons are located in state-houses, dispensing satanic advice that lead to crisis and destruction, as we have seen since the Iraqi invasion, which has hyped the Sunni-Shiite divide, the destruction of Libya, Syria and now Egypt.

American business brings money, but American friendship does not fare well in the end.
How long can it take nations before we appreciate that telling other nations how to conduct their affairs merely infuriates them,for a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still!!!

The crack in the Egyptian edifice, occasioned by El Baradei Judasiac turnaround is very telling. He aided and abetted treasonable felonies. His quitting before the tide turns is merely a mitigating factor in the Egyptian state upheaval in a ghoulish enterprise.

People should look before they leap into rottenness. The attitude of the so-called international community is dubious, unclear, maverick and coated with fractional distillations.
In Egypt, nothing is more dangerous than a military idea, when it is the only one. Their truth has crystallized into a disputed dogma.

Egypt is a favoured tourist destination. In the last twenty-four hours, the United States, Britain, France, Germany and many other states have warned their citizens not to travel to Egypt and that those living there should leave.

Also diplomatic missions are closing up by the day. In Egypt future fears are in a wine bottle.
A military regime has started a row and is demanding obedience and apology.
The rule of law and the rule of force are definitely hard to reconcile.

The Muslim Brotherhood must also realize that “an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind, according to Rev. Martin Luther King.

The solution to the Egyptian crisis is to use the Malian approach, instead of relying on a rented crowd’s support for illegitimacy. Let new elections be held urgently for the world to see, who will win and by how much.

Till the Almighty God sends a Moses, Egypt will be hunted by a premonition that it suffer more pains.

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