The Third Coming of Benjamin Netanyahu

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

I had written on the Second Coming of Benjamin Netanyahu years ago, after he took power in Israel. Months later, I met Mr. Roy Sapoznich, who is an Israel political consultant and business man. We discussed the highlights of the article. I later re-read the Holy Bible and won inspirational insights into the strength of Israel.

Benjamin is an anointed person, who was endowed with the inner ministration of the glory of God and His goodness to Israel. With this early awareness, he girded his loins throughhis youthful days in arduous application of his mental intelligence. He achieved his academic goals, enrolled in the diplomatic corps of Israel, rose to the rank of Ambassador of the first rank. He spoke ebulliently in defence of Israel in the Committee of Nations. He thenconfronted the political parties in Israel arguing that he was better placed to lead Israel.

He has proved himself thrice times to be a resourceful leader. In his third coming, he beat back opposition, formed alliances with other political parties, pressed Obama to pledge support for Israel as a major US foreign policy. Benjamin has remained Israel’s battle axe.

I wish most Israelis are spiritually aware of how much God loves Israel. Psalm 68, a Psalm of David reads, Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered: let also who hate Him flee before him. In verse 8, it is said that the earth shook, the Heavens also dropped at the presence of God,and even Sinai was moved at the presence of God, the God of Israel.

There are powerful invocations and doxology in the Psalms that exalt the God of Israel. The non-acceptance of JESUS, the Christ as Lord and Saviour has robbed Israel of the everlasting blessings theyso deserve. It is God that fights for Israel so that they can keep their peace. It is as a failure to realize this that tension keeps building up in the Holy land.

There is need for Israel to change its position to Palestinian aspiration. It is visible that a new attitude is unfolding as the US keeps harping on probable relief strategies. Israel must accept the eternity of God and Man’s frailty.

Part of the SHOAH, which played out at BABICAN near Kiev, Ukraine made me to resent denials by those, who should know better. Whatever it takes, the Jews should never be disrespected and violated again. I was at Barbican and in Auschwitz. I cannot forget what I witnessed.

The events of the Crusade and the Black Death should remain history. Auschwitz and Treblinka and the atrocities of the EINSATZGRUPPEN too. When the Jews look back into their history, they remain resolved to be on the watch.

Recently, the Palestinian Prime Minister resigned his appointment as a result of a long standing feud with Abu Mazen. He is regarded as a neutral in the Hamas-Fatah equation. This throws a spanner in the way that is already strewn with ingots.

Benjamin may wish to explore the possibilities of negotiating peacewith the Palestinian Chief Negotiator or with Hanan Ashrawi in order to keep the American momentum on.
The work of satan is manifest in the whole Middle East and especially in the Holy Land. As the Russians say, SCHEM CHORT NI SHUTIT.

In the fullness of time, it will be well.
There is a new twist in the historical evaluation of World political leaders. From what we have seen happen to the memory and remembrance of Margaret Thatcher, history will no longer be written by the same class as the leaders they eulogies for committing anti-people crimes, but by the social media, which is at times vituperative and brutally frank.

The legacy of leaders, who misgoverned their states, committed crimes against humanity, will now be tainted. Only leaders, who defended their people, advanced their social conditions, will be well remembered with drums.

The history of Israel’s economic development shows that if the nation had a bigger geographic spread, it could have achieved a lot more for its populace.

Benjamin’s third coming will consolidate the achievements of the past. I am trying to learn Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke on earth. I had tried to learn it, when I studied at Elihu’s School of Prophecy.
I am on my way to beautiful Zion. I will climb Mount Sinai .Selah!

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