The Train is Leaving the Station, Again!

by Charles Sogbesan

Andry Rajoelina was born into a relatively wealthy Malagasy family, despite the temptation to continue in the unperturbed dictates of his silver spoon, the young man was going to be active, involved and apposite. Despite his private school background, he refused further “western” education and followed his own path.

From working back alley clubs, promoting other musical acts, he went on to own his own radio station, of course, marrying into a good financial pedigree was not at all a hindrance either, it was an advantage. Then on to an advertising company and naturally what else, the young man was not having his future being dictated to him, by circumstances he knew for sure were within his control.

What does he do? He decides to run for mayor, the audacity of this young man, less than 35 was going to be an active participant in his own future, most importantly the future of his city.
The TGV (Tanora malaGsy Vonona) was going to be his platform. He became the head of the “determined Malagasy youth”. The progression was all too natural. Not the acquisition of fancy cars, fancy boats, fancy women, fancy homes. This young man was going to get involved.

Starting point, Mayoralty of Antananarivo, December 12th 2007, 63% of the votes, Slam dunk, defeating the candidate of the establishment. You’ll think he’ll be satisfied to have gotten there so fast? Not this guy, Not when his nation of roughly 20 million was sinking into the abyss, following the axiomatic African path, the path of corruption on grand scales, the path of tribalism, the path of contract inflation, the path of human rights abuses, the path of dictatorship, the path of cronyism.

Not when he had the youth, the people power, if the Malagasy’s train was leaving, it better leave with him as a co driver or with him in the first cabin. They sure took to the streets, didn’t they, they shot them, they refused, the beat them, they refused, they imprisoned them, they refused.

Do you really think thugs and miscreants and batons and god fathers can stop the power of determined youths with good leadership, youths numbering in their thousands, towns and cities wide, nationwide? Do you think big men calling themselves G30, G56, G 1000 can call to order youths that have leadership, determined and focused, of course not, no chance in hell.

This is why I’m hopeful for TGV, and I hope he succeeds, what he has done, that this old men of OAU are scared of, is what should be replicated. Madagascar’s train has left the station; I wish it a very safe journey. He is too young to be president (That’s what the constitution says); this is why I hope he stays near the front cabin, monitoring! Till his time comes.

I am not misleading myself that the ever present broth spoilers would simply just vanish and go away. As a matter of fact, it reminds me of the 2 Scottish nobles, who betrayed William Wallace at the battle of Falkirk, Yes, he came back and meted to them the ultimate justice, and Of course we know that was not the end of it all. The intrigues of “Longshanks” always make a good read, If only the conquered African conquered read a little about the “divide and conquer” of their colonizers.

The train has left the station in Bolivia; Juan Evo Ayma’s weapon of choice was the ever elusive what?

People power, the passengers who were never allowed on train since the beginning of the creation of the great country of Bolivia. The “Cocalero” movement, that’s what they call themselves, they sure took it back. I hope they remain incorruptible. It sure was along time in making, to get everyone on the train, August 6th 1825 to be exact. It is my sincere hope again that they will not yield to the temptations of corruption but allow free market enterprise to flourish in an environmentally friendly manner and most importantly renegotiate all mining contracts equitably and favorable to Bolivia.

Jose Mujica Cordano never gave up, in about 15 years, we’ll be hearing how egalitarian Uruguay has become, and they will soon become an envy of the progressive world. Their train has already left the station, though he’s not a youth, I recommend you read his life story. Same goes Paraguay with Fernando Lugo and of course we know about that Chilean Lady whose family saw hell under the “Generalissimo”.

Is Nigeria going to be left alone in the dark ages, always 35 years behind?
Pohamba is moving ahead with Namibia, Botswana is already the Gold (Literally) standard, they change governments with minimal or no fuss. Everyone was worried that the man with 3 wives will ruin the Nation of South Africa and still they rise, it hasn’t happened yet, as a matter of fact the Rand is rising. The world cup is coming.

Yes! The world cup, I have no doubt they will succeed. This train left the station years ago. A little tweaks and fixes here and there–? Welcome, the real giant of Africa

William Jennings “Dollar Bill” Jefferson just got 13 years, convicted on all 16 counts, partly because of the Freezer dollars meant for “the big El-Hadji”, America 1, Nigeria Zero.

You will be naïve to think Nigeria does not have enough evidence to prosecute and convict, of course they will not; it will set of an unpredictable chain reaction. Over here, the chains stay unbending; a raucous is not a good thing.

KBR, Halliburton just agreed to a fine of $579 million dollars, not rupees or Pesos, my friends, they violated the foreign corrupt practices act. Now, warrants the question, for paying the bribe to whom?

The blue sky?

And they want you to use SIR! When addressing them, they want you to lie face down every time you greet them; they want to preach to you about the virtues of “respecting your elders”
USA 2, Nigeria Zero.

These dunderheads are looking for a permanent seat on the United Nations, the nerve

The respect train has left the station, no Nigerian “Leader” is on it, and I’m still looking back in 1st coach.

A couple of years back, Siemens agreed to pay a fine of 201 million Euros for its corrupt practices in Nigeria, Libya and Russia, In case some un initiated are reading this, the way the judiciary works according to European and American Legal systems, convictions are not made based on flimsy evidence, the motivation, the paper trail, the sender, the receiver would all be admitted as evidence, having said that, Munich 1, Nigeria Zero.

I can continue with the case of Australian currency firm “Securency” and the sacking of its CEO because of the same foreign corrupt practices acts. All with evidence up the wazoo,
Australia 1, Nigeria Zero.

I will not talk about the ever eloquent AG, this is not about personal attacks, others do a better job doing this, but I my agitation escalates when the advent of repetition disguised as civic duty, how does a governor generally accepted as a paradigm shift in Lagos even comes close to being impeached or ran out office or limited to one term.

It’s in your hands youth, it’s in your hands

Again, the respect train has left the station, they are not on it

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