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The West’s Woods-ward Walk!

Enoch Powell argued in his Common Market: Renegotiate or Come Out (1973) that Britain must renegotiate the then European Common Market or pull out. Recently, Britain dared Ghana and Uganda for standing up as humans and defending civilization against homosexuality and same-sex marriage, the latter coinage only known to this very decadent age since Adam. Now Britain and Canada are rubbishing Nigeria because the Nigerian Senate wants Nigeria to stay within civilization and be driven by civilized values. Too irksome, the thought of African nations in the Commonwealth renegotiating or coming out builds up inside. But you can’t canvas that yet. We’ll canvas a better alternative hereinafter!

Britain and Canada and the continents they represent are daring us for sure. And whilst still putting this piece together Barack Hussien Obama, hitherto unseen driver of this diabolical assault, openly came into the fray. He has since opened little vent for us to know the real being to expect of him in the days ahead: He ordered all U.S. government agencies, including those handing out aid, to put gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights at the center of US foreign policy and ordered U.S. Ambassadors to ‘police’ the nations, and promised to take the matter to the global arena where he seats and rides as usurper of sovereignties. If you thought David Cameron originated this idea of withholding aid because Ghana refused to go gay you now know better. But we can put an end to all these insults only one way.

Reacting to the ridiculous position of Britain I wrote in “Homosexuals or less than Homo sapiens” (Vanguard, Tuesday, November 22, 2011 and various international media) that “My country Nigeria, for instance, if well governed in twenty years can begin to give aid to Britain. We have more than enough resources to do that.” Gordon Brown, David Cameron’s predecessor, just agreed with me few days after that. Speaking very recently in Port Harcourt, Brown opined that “Rivers State is one of the great oil producing states of the world and it has demonstrated its readiness to diversify into other areas. This is another success story of Africa. From the figures I have seen, I know that in the next 20 to 30 years, Nigeria will surpass Italy, Spain and some other European countries.” The answer is good governance.

Good legislations are ok. But good governance; purposeful, assertive, frugal and prudent, endearing and people-oriented, and so result-overwhelmed governance, is the answer. This is what can stop this grossly disgusting assault on values in Africa. It may be this off-putting same-sex marriage today. If Nigeria and Africa play timidly, it may be a more disconcerting human-beast marriage tomorrow.

We hear of animal rights activists today, and we know that many in the West ‘love’ their pets (four-legged friends) far more than humans. Of course, in that now heathen culture of the West (with North America) there are humans copulating with beasts today. What we don’t hear yet are human-beast copulation rights activists! But in the West anything is now possible in the name of human rights. It is almost totally a shameless clime. So, if today this type of rights movement gets off ground there, and graduates to human-beast marriage rights movement, and silly defenders of very nauseating ‘rights’ movements like Cameron and Obama lead them; Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria and all Africa will be expected and called upon to further this jungle walk except we stand up today. And who knows if anytime from now they may be going to the altar with their four-legged friends? It will be ‘human right’ for these people and animal right for those beasts. See where so-called human rights have led us’! Only good governance back home can make us stand tall and make us stand full back to these calls from Britain, Canada and their friends to come join them in the woods. Africa leaders must rear their heads and govern us well; and those modern heathen nations will begin to listen to us.

This perverted modern human rights movement has multiplied ungodliness than we can ever imagine. What with nudity, sexual perversion, sex workers, the multibillion dollar pornography industry, the multibillion dollar abortion industry and murdering of unborn offspring. What with the damning wantonness and vanity fares of Hollywood and its so-called stars; the unholy woods-ward walk kingpins. And what with all the ‘human rights laws’ enabling everyone to do what he likes; every child to do what he or she likes, and fathers and mothers are disallowed to be real fathers and mothers anymore. They can’t spank in love! This time-tested biblical injunction that has transformed lives, families and nations is taken away from civilization in this walk into the woods. In fact, they have ‘taken God from the classrooms’, and feigning evolutionism before the kids! They say they came from animals and so are now behaving like animals, with even lifestyles strange to the jungles passing for human rights.

They may have led the rest of us at the beginning of this civilization in all that is enthralling. But they should check all indices of development today and see how they are fast walking down all ladders since Sodomy gained steam; attack on godly virtues and divine standard became the rule; promotion of witchcraft and elite cultism webbed many world leaders of all categories; all that is vile and nauseating turning men and women (spoilers of societies and destroyers of values) into celebrities, models and heroes. The West has lost the meaning of values. And that’s just the beginning. As long as ‘human rights movement’ drops steeply from its inceptive rights’ pursuits that were value based and enthralling to civilization; as long as it tumbles dangerously from rights indeed, ‘terrible’ is what serious minds see awaiting them in this sweeping ungodliness. Check through history. God indeed raises and brings down nations. God rules in the affairs of men.

So, the West may have gone wild. We can both sympathize with it and call it to retreat. Else, too bad having a dark continent in our hands in the twenty first century! No, Africa will stay civilized. It will not join in this West’s writhing walk into the woods. Rather, Africa must govern itself well, stand tall above insults and then salvage the West from the firm grip of folly.

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  1. The sin of Western nations whose leaders insist on legalizing immorality will find them out because God Almighty is no respecter of any nation or individual.


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