The Wetland

by Tayo Akeem Yusuf

The Wetland is a Wealth land.

The Wetland is the boundary between a water body and the land, giving nothing but comfort and great services to human kind.

Let’s protect the Wetland, to continue to yield fish, fodder, timber and other agricultural products.

The Wetland provides a valuable habitat for hundreds of birds, amphibians, many reptiles and mammals.

The Wetland is the Nature’s station for breeding migratory birds.

The Wetland is Nature’s sponge for absorbing floodwaters and sediment.

The Wetland is Nature’s sinks for collecting and isolating Man-made pollutants and toxins from the Living Environment.

The Wetland is Nature’s treatment plant for cleansing polluted water and ensuring a year round clean water supply.

The Wetland is Nature’s buffer system against wind and wave actions.

Despite the great services of the Wetland, we despise her for being a ‘messy’ Ecosystem.

We love the Wetland not, as we ignorantly take her for a mere collection of stinking water.

Consequently, we take the path of unsustainable urbanization, to replace the ‘messy’ Ecosystem with ‘beautiful’ Man-made system.

The repercussion, now starring us in the face.

The Wetland’s species that are important to the normal functioning of the natural Environment are at the risk of extinction.

Disruption of the natural process for purification and supply of water.

Devastating storms in Coastal areas.

Increasing flood damage in Coastal areas.

Let’s save the Wetland, for she is not replaceable once gone.

Spread the message.

Note: The four main types of Wetlands are Mashes, Swamps, Bogs and Fens.

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