The White Race Is More Intelligent, Isn't It?

by Michael Ewetuga

I don’t know how to describe the scene I’m about to narrate here, maybe description is not the right word, maybe I should have said I don’t know what name to give to the conduct I’m about to describe, suffice it to say that I consider it so shameful that I refused to write about it, but after listening to the news tonight I said to myself “what the heck, you might as well admit it, after all we were kids when we did it, excuse is we didn’t know any better.

Nigeria is one of the few countries where the British or should I say the white men totally
evacuated from, at least that was my impression, still is by the way. I was born 7 years post independence (Nigeria’s) so I can’t claim to know how the situation was before I was born. All that I know, about the relationship between my country and the British, I got from reading or what folks told me.

I read and I was told when the white men arrived my country he was welcomed. When he
sought to rule he was resisted, at least I understand he was resisted by some of the
kingdoms then on the ground in Africa, some Nigerian Kingdoms inclusive especially the
Benin Kingdom which was defeated on or about 1897. I understand that during the slave
trade our leaders sold our brothers and sisters for mundane things as worthless as
mirrors, guns, etc. That historical account is, however, not the focus of my article today.

I did not know the population of the white men during the colonial period, whatever it was it must have thinned out considerably when the British left, they must have left Nigeria totally, or the vast majority of them did. Reason why I said this is there were few white men walking around in Nigeria then because whenever we chanced upon one on the street we would gather behind him singing “oyinbo pepper, uku uku pepper you go…” can’t remember the rest of the song. Behind the white man would be about 20-30 kids in tattered dresses, their unprotected feet on the concrete streets running after the white man, who pretends to be oblivious of their existence. It was cute a spectacle.

Some nice ones will stop and shake the kids’ hands thereby making the kids’ days. You
can notice the joy of each child on holding the hand of the white man, he was like God. I
never really liked following the crowd and believe me or not I can’t remember running after any white man nor can I remember shaking the hand of any. Apart from the fact that I never really liked following the bandwagon my dad, I’m sure, would have beaten the living daylight out of me if he had caught me singing after any creature, white, green, black, whatever color. He was a very proud man and would have seen singing after anyone an insult regardless of the creature’s color.

So I grew up believing the white man was a very wise man, special even, which he was
since there were not many like him around or maybe I should have said unusual. When I
was in primary school, as it is called in Nigeria, I was told about the great feats performed by some white men, I was told about Mongo Park and some other explorers, it appears that the British text books were imported to Nigeria without any form of modifications to our environment and heritage; we swallowed it hook, line and sinker. For example I was taught that Mongo Park discovered river Niger. I did not know then of course that river Niger was in Nigeria, I thought it was in some foreign land.

We sang of some strange places, I remember we sang about Mississippi, which I didn’t
know was in America then I can’t really say I know much or anything about the United States then, everywhere outside of Africa was Ilu Oyinbo (the white man’s land). The song:

Mississippi, Mississippi e, Mississippi,
Miss-i-ss-i-pp-I, Mississippi.”

Probably the purpose of the song was to teach us how to spell, if that was the aim it was a
very good tactics because of course I can spell Mississippi now, even if I was drunk, I might not be able to spell some villages in my country even if I’m sober.

We were also told at any given opportunity how well the white man managed our country, how everything was working, how there was electricity, good roads and good schools. Most of the times we were told this story it is because whoever was telling the story was feeling sorry for himself his people and his country because of the general decay that was and still is the order of the day in the country.

Like I said, I was born 7 years after independence, when I was born the country was into
civil war.

I read and was told that the nationalists (whatever that means) told the people that it was in our best interest for us to rule ourselves, the white men were reported to have retorted that we were not matured enough to rule ourselves. That was total BS, the people were told, after all before the advent of the white men we were ruling ourselves. Perhaps what the white men meant then was that we had not mastered their techniques of governance enough to utilize them to rule ourselves. Maybe we would have done better if we had gone back to how we used to live with some modifications of course since there can be no progress if the society is static.

Anyway, I was brought up under the belief, well founded if I may add, that the white man did a better job than our so called nationalists. They were so greedy they went to war less than 10 years after gaining independence and let nobody fool you that it was in the interest of the people, seem to me like a war based on inflated ego.

Reflecting the general views via their songs, some popular musicians sang in praise of the
white man, imploring us (black people) to use their achievements as examples to better
ourselves. Ebenezer Obey sang:

“oyinbo pogbon po won fi se motor” (the white men through collective knowledge
manufactured cars)

“Oyinbo pongbo po won fi soko ofurufu ( the white men through collective knowledge
manufactured the airplane)

“Oyinbo pongbo po won fi se keke (the white man through collective knowledge
manufactured bicycle)

“O jo wo le mi abo eyin eyan mi lowo rikishi pelu ote, tembeleku, iwa ika pelu ote iyen odara rara. (When would my people free themselves from back biting, wickedness and evil plotting, these things are not valuable)

That was Ebenezer Obey. Sikiru Ayinde Barrister

, after visiting Disney World, went back to Nigeria to narrate the wonderful things he saw while he was there. During the story he said “the white man uses the brain and knowledge that God endowed him with”

He begged us to do something, even if it is something as simple as fertilizer, which he
contended was from trash. He enjoined us to consider getting the chemicals made that is
added to the sand so that at least we can boast of manufacturing something, anything.

Both men were not just speaking for themselves; their songs reflected the mood of the
society. It is generally believed in Africa, based on facts, which you may dispute if you like or point to one or two scientists of African origin that have contributed immensely to the scientific world, that the white man is something of a genius and that but for him we would still be in the stone ages.

When I wrote “Are blacks jinxed?” I was wondering if we could actually come together and do something spectacular for our continent, a continent that doesn’t have much to boast of except war, pestilence, hunger and illiteracy even when we lay claim to doctorate and professorship we still act uneducated.

It is in this light that I see the claim or should I say the statement of James Watson that
whites are more intelligent than blacks. Hear the wise man, a member of the white (wise)
race, a very important scientists and a Nobel winner, his words:

“I am inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours — whereas all the testing says not really.”

When people who do not know how to accept a factual criticism heard that they got on him “like the wild animals that they are” and he, afraid for his life quickly apologized, hear his apology:

“I am mortified about what has happened. More importantly, I cannot understand how I
could have said what I am quoted as having said. I can certainly understand why people,
reading those words, have reacted in the ways they have. To all those who have drawn the inference from my words that Africa, as a continent, is somehow genetically inferior, I can only apologize unreservedly. That is not what I meant. More importantly from my point of view, there is no scientific basis for such a belief”

From his words you can see this gentleman is a very wise man, an intellectual who is
addressing idiots. Idiots who do not know how to interpret words and to whom everything must be negative.

The man could not understand how he could have said what he was quoted as having said. Isn’t that simple enough and can’t these fools see it as what it is, the man did not actually say it he was quoted to have said it, he did not understand that. How could he have allowed his loose mouth to say in public the joke that he and other wise men like him enjoy in private?

He can understand why these animals are making so much noise, that is part of their
nature isn’t it? Their genetically inferior nature.

He didn’t really mean that so what’s the fuss? More importantly, from his jaundiced point of view, there’s no scientific basis for his belief. He got away with that apology didn’t he? Please tell me he did, he is such an honest and straight forward man. The basis of his
utterance was not scientific, he never said it was. Basis for his assertion? Their faulty social policies which regarded both races as equal.

Leave this man of God and science alone and stop persecuting him for saying the truth. If
you’re going to the church and dressed scantily, so scanty that your titties are showing, you couldn’t bend down to pick something without a generous view of your panties for those who care to observe, how can you blame anyone for calling you a whore despite the fact that you were on your way to the church. As long as Africa refuses to get her acts together some wise men would teach wisdom and knowledge by letting people know that Africa and Africans are nothing but inferior breed of human being.

Seriously, in conclusion, we need to look in the mirror and check ourselves out, we don’t
need anyone telling us about the level of our intelligence, if we cease behaving like idiots
we won’t be referred to as one. Respect is not demanded it is earned. First we must be
proud of who we are, we must be proud of how we look. Then we must be proud of where we come from and be ready to put our collective interests first, then we must be proud of our heritage, of our customs, of our way of life. If we do this then we would be on the way to occupying our rightful position in the scheme of things. If we say we are Africans we have to be one in spirit and in deeds.

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bonjeh February 5, 2008 - 4:11 pm

I tired of what we are not, how about what we can be. Let’s stop blaming and starting learning from our error. It’s time for solution, enough of what we as people are not doing, we are wasting air time. Solution, Suggestion, Ideas, respect for each other, and SLOWLY building trust. Talk is cheap, action speaks. If we are all god’s children, why would he endow one with intelligent, and others without, what king of father would do that to his children.

Mike October 31, 2007 - 2:48 pm

The white man adjusted his surroundings to fit his very existence.

The black tries to adjust his very existence to fit his surroundings.

How else can you explain why some drive $100, 000.00 cars and live in projects a.k.a council flats? How else do you explain how some in Nigeria, the cradle, buy $100,000.00 cars to drive on dirt roads? Etteh bought 12 exotic cars in one deal, and there are no decent roads to drive on to visit her parents in the village?

How else can you explain why some African leaders try to convey their messages to the world in a language that they really do not understand? I mean what are interpreters for?

The black man is full of hot sh*t and will continue to be treated as a fool.

I am sick and tired of people like Phillip Emeagwali complaining about racism.

Whenever a Black man discovers/invents something, he/she would run to the white man for approval. Phillip probably would have gotten a better deal if he had taken his idea to other Africans for approval and implementation.

And don’t let me start on religion and the way we’ve been brainwashed into accepting the whiteman’s version of our creator.

kennedy October 27, 2007 - 6:39 pm

u know the truth is always bitter, if not for political correctness blacks should just b painted the way they are.Check out the black race in any part of the planet where they live, they are either mirred in abject poverty or are wallowing in subsistence existence. I am talking of blacks in U.S., Coracoa, Surinam, Papua new guinea, sudan,Martinique, French Guyana, Haiti etc, they all have one thing in common and that is lack of intelingence and poverty. It was my wife that got me acquainted with watson's statement because i went to work when the news was run on Cnn. She was so full of rage when she was briefing me about watson's statement but on the other hand i was sayig to myself why was my wife getting so worked up for nothing, i couldn't understand why. It is true that truth hurts but we can't stop telling the truth simply because it hurts.

If u want to compete with the white man ,u have to first of all be able to feed your population without having to wait for the white man for aid, grants and food supplies for your population. lets for a while forget about scientific and technological advancement, if u cannot feed your population who are u then to compare yourself to the white man whose intelligence is impossible to fathom. it is only animals who are far less endowed that cannot feed themselves. I will give u a simple assignment, just try to imagine how the light bulb in your living room which we consider as one of the commonest achievement of the white man came about. I don't want to talk about landing man on the moon, powering cars with straws, neither do i want to talk about the computer or your mobile phone but something we consider simple but left for black man he couldn't have invented that until the end of time.My friend once told me that there is no invention of the white man that doesn't make you shudder.Lets forget the engineerig feats of the white man or the medical wonders and just concentrate on the light bulb and we will have every reason to respect and appreciate the white man.

John October 27, 2007 - 6:29 am

I totally agree with the conclusion of this article and have no grudges against the Nobel Laureate. What have we got to show in the entire sub-saharan Africa that we are any better?. Just take a look at how our leaders conduct themselves. Black Africans are exceptionally greedy and wicked to one another and this is clearly not a sign of intelligence when the rest of the world is forging ahead right under our nostrils. We like to copy things from policies to the way we live life as individuals therfore become a laughing stock to the world and no one in his right senses gives any regard or respect for black people. The only way forward for us is clearly stated in the conclusion of this article. Black Americans, blacks born in western countries in general are no different. It is nauseating to see how they are desperately trying to identify themselves with the whites. An idiot will remain one regardless of where he/she is born. God help us!!!!..

Michael October 25, 2007 - 1:24 pm

I read Simon Kolawole's article, thank you very much.

Problems are solved from different angle, Kolawole has his angle, I have mine.

If you lack self confidence in yourself progress will be a strange word to you. If you feel it is shallow it would be because you want to sit down and have all solutions dropped on your lap. Leave Kolawole's angle alone, what's yours?

nuzo October 24, 2007 - 3:25 pm

Your sugestion to solution of the problem is too shallow. Being proud of who we are and how we look can never be the major solution.

If we had our place in order and did things rightly; we would not have had people like Watson making statements that seems to be true.

I will advice you to read Simon Kolawole's article in Thisday.


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