The Withdrawal of US troops from Iraq

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Frank Tripett, in an essay in TIME Magazine of 26 April, 1982 at page
49 entitled, “Looking for Tomorrow (and Tomorrow)” wrote, “There are
reasons why folklore and religious teachings warn people about giving to
much of their attention to the future .Taking too much thought for the
morrow can, in fact, insulate, far too much from the reality of the
present- and the real nature of the future.”

Of course, like in most societies on our planet, there are people, who
are still irrevocably committed to socialism as an option for social

In Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, the Arab Ba’th Socialist Party, which has
roots in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq held sway. The Party’s
publication of October 1963, declared in part, “The fact that our
Party’s ideology is revolutionary and scientific will enable us to deal
completely and radically with all aspects of backwardness in Arab
cultural, social and economic life.”

The Party declared that it would carry out “a total revolution in
which revolutionary transformation takes place at all levels and in all
aspects of Arab life.” This was an open threat to monarchies in Arab

The United States had frowned upon the prospects of revolutions in
Arab states, where it had geo-political interests and so did take overt
and covert measures to safeguard its national interests in the Middle
East, especially in Iraq. This could be the proximate cause of its heavy
involvement in Iraq.

America was determined to help Iraqis break loose from the oppressive
grip of Saddam Hussein and the Ba’th Socialist Party. America saw its
men at “the Waterfront” as “cherry pie” covers, in a noble and
chivalrous cause to advance democracy in the Middle East and Afghanistan
and bring peace to the United States and the world. The reality has now
hit us that “Things are easier said than done.”

Iraq, which suffered latent disequilibrium as a result of externally
imposed chaos, now seems to roundly push for self-determination.
It would seem that the Iranian connection is seen as creating an
imbalance. This consists entirely of percussion, festive drums, rattles
and xylophones.

There appears to be a mystical dimension in all this in that America
faithfully delivered the Iraqi Shiites to their kiths and kin in Iran!
Since nature does not allow a vacuum, it would seem that Iraq and Iran
would move closer, when the Americans depart. Will Iraq be a secular or
religious state? Who cares? Provided the people can live in peace and
justice rules.

The Iranian Foreign Minister’s visit to Baghdad in July, 2005,
underscored the transborder cordiality that led to the raising of bushy

The Kurds are making good progress and are re-building their cities.
Prosperity will accelerate peaceful living and there will be less of
suicidal engagements.

The Iraqi government may wish to intensify its programmes of
reconciliation, reconstruction and restitution. Human beings forgive
easily, if they see and feel that the other party is acting in utmost
good faith.

Some people see the nascent Iraqi democracy as imposed and so they fear
that it might not endure. It is not only in Iraq but democracy has been
fractured by terrorism, vote-rigging, threats, maiming and killings
during elections world-wide.

Why do normal people take to incendiary terrorists acts? Why would a
young female Arab girl blow herself up for a cause, just or unjust?
Age-old injustices, which remain unatoned for, economic and social
deprivation and hopelessness, have led to modern world’s disorder.
In response to terrorism, actions to combat the horror, have led to
curtailments of civil liberties and human rights. Today, fear has
gripped the world. Who could have predicted that hotel lodgers, cricket
teams, churches and mosques would be targets for mindless violence, just
ten years ago?

Those who seek to change the world and people they do not know nor
understand, those who aim at world civilization and democratization,
those who practice imperial politics, those who speak the language of
privileged government, nations that resist modernization, should have a

In my opinion, what has killed democracy in the modern world is the
vulgarism associated with the imposition of untested ideas. There is no
more room for dissenting views. Democracy, which thrives on tolerance,
has been dogmatized.

I am sure that Mr. Richard S. Salant, the former President of CBS News,
would be dismay at the way democracy has turned its sleeves and the
negative social change in the world.

The most indelible and frightening concern of modern man is the
proliferation of nuclear weapons and how to manage the ailing nuclear
plants. My consolation rests with the ELOHIM, creative spirits of the
Universe, who, in these End Times have now decided to come to Man’s help
in the Era of the Gentles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man.
For Iraqis, no matter how angelic they may be, it will not be easy to
forget that some people in transient political power came from across
the ocean and opened the GATES OF HELL in Iraq, to herald the 21st
century. However, they have no other option than to gird their loins
and call upon the latent Iraqi ingenuity to march on.

In the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, war
should no longer be used as an instrument of national policy. This is in
accordance with the Brian-Kellogg Pact of 1928.

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