The World Must Embrace Sociocracy

The decline of civilization world-wide is a result of retaining the old philosophical precepts, worn-out economic systems and morally.

We propose the sociocratic ideology, which ensure fairness and social relevance to all societies. Sociocracy will lead to a new world order.

The rich are protected by police power, military’s brutalities, and legislative props.

These have given rise to populism and social dislocation, which led to revolutions in the Arab world.

Support for “moderate rebels” against their government in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Backed by the retrogressive “REGIME CHANGE” ideology has set the Mid-East on fire.

Most political leaders are human agents of the devil. He carefully recruits and gives power to ardent seekers and lovers of power and material wealth.

No matter their humble background, education and origin, they often become spiritually energized to turn inhuman, wicked, arrogant, unfeeling, proud and incorrigible.

Take any political leader and use the above test. They arrogate to themselves knowledge they never properly acquired before they were rigged into office.

Blinded by satanic power, they receive promptings from dark forces. They turn against the very people who helped them into power.

Under military rule in Nigeria, many soldiers were shot in great numbers, accused of attempt to overthrow governments. These were soldiers who had helped he dictators to overthrow the previous regime.

How the forces of darkness push governments to destroy citizens can be seen when a group of men and women in government stoke the ember of disputes and by provoking states they do not approve of their leaders or way of life.

Journalists, pundits and politicians embark on denigration, demonizing other countries until frenzy takes over and military muscles budge out. War ensues.

The Aquarian Age has entered the Era of the anti-Christ.

From what is happening on the international scene, events could lead to horrible imaginings.

In America, Donald Trump has come to presidential power in circumstances that are doubtful. This is causing a serious division and rancor in America.

Trump’s pronouncements provoke thoughts of fear that he might push China, Russia, and North Korea to unsavory political actions.

He has said that he would negotiate the “One China Policy” The Chinese do not take kindly to this policy. Diplomatic relations will suffer inexorably.

He said that NATO members should sponsor their nuclear umbrella. He does not like Obama-care and would present a health scheme, yet to be well thought out.

He promises to disregard the climate change convention, tear up NAFTA and the TPP.

The Iran nuclear programme may be re-started if Trump abrogates the treaty. This will trigger off an Iranian response.

There is need to acquaint Trump of the rules of international and diplomatic law, so that he does not make laughable mistakes.

He cannot fashion new international trade rules that violate WTO existing regulation.

Trump said that he would impose “border tax” on goods entering the US. This means putting pressure on consumers, who would have to pay more. This could lead to retaliations.

The middle class and the poor will be hard hit by that policy.

On 14th January 15, 2017, there were demonstrations by some groups against Trump’s election. Some Africa-American leaders declared that they would not attend Trump’s inauguration, saying that he was not properly elected.

On 13th January 2017, the U.S sent 4000 soldiers to Poland, who would also be sent to Bulgaria, Lithuania and other East European states that fear that Russia may attack them. However, Trump seems to seek good relations with Russia.

China declared that it was not happy with Trump’s relations with Taiwan and Trump’s policy over the South China Sea palaver will last very long.

All these set the stage for a possible quarrelsome situation which could escalate inexorably.

Donald Trump approve of Brexit, he lamented Angela Merkel’s refugees policy. He had harsh wombs for the director of the CIA. This is an unpardonable faux pas.


for over 200 years, America has been a capitalist society, built by slaves and other immigrants.

As a result of its ingenuity and productivity, America has done very well in all fields of human endeavor.

However, the dividends of its success are enjoyed by the upper class while its marginalized, feral under-class live in dire straits. While the former strive to retain their status, the later express their frustration in violence drug abuse, which lead to prison or death.

Any hope for a better tomorrow was dashed by an election, whose correct result is hard to reconcile.

Trump seems to know the situation but lacks the class consciousness to reverse the situation by virtue of his cabinet choices.

The divisions have been exacerbated by the emergent anti-Trump coalition of Latinos, Africa-Americans, dissident “whites” Obama, the first BROWN American President, who Christiane Amanpour in her column describes as “BLACK” Obama tried to address the issue of race but the problem is too complex. Trump represents the American ruling class and only dreamers hope against hope.

The American story can benefit from the philosophy of sociocracy which propagates a degree of social consciousness, equity, humanism and fair-mindedness in the affairs of men.

For America to make progress, sociocracy must replace anachronistic political thoughts and practice.

Adam Smith’s age-old capitalism’s prescriptions have become anachronistic and retrogressive.

His demand and supply, profit motives and other theories no longer serve societies well.

Modern capitalism has seen banks and insurance frauds, Ponzi schemes, hacking in banks and commercial houses. The super-rich get richer as a result of these abnormalities.

The feral, marginalized class groans and carries placards.

What happened to Europe-America culture is pathetic. Young people began to wear cloths made from tarpaulin, (Jeans) often tattered ones. Music died, as loud crazy grunts replace good sounds that stir the soul. Junk food is eaten with relish.

Rough talk is now the fashion. The power of shame became diminished as we saw during the US 2016 elections.

Immorality in India and elsewhere became acceptable.

Half-witted prose twitted with frequency has replaced elegant prose.

Fake-news is the order of the day. We do not know what is true anymore.

As we have seen in Nigeria and South Korea, corruption has become the system.

In America and elsewhere, collection of monies is the cardinal work of evangelism. The coming dispensation in the world will be marked by bitter recriminations in the era of the anti-Christ.

Finally, in terms of fake news, the news media do not publish news without verification but in some cases, they publish innuendos while acknowledging that they are yet to verify the facts. The CNN “Africa voices”programme is a disaster. The news media features African singers, craftsmen and women, without showcasing serious African voices in the area of international politics, international relations, diplomacy and other serious subjects as if Africans have no say in world politics.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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