There is a Bo Xilai in Every Politician: The New Left Movement in China

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

In every politician’s wealth, “there is always an element of crime” – Honore de Balzac. Any politician, who disagrees should submit his wallet for scrutiny!

To understand the Bo Xilai saga, one must ignore the producers’ scripts and the distortions aimed at discrediting Chinese social progress.

The story should start from the humiliations colonial powers (France, Germany, Japan and Britain) subjected the Chinese people to, in historical times. It is also crucial to have empirical evidence on how post-colonial China has struggled against contrary ideas and movements.
It is also helpful to visit modern China to appreciate how Chinese socialism has advanced the social welfare of the one billion three hundred Chinese.

>From bicycle riders to owners of Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Mercedes cars, to shopping spree fancy bag-carriers, China’s progress cannot be overthrown by the most virulent propaganda.
The Chinese New Left Movement is eclectic. It draws its ideas from the promoters of modernization, as against communist orthodoxy.

It is germane to reflect upon the political views of Dr S. Senn, General Chiang, the Gang of Four, and the views of the other political parties in China.

The Chinese Communist Party is driven by a people-oriented, social consciousness and so, it resists individuals, who seek to feather their own nests.

The system deals ruthlessly with top officials, who are corrupt. Since this human frailty cannot be eradicated, the applications of severe measures act as deterrents.
In the case Bo Xilai Vs The People’s Republic of China, the accused was charged with formidably couched crimes, which associate him with every vice and not a single virtue, his laudable performance in his former posting, notwithstanding.

He is charged with corruption, murder and abuse of power.

The way the charges were framed, leaves the accused little room for acquittal prospects.
Under Chinese Criminal Law, copious investigations precede actual trial.
The prosecution had scheduled two days for the trial. Defrauding the Chinese state alone is a serious matter.

However, Chinese criminal procedure rules, the prosecutor’s accusatory tone and the feisty way the examination, cross examination and re-examination are conducted tally with the procedure adopted, when enforcing party disciplinary rules.

In defining the character of a crime, it is important to investigate whether a person suspected of criminal conduct should be charged and whether there is strong evidence to warrant prosecution.
There is a political aspect in the Bo Xilai case that should fall under the political offence doctrine.
It was alleged that Xu Ming gave gifts to the Bo Xilai family. Since Bo Xilai did not demand the gift, it is a gratuitous gift. Most politicians all over the world receive unsolicited gifts.

Also, abuse of power and abuse of office stand on a footing of manifest inequality. The former is very elastic and vague. Abuse of office must be subjected to strict proof of visible misconduct.
But for the apparent political colorations of this trial, these issues should have been handled by the party instead of supplying anti-communists the arsenal to criticize the Chinese social order.
China takes issues concerning corruption very seriously.

In other climes like Nigeria, a son-of-the soil is applauded for defrauding the state with impunity. His photographs adorn the leading newspapers on his birthday, a phenomenon that has enriched newspapers in Nigeria inexorably.

A friend of mine said recently that it is good to have this evidence for the purpose of prosecuting those, who sold off state assets to themselves and their kinsmen, embezzled state funds earmarked for state projects, have remained in political gerrymandering and wicked acts that led to killings of opponents.
If they were Chinese, they would have been dealt with. Time is still there for actions against criminals in political reckoning.

General Pervse Musharaf carried himself proudly in Pakistan, overthrew a democratically elected government, was careless in protecting Benazir Bhutto, but is now in custody.

There are very similar cases that happened in Nigeria. Time will tell in due course.
Bo Xilai is going through hell because of his attempt to move China, towards a NEW LEFT.
I visited Jinan in 2007, where I attended a low-keyed seminar by some intellectuals, who advocated a move to the left that would hasten development of the rural population through housing and rural industrialization.

I argued that China should make haste slowly and that the issues in Chinese socialist development should be studied meticulously and with caution.
The influence of television and the social media seems to have created a section of the young citizenry that is in a hurry.

They must be cautioned that all that glitters is not gold. As religious influence continues to affect Chinese conscience, the Light of God will shine on China, like it has in Russia.
Under Soviet communism, the state excluded God from the lives of the people by aiming at excess materialism.

“Man does not live by bread alone”, so at the appointed time, God overturned, overturned and overturned.
Today, the Russian Church is marching on. So shall it be in China, where the 300 million Christians worship God in spirit and truth.

There are David pastors, Miracle pastors and priests of the Order of Melchizedek, who minister in difficult circumstances.

Morality in China is higher than in some states, where churches and their pastors engage in dollarized evangelism, where murders take place frequently, where only an elite class has access to the good life, while the feral, marginalized under class seek solace in alcohol, drugs and criminal conduct.
Yet, such states claim to be in the orbit of liberalism and freedom and they criticize China, where social policy is seen to change the lives of rural people.

Greed among the political elite in all states, lead them to commit financial crimes and other crimes against humanity.

The Bo Xilai case dubbed “the trial of the century” now provides ideologists of the right to question the state structure and system in China.

Anyone, who remembers the onslaught against the Soviet Union during the Cold War, will see a similar trend manifesting.

It is incorrect to talk about the collapse of communism in the Soviet Union. It is just that Russia decided to dissolve the Union in which it was the Father Christmas.
Chinese society is orderly and is intolerant of corrupt practices. That a nation of over one billion social humans live peacefully, feed well, are not given to debauchery and other bizarre occurrences, is worth commendatory eulogies.

God acceptance will ensure that earthquakes and natural disasters abate

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