There Will Be No Revolution In Nigeria: Iwa Lanwo Iwa

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Those who have been calling for revolution in Nigeria do not mean well for Nigeria. Some are disgruntled elements who are not well-placed any more in the scheme of things and so are unhappy about their irrelevance. Some are people, who are pleading that they are being marginalized. So, they are desperate. There are those, who are concerned that poor governance could throw the nation into disorder. There are human agents of satan, who want to feed the sons and daughters of God to their demons, just like they did during the civil war, the Odi massacre, and other massacres in our recorded history.

Pundits believe that there are friends of foreign powers, who have received instructions to destabilize the state, go into hiding and only surface to be rulers once more. Their tactics is to cut the image of patriotic nuisance, affect the gullible, and destroy the country in a fathom revolution.

Who will bell the revolutionary bell? Are they former public officials, who are enjoying their loot? Is it the oil block- owners, who re-sell for billions? Is it the young politician, who wants to wait for his turn to steal public funds as Senators, Ministers and Permanent Secretaries? Is it the market women, who stay in the hot sun trying to make enough for their families? Is it the bankers, whoLamido Sanusidisclosed rip off their customers? Is it the Board-room gurus, who hold our economy faithfully for absentee-owner directors? Is it the students, who are progressively becoming functional illiterates and do not care about public affairs? Is it the trade unionists, who use strikes to negotiate EGUNJE? Is it the marauding civil servant, who would use every strategy known to philistinism, if he does not get his cut? I am writing an essay on the scintillators of Nigeria’s primitive politics.

Is it the harmed forces, whose signals are under control? So, who will bell the revolutionary cat? Jonathan must evoke the necessary legal measures against those, who are raisingthe politicalatmosphere unnecessarily.

The greatest disservice the Nigerian press has been inflicting on Nigeria is the constant and irreverent casting in banner headlines the inane statements credited to past leaders, who failed before and who confuse the nation and its current leaders. Place their pronouncements in back pages if you must publish their confusions. The press must do us a favour.

In other countries, it is not always that the leaders’ photographs appear in newspapers and eternally hitting the front pages. There is perhaps inferiority complex reigning among our pressmen. Newspapers will still sell without the culture of blowing past leaders’ inane statements and hyperboles out of proportions giving them the credit they do not deserve. If they are rarely given headlines, they will stop disturbing our peace with calls of revolution. IWA LANWO IWA.

Happily, a new consciousness has gripped the people, who now condemn their leaders, who misruled them and stole their wealth. WE SHALL NEVER FORGET THEIR MISDEEDS.

If Jonathan had called a National Conference two years ago, some of the problems that have now gone out of control, would have been contained. Conflict resolution has its political-strategic dimensions. Just putting up party stalwarts in Committees is too routine to have the desired impact. WE HAVE A HELPER!
There will be no revolution in Nigeria. AMEN.IWA LANWO IWA!

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